It is ever-important to understand that free will is a core feature of destiny.

That is why the traditional focus of Astrology, (which is to endeavor to predict outcomes with high levels of probable certainty), has been largely left behind. It does, however, remain the focus of Vedic Astrology.

Prediction versus Conscious Co-creation

The main issue with making hard, outcome-oriented predictions is that it runs the danger of both auto-suggesting the recipient into believing the outcome will be precisely as predicted, and causes them also to ‘wait and see’.

Since we are each responsible for the flow of our life and the specifics of our circumstances are subjective in part due to the influence of our immediate relationships and larger social realities, such endeavors to make hard and fast predictions has been largely left behind by Western Astrology, and in its place is the invitation to a more conscious and deliberate process of co-creation.

So, the probabilities of what will happen and when can still be emphasized in an Astrology reading, but so too are the possibilities associated with making free will choices.


This is why my business slogan is “Guiding your future probabilities and possibilities…”

And my motto is “Authenticity is the key to true success.”

So, true success in light of the realities of destiny is invariably a co-creative process, and the more we are aligned with our core nature and destiny, the truer the success is.

Of course, we all engage our free will on a daily basis, if simply to react or respond to the flow of circumstances. As well, the necessity of earning a living is the common norm. Yet, even wealthy people both want to live with purpose and, regardless of their wealth, are pushed by their nature and destiny to engage in the drama of life. There are some who are wealthy and are freer spirits who simply travel a lot, but life without purpose can prove… incarcerating.

Authentic Alignment with Purpose and Destiny

It is healthy to remember this and to acknowledge the importance of awareness and alignment with your destiny, which includes being authentically ‘you’, by the way. Defining what ‘authentic’ more specifically means is a personal, subject, interpretative process.

Because Astrology can be described as an ‘archetypal x-ray machine’ it reveals what authentic means with fine detail.

Understanding the True Meaning of Destiny and Free Will.2Beyond the aspirations of wealth, fame and acclaim or even just good old career satisfaction, the deeper themes of our destined self-actualization points to both our karmic rewards and debts which are intrinsically woven into our destiny. This is where rebellious attitudes that “I will be, do, and have whatever I want” begins to look like the ego-centric delusion that it actually is. Of course, we do possess an intuitive sense of who we are and what invariably constitutes our destiny, generally described as a weave of desire and free will choice along with the various pressures and necessities of practical reality.

In this regard, it is common for people to be oriented by ego-will alone, and not guided by a deeper and clearer understanding of their destiny which is clearly revealed in their Birth Chart.

Even if and when we are in alignment with our core or authentic nature and destiny, we are often doing so unconsciously. This is fine too, after all, who is to say what ‘should be’? However, affirmational awareness not only supports us to be more precise and clear in our understanding, it also serves to inspire us and to get clearer regarding our priorities. In the higher sense, these are not framed simply by what we want or desire, but authentic alignment means they also attend to what can be accurately understood as clarification of our evolutionary ‘needs’.

Evolutionary Growth on Purpose

This understanding implies the realization that we are souls incarnate and that life is on purpose. As precious as is our life is, and our right to live a full life and so on, the sobering reality is that we are relatively temporary, as in we will one day die. This rather unpleasant fact is even more so when we are deeply ego-centered, which means we strongly indentify with our body and conscious thoughts and perceptions.

On the other hand, awareness of our authentic destiny actually also serves to shift our perspective to that of more clearly realizing that we are souls incarnate, spiritual beings having human experiences… for the purpose of evolutionary growth… which is a prerequisite for freer participation as co-creative beings in the higher dimensions. That is the idea and one which makes life on this planet, in this school, more purposeful and authentic and integral and with less fear and attachment.

This may all sound a little serious and heavy, but the alternative is that we are somewhat groping in the dark in terms of what constitutes our deeper purpose for being, which implies the deeper meaning of the word ‘destiny’. In as much as we are not as aware as we could be, we tend to operate more from our ego, and our instincts as opposed to operating from our higher mind or soul, and more intuitively. There’s more to say about this, but for now that the common assumption that intuition and instincts are the same thing, is incorrect. Instinct is gut-wisdom and it does serve us, while intuition is heart-wisdom and it also serves us in a qualitatively higher sense.

So, when accurately understood, destiny is a compelling SPIRITUAL force. And, although the tendency may be to dismiss this FACT, it is also true that it does not simply ask. However, people commonly delude themselves via their ego-centric perspectives that they lively solely according to their free will choices and all of the above is a bunch of fairy tales. Having a ‘good’ Astrology Reading or two or three, if necessary, (since people often approach knowing their true nature and destiny with their ego and approach the process like getting a massage), the realization that the insights offered are not only accurate, but they are often much deeper than our day-to-day thoughts about our self and our life.

Engage Your Free Will Consciously

So, we do not simply have free will. The fact is, the impulses and pressures of our destiny are woven with outer reality, and we are literally driven by it, all notions of doing ‘whatever we want’ aside. In the highest sense, we engage our free will consciously, thereby manifesting our destiny authentically and our free will largely becomes the quality factor.

Understanding the True Meaning of Destiny and Free Will.3In other words, we consciously exercise our free will in a more personally powerful way via making realistic and responsible choices which meet with both our inner and outer needs.

Again, meeting these needs is most successful when they are in alignment with our authentic nature and destiny, which is another way of saying, our evolutionary need and purpose.

The tricky part here is that is often not obvious and evident, due to layers of social conditioning. So, regarding the probabilities of destiny which are generally associated with key trigger events like Solar Eclipses, the quality of our engagement is linked to free will and is directly linked to both our personal responsibility and our personal power, which go hand in hand.

So, the quality of our free will choices, in turn, is closely associated to that of our self-awareness in regard to our authentic nature.

This quality of awareness contributes at both ends as with the many free will choices we have made leading up to an ‘event’ such as a Solar Eclipse, which is revealed as our overall status and lifestyle in general and our beliefs, attitudes, self-concepts and interpretations… While the probabilities of these free will choices are features of our core nature and destiny, there ever remains the ‘possibility factor’. This is where the probable future enters into the realm of possibility. It is largely a factor of degree and quality, referring to our overall state of health and success.

Probability and Possibility

In other words, the probability will still be there, but the possibility is that everything will be qualitatively better.

Yet, even this is a relative statement and is at least subject to opinion. This is a core paradox. In many regards, it comes down to being here now, flowing with things as flexibly as possible and exercising gratitude for what is. This is frightening to some because they fear it will produce passivity and apathy… However, studies show that many who drive hard for ‘success’ are often not as happy as they imagined they would be, due to the many realities, responsibilities, time restraints and stress produced by it.

What this all suggests is that popular notions of success are often contrived. They are full of will and determination and even strategy, but may lack authenticity.

At worst, modern society as a whole lacks authenticity. It does so basically and to the degree that it is out of alignment with nature. The more artificial things are, the less aligned they are.

Making people conform is a feature of this strategy and it too is artificial. This does not mean that we should not try new strategies, but unless our visions and goals include alignment with our own inner and outer nature, how can they ever prove successful? ‘Healthy’ and ‘natural’ are keywords closely aligned here. ‘Nature’ is a word that not only encompasses our entire planet, but also the entire universe. Yet for all intents and purposes, we have to live on a planet and notions of spaceships are largely science fiction and fantasy. The other authentic theme of nature is that we are not simply ‘in it’ we are the very expression ‘of it’, as it true of every aspect of nature.

Our polluted, corrupted world still has a lot of beauty of course, but our strategies are failing. Science arrived to help us but it is effectively also imprisoning us. So, unless we can align our science with nature, it will invariably and inevitably poison us, and it is in more ways than one. Yet, we have still yet to learn this lesson and it is not likely a lesson we will learn soon, at least not collectively.

Understanding the True Meaning of Destiny and Free Will.4Regarding the prospects of realizing goals, beyond getting clear with plans and intentions, deliberately choosing to break free of resistant and restrictive patterns of your comfort zone is the coach’s mantra. You can coach yourself, but it helps to be guided, inspired, and made accountable to the promises made to yourself and perhaps loved one’s too that you hope to keep.

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