When to Sign and Launch

Choosing an auspicious date and time to launch something or to sign a legal document is an ancient practice. The recognition that there are better and worse times for such things are instinctual. Basically, it weaves a ceremonial element to the special event and can be equated to ‘getting off to a good start’.

The intent we put into such ceremonial moments is important. It has been demonstrated that an Astrology chart cast for the exact moment of a ceremony or ceremonial action like signing a document or smashing a glass or bottle etcetera reveals the inner meaning, destiny and potential of that moment, for better and worse.

The signing or launch moment does have an influence and comes under the category of Electional Astrology.

 There are many reasons we sign legal documents. The following is a list of the more common reasons: marriage, private business, business partnership, large purchases like a business or a home or land or a car or boat etcetera, adoptions, wills, rental or other lease agreements, divorce, and the launch of anything from a boat to a website to the official ribbon cutting of a new enterprise and the list goes on.

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