The exact moment of Winter Solstice occurs when the Sun enters Capricorn in the Tropical Zodiac. This key moment, which occurs at slightly different times from year to year, if always within a 24-hour margin, marks the exact moment of what can accurately be regarded to be the Natural New Year. Of course, recognition of this day of the shortest hours of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere is an ancient and cross-culturally recognized and revered event.

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Over the years, I have come to observe that the chart cast for the exact moment of Winter Solstice presents hints of events that will unfold over the course of the winter season, especially and to a lesser extent over the course of the entire year.

This seasonal influence is also true of Summer Solstice and Spring and Autumn Equinox. Yet, like the power of the New Moon and of Solar Eclipses, it is Winter Solstice which contains the deeper impulse of destiny – the anchor theme.

The astrological chart cast for this exact moment when interpreted in its wholeness is akin to the picture on the seed packet illustrating what the seeds will germinate, sprout and grow to become. While there is a remarkable amount of information that can be gleaned from any astrological chart, there are more prominent key factors that stand out and the first of these is the sign position of the Moon and its relationship to the Sun manifesting as the Moon’s Phase.

The Moon

So, before examining other key standout factors and their contributing themes for the Winter Solstice chart of 2022, this first consideration includes the fact that the Moon’s position at the exact moment when the Sun enters Capricorn is in Sagittarius 21 degrees and 9 minutes behind the Sun, otherwise understood as a Waning Moon in the Balsamic Phase (revealing the image of a sliver less than half the size of the Moon in its Crescent Phase).

Generally, this Moon phase is indicative of themes basically descriptive of ‘letting go of the past and commitment to the future’.

More specifically, this exact degree of the Moon Phase indicates that many people are both taking full advantage of the lifted travel restrictions while many others, feeling disillusioned due to betrayals by people, authorities and institutions they once trusted feel angry and confused about where and how they fit in, and are turning to spirituality, forging new ideals and looking to new leaders in which to place their support.

This will give rise to both more authoritarianism but also to reformists and revolutionaries determined to take matters into their own hands, for better or worse, who will aspire to rouse followers to their cause leading to social divisions which will become evident early in the year. Of course, there will also be many who turn to research and study to gain knowledge and understanding from sources that they would not otherwise, both for the sake of deeper understanding of current realities and to deepen their sense of security by increased exposure to higher, spiritual truths.

The Capricorn Factor

While the above outline encompasses the main themes that will unfold this winter especially and over the course of the year, if to a lesser degree, there are other key factors that will elaborate with greater detail. Principle among which includes the Sun occupying the position of lowest degree and Pluto occupying that of the highest degree – and both in the sign of Capricorn.

This is indicative of government authoritarianism.

This emphasis is further magnified by both Mercury and Venus also in Capricorn. Mercury at 20 Capricorn does indicate an emphasis on critical thinking.

Saturn in Aquarius

As well, there are other factors that intervene and principal among these is Saturn – which is the planetary ruler of Capricorn, in Aquarius.

This indicates a rebellious and even revolutionary opposition to the staunch, capriciousness of the ‘powers that be’ regarding political authority. It is not a matter of assuming that the bureaucracy is indeed corrupt, but it is the challenge of the public to remain vigilant so it does not become so, and in a world of network and social media, endless distractions and spoiled populations, this challenge is also at an all-time high.

The fact that Saturn is technically ‘unaspected’ in the Winter Solstice Chart indicates two distinct extremes that seem contradictory.

The first is that many dissident voices will lose much of the ground and the support they have amassed, or will at least be put on hold. The other extreme suggests that some of these vigilant researchers will gain much more attention and influence than they did previously. Who these key players will be remains uncertain specifically, but they will likely gain international recognition, despite the dominant factor of establishment power.

Jupiter in Aries, Square the Sun

Two other key factors include Jupiter in Aries forming a very potent exact hard square aspect to the Sun (90-degree angle) just 7 minutes of arc beyond exact.

The fact that the Sun, or star of the show, and Jupiter, the largest of all the planets and moons in the solar system combined are both in Cardinal (= King and aggressive, proactive assertions) amplifies their already exponential influence.

Positively, this will support people to go bigger and push harder to achieve goals and realize ambitions.

Negatively, over idealism and grandiosity, on one hand and excess and egotistical attitudes, on the other will also become more evident.  

The Aries impulse is commonly described as pioneering and assertive, even aggressive due to the square which can be understood to be amplification of the very meaning of Aries.

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and it is in Gemini and retrograde, which does have a dulling effect of its otherwise laser sharp edge, and is in close opposition (180-degree angle) to the Moon. This can be understood as a nose-to-nose confrontation between government authority, since Mercury – which rules Gemini is in Capricorn, but the Moon in ethics and principles-driven Sagittarius will push hard for the sake of truth and justice.

In Summary

Humanity has arrived at a significant turning point, with 2023 promising to be eventful with a steady flow of changing allegiances, and the cultivation of new visions, understandings, and the necessity to harness our energies to meet the challenge of the changing times.

How will you navigate the turns intelligently and strategically? This is where an Astrology reading can help you, by providing you with awareness regarding your specific, destined role and personal journey.