Astrology Readings for Pets

Astrology Readings for Pets

Know Your Animal Friends Better, and Improve Your Relationship


Astrology Readings for Pets

We all know that the animals in our life have their own unique personalities, and feel emotions such as frustration, joy, grief and love. 


With the popularity of animal psychics, equine therapy, and holistic approaches to helping our pets, it should come as no surprise that as a living soul incarnate, animals too have a Natal Chart. And, as with people, an Astrology Reading provides the missing link for pet owners to really ‘get’ their beloved friend!

Over my long career as an Astrologer for people from all walks of life and corners of the world, I have often provided much-needed insight for pet owners.

Yes, the same principles of Astrology and Numerology are applied to animals. Their Natal Chart reveals a fascinating way for people to better understand their temperament, personalities, behavioral challenges, and unique gifts that they bring to the world.

Astrology Readings for Animals

“Michael has read two of my horses for me over the years. Based on their birthdates, he was able to describe both horses very accurately. I chose these two of the several horses I’ve had in my life because of their very unique and special personalities and qualities, as well as their training challenges. Michael was able to identify the specific triggers that made each of these guys uncomfortable, which is quite helpful information to understand and apply to a horse’s training and riding career. I have full confidence in Michael’s ability to read animals and recommend him to owners who want to understand their pets better.” – Emma



What’s Your Synastry?


Astrology Readings for Animals

Equally fascinating for people to learn is the dynamics of the ‘synastry’ (psychological chemistry) between the owner and their pet and the composite chart (relationship purpose) you create together, by using the same technique as any Relationship Reading! 

So while you can gain profound insight into your pet based on their Natal Chart alone, things get really interesting with what is revealed in the aspects of your synastry and composite charts.


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