Family Package

Family Package

Understand and Support Your Loved Ones Better


Gain insights into your and your family members, their nature, personality, gifts, challenges and current cycles of influence to understand and support them better + yours and their inter-relationship dynamics. 


This Family Package will help you gain insight into who your family members are and what deeper destiny themes are at play, both within them and between you or other family members, along with possible solutions, which can resolve conflicts.


The Family Package includes ALL of the following:

Their Birth Chart and a detailed Report for up to 4 family members + your own.


A “Cosmic Profile” including their Chinese Astrology Sign, Element and Rising Sign and a basic interpretation + their Mayan Astrology Dreamspell Sun + an interpretation Report + their Numerology Life Path, Core Strength and Life Lesson Numbers.


The 1 or 2 other signs in addition to their Western Astrology Sun Sign to read in the Weekly Horoscopes for even deeper, layered guidance and insight each week.


Each family member who is interested will be subscribed to receive Michael’s free Weekly Horoscopes sent to them by email every Friday.


The Readings are live via your preferred communication platform (phone, Zoom, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp) and recorded for you and sent by email. + Separate recordings can be created for each family member or segment of focus such as specific relationship dynamics.


The email with the Charts and Reports and the Recording also can be sent to each specific family member who requests it.

210 Minutes (3.5 hours) = $300

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Click HERE to see samples of the Cosmic Profile, Birth Chart and Detailed Report


Our family has been stuck as to how best to support one another and move forward with compassion. Your astrological reading and intuitive insights have given us so much light on the situation that we feel confident in moving forward with much deeper knowledge and understanding. Thank you,” – May

So, this comprehensive Family Package provides you with the freedom to divide the 3.5 hours among you how you wish.

Plus, a chart and detailed report for each family member, an outline of their Chinese Astrology Sign, Element and Rising Sign and a basic interpretation, plus their Mayan Sun Sign with an interpretation Report, plus their Numerology Life Path Number!

You and any of your family members can each have an allocated time for a 1-on-1 session, and/or have time devoted to a joint Reading in which you are all present. Plus, you get bonuses!


*(You can add additional family members if you have more than 4 + yourself for $60 for each additional person.)*


Gain valuable insights into who your family members are and what constitutes the deeper themes of destiny at play in their lives! Get the edge on how to better understand, and perhaps support support and inspire the ones you love to live authentic, healthy and successful lives. As well, understand the psychological and emotional dynamics both within them and between you and/or other family members, to provide you with possible solutions to also resolve conflicts.


Learn more about how an in-depth Astrology reading can help your family relationships.

And any area of interest can be included in this Reading Package.

?*Pay it Forward and know with confidence, that any of the time can be gifted to someone else as a Gift Certificate.

And the time purchased NEVER expires!

? * Want to upgrade to this package special and add on time to an existing booking? Contact me first, and then choose the Open Amount button at the bottom of the Pricing Page.

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