Life Coaching with Michael

Guiding You to Make Wise Choices

and Take Strategic Action

It’s your journey, but you don’t have to navigate it alone.

The main focus of my coaching is to help you achieve both inner and outer success!

My coaching style and approach is unique because it includes the deep and relevant insights I can provide you with based on many years of practice and experience with Astrology and Numerology and Personal Growth Psychology.

I can be described as a destiny, career, spiritual and transformational coach all in one. The simple truth is that these apparently diverse perspectives are much more closely connected than it is commonly realized. In fact, they are intrinsic to each other, when your focus is to achieve authentic self-actualization as a feature of your success goals. The notion that financial success alone is all that matters ironically comes with a high price regarding our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health too. Financial and material realities do not necessarily equate to health, physical or otherwise or to genuine happiness and the evidence of this is apparent in the world. To this end, my focus is to help you to be authentic and get paid for it in the world.

My focus in helping you is for the sake of real-life application.  While Astrology alone can provide relevant, profound and valuable insights about who you are and what constitutes the finer details of the themes of your destiny, timing of cycles and turning points, my focus with coaching is to help you more fully translate these into your outer reality. This implies practical coaching strategies supported by these insights for the sake of actual outcomes and real-time expressions.


“I have never had such an amazing talk with someone. Michael is able to understand and lead you to your true self, he goes above and beyond and shares not only what he finds but where you can seek out more answers. His open mind allows you to be truly heard, no matter the question.” – Katie



There are 3 Packages to Choose From

 I keep my rates affordable so that real people can afford my services and each package includes bonus time compared to the cost of shorter Reading sessions.


Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Light Life Coaching


This package is ideal if you have recently had a Reading with me, or you want to sample my coaching style, or you want to top-up another coaching package.

3.5 hours for $300 (+5%GST)


Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Life Destiny Life Coaching


This package includes 6-hours of 1-on-1 coaching with me. Whether or not you have already had a Reading with me, I will help you to get, clear, take action and follow through.

6 hours for $500 (+5%GST)

Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Deep Dive Life Coaching


You know that your goals will require more steps and time and you are also budget-minded. 3 bonus hours in light of the cost of shorter Reading sessions is attractive and realistic.

​13 hours for $1000 (+5%GST)