Life Coaching with Michael

Guiding You to Make Realistic and Authentic Choices

That Empower You to Follow-Through With Strategic Action

At this point, having had a Reading session with me, or two…, you have a pretty good idea of who you are and what your next major life purpose and focus is. Yet, you feel the need for added support to navigate the complex terrain of your life, both within and without. You want to realize both inner and outer health, happiness, and success and to feel confident about the choices you are making, without wasting precious time and possibly making costly mistakes. You are ready to further clarify and define strategic steps and measures to realize your purpose and you recognize the value and importance of having access to more support to take deliberate action and follow through with realistic and progressive steps. In this regard, the focus is on career and business, as well as life-purpose, with an emphasis on self-actualization, as well as meeting daily practical goals and bigger dreams too.


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As important as are the outer relationships in your life, the focus of my coaching centers around the ‘primary relationship in your life’, the relationship with your own body, mind, heart, and soul, which includes your participation in the world. In the course of life, outer realities, people, and circumstances often influence us to align with them at the expense of our own sense of individuality. Other coaches may guide you to focus to achieve outer success at the expense of inner. Commonly, such excessive outer focus disconnects us from our own truth leaving us feeling like something important is missing and sometimes the consequences are disorienting and even devastating.


The primary relationship in life is with your own body, mind, heart, and soul!


Through the coaching process with me, my focus is to help you deepen your self-awareness, including the finer details of your destiny, karma, and the deeper purpose of your life, your inner relationship. In doing so, you will consciously connect with your core sense of authenticity and, thereby, with your true personal power. As a result of this inner, core connection, you will be clearer, stronger in your focus for the sake of realizing your own personal goals, and therefore more confident with your choices. With this core sense of personal power activated, you will be better able to be clear and authentic in your dealings with others, and thereby also be able to be supportive of others.


Authentic personal power empowers others while false power resorts to control.


I can be described as a destiny, spiritual, personal transformation, and career coach, all in one. The simple truth is that these apparently diverse perspectives are much more closely connected than are commonly realized. In fact, they are intrinsic to each other, when your focus is to achieve authentic self-actualization as a feature of your success goals. These together refer to what it means to truly live wholly, wholesomely, holistically… Doing so is not simply an idealistic aspiration, it is the perennial golden key to health, happiness, and deep fulfillment.


“I highly recommended Michael as a Life Coach Astrologer and have encouraged many of my friends to benefit from his wisdom and who continue to do so. I recommend Michael O’Connor to anyone seeking practical spiritual guidance in reaching the next consciousness level.” – Kay L. (See more Coaching testimonials here).


I have been a student of astrology for 40 years and a practitioner for over 25. I have helped many people to gain greater self-awareness, provide them with deep affirmation, inspired a clearer sense of vision, and have helped them navigate the complex themes and timing of their destiny to achieve many kinds of success. I have helped many people over the years and I can help you too.

In addition to many years of study and practice as an Astrologer, I am also a certified Life Coach. My coaching style and approach is unique because it includes the deep and relevant insights I can provide you with based on many years of practice and experience with Astrology and Numerology, which inherently includes psycho-spiritual wisdom and Personal Growth Psychology. I have also long been and continue to be a student of the human potential movement and I do appreciate the existence and value of the many motivational techniques available.

My focus in helping you with Life Coaching is for the sake of real-life application.  While Astrology alone can provide you with profound, relevant, and valuable insights about who you are and what constitutes the finer details of the themes of your destiny, the timing of cycles, and turning points, my focus with coaching is to help you to actually translate these into your daily life and reality. This implies practical coaching strategies supported by archetypal and spiritual insights for the sake of actual outcomes and real-time expressions.

The goal with my coaching approach is to have shorter 30-minute sessions at about 1-week intervals. During this time, I update you where appropriate regarding your personal astrological and numerological cycles of influence, and further support you with strategic actions and tools. Of course, sessions can be longer and more frequent, or shorter and less frequent, according to your own needs, choices, and discretion.


Astrology and Numerology truly are the first Life Coaching tools!


In my coaching approach, I naturally incorporate the insights afforded by Astrology and Numerology, along with many human potential, psychological, and spiritual tools too. Altogether, these lead to what the true meaning of Life Coaching represents: living life authentically and fully so that the takeaway, in the end, is at least as meaningful and successful as the journey getting there.

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Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Light Life Coaching


This package is ideal if you have recently had a Reading with me, or you want to sample my coaching style, or you want to top-up another coaching package.

3.5 hours for $300 (+5%GST)


Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Life Destiny Life Coaching


This package includes 6-hours of 1-on-1 coaching with me. Whether or not you have already had a Reading with me, I will help you to get, clear, take action and follow through.

6 hours for $500 (+5%GST)

Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Deep Dive Life Coaching


You know that your goals will require more steps and time and you are also budget-minded. 3 bonus hours in light of the cost of shorter Reading sessions is attractive and realistic.

​13 hours for $1000 (+5%GST)

“When I first stumbled into Michael’s office, I was going through some significant change in my life. My partner, home, friends, and my job had disintegrated all at once. The session with Michael was heartfelt and compassionate at a time of great need. It also opened up doors for me to new ways of healing and understanding my life experience. It was my first time learning about astrology as a tool for facilitating recovery and resilience. Since Michael assisted me through that difficult time, he has continued to be a steadfast, reliable, and insightful support person for me. His guidance echoes in my mind as I have more fully awakened to live my life with fuller purpose.

Michael has consistently encouraged me to evolve through my human experience and to choose growth over retreat. Michael uses astrology as the framework for his teachings, a back-drop to his crisp intuition, and relatable lifetime stories. At times, Michael describes my life experiences so accurately that his sessions are like gazing into a mirror, not one that reflects dead-ends or restrictive blocks, but a mirror that shows things as they truly are, one that shines a light on paths to truths that can be accessed by way of living life from the soul.

Thank you so much Michael for the sound advice you have provided me and my loved ones over the years. Many blessings to you and yours, and for continuing with your work for many years to come! I look forward to our next session!” – Kay L.