Numerology Readings


Numerology Readings

Know Yourself Better with the Universal Language of Numbers


Numerology Readings - Michael O'Connor, Astrologer

A Numerology Reading is a powerful tool to help you gain fascinating insight about you and your destiny, career, relationships and more by revealing the impact that the numbers active in your life are playing.

Numerology and Astrology are complimentary and go hand-in-hand. Similar to your astrological natal chart, understanding your unique numerological ‘blueprint’ provides deeper insight for self-awareness, guidance, and for gaining clarity regarding both your core themes of destiny and where you are now in your growth cycles.

Numerology ReadingWhat is your Destiny Number?

Do you know your Life Path Number?

What strengths, challenges and lessons are hidden within the numbers of your name and birthday?

Are you considering changing your name, and seek guidance on choosing the best option for changing the energy of your identity?

Are you working on a Master Number in any aspect of your journey in this lifetime?

Have you arrived at a time of ending, graduation or new beginnings and need insight on the next chapter of your life?

How do your numbers align with the significant others in your life?

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With a Numerology Reading with me, you will receive an explanation of the meanings of the numbers both in terms of personality characteristics, and of the meaning of growth cycles that are active every year, month and day of your life.

As profound as Astrology is, Numerology provides its own unique and empowering perspective on you, your nature, personality and life path.

I use a unique system of Numerology combined with the characteristics and cycles linked to the numbers derived from your birth date – there are more than you might imagine. I help you to look at core life destiny themes and what your strengths and challenges are.

With this knowledge, you will know better where and how you can focus for inner attunement and outer success.

Your 90-minute Numerology Reading is done live over the phone or face-to-face via Zoom, Skype or other video chat platform. Sessions are recorded and emailed to you along with a break-down of your name and birthday numbers in an outline that is easy to understand.