A Numerology Reading provides its own unique and specific perspective on your character.

Based on a weave of numbers derived from both your birth date and the name you were given at birth, the insights Numerologygleaned from Numerology about your character and Destiny are both exciting and helpful, in terms of knowing better who you are, clarity about what constitutes your strengths and challenges so you can make conscious choices to increase or improve them. As well, you can gain valuable insight about the Numerological cycles of influence in your life with an overview that spans your entire life.

The system I use is called Chaldean Numerology. I have used it for many years and firmly believe that it is much more accurate that the otherwise popular usage of what has come to be referred to as the Pythagorean model. The two systems actually employ the same techniques. The main difference is the Table of Equivalency which determines what number value is given to each letter. There are some overlaps between the two systems, but the results are almost always different. I am confident that I can prove to you that Chaldean Numerology works much better than the Pythagorean counterpart.