Recommendations for Michael O’Connor

Recommendations for Michael O'Connor, Astrologer & Life Coach

25+ Years of Happy Clients

Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Testimonials

“Michael has always been spot on and has helped guide me through my life path. He is very accurate and kind souled, willing to put the effort into his work.” – Brent


“Michael holds a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and intuition and uses all of these attributes in his offerings! I’ve received personal readings and guidance from him and have followed him for many years! He’s a member of my personal spiritual “team” and I always find a gift in what he shares with the world!” – Lizzie


“Michael’s readings have given me great insight over the years. He has a gentle, inquisitive, wholesome approach. I consider myself very fortunate to have someone so committed to his practice and to the well-being of the other.” – Lorne


“Michael is an extremely knowledgeable astrologer. His reading of my birth chart explained so clearly the gifts and challenges of my life path. If you want more clarity about your life direction, I recommend him.” – Shirley-Ann


“Michael’s readings are always startlingly accurate! I find his guidance to be very clear and empowering … and I always come away from a reading feeling uplifted and inspired to move forward through my life with passion and purpose. I can most highly recommend him!” – Kay


“I’ve had the most amazing experiences for over 10 yrs now getting birth chart readings from Michael O’Connor. He is incredible to say the least. If you’re looking for any kind of guidance I highly suggest contacting Michael”. – Kriss


“I am so thankful for Michael’s readings! He is very skilled at reading the intricacies within your birthchart and has a keen intuitive sense coupled with years of study and garnering vast knowledge! His advice has been timely and very helpful 🙂 I highly recommend him to my friends and network often”. – Alara


“Michael is an excellent astrologer. I found his reading to be very accurate and complete and would highly recommend it. ” – Pam


“Michael is passionate about his work, and is a kind and caring interpreter of your charts. How the stars were aligned when you were born and the influence of numbers is fascinating.” – Pat


“Extremely knowledgeable about Astrology. If you ever wanted to get your chart done contact Michael he will guide you through the process.” – Carla


“Michael is passionate about his work. His readings are accurate as he dives deep into your chart.” – Mary-Ann


“Michael has provided me with accurate and relevant information about my birth chart and astrological positions. He also has and shares his insight to make this information relevant and useful in my life. ” – Barbara


“Michael brings magic to the moments he spends with his clients helping them to figure out what is to come and how they can embrace lessons learned as well as preparing for the adventures ahead!” – Gina


“Exceptionally gifted astrologer and numerologist with a broad perspective of the world we live in.” – Colleen


“Insight, insight, insight. The name of this field of inquiry. a bold and personal approach to seeing the world and the future. I like it.” – John


“Michael is the one astrologist that I have paid close attention to. I continue to take great interest in his work.” – Steve


“Michael knows his stars and is very versed in his chosen life path. I find his sessions to be very insightful and accurate. He always helps to affirm and solidify things that need attention as well as illuminating the tools that can be useful for transformation and ascension. Well worth a visit.. ” – Jody


“Michael is always there with great advices. He has a genuine gift and lots of knowledge in this field. He had helped me in many occasions when confused with issues in my life. ” – Corrine


“Great listener with a wide range of insights to support strong guidance from our star maps! ” – Chenoa


“Michael is accurate in his readings.” – Dave and Susan


“Talented, intuitive and amazingly insightful astrological readings! Michael is definitely one of the very best!” – Shauna


“I’ve had 2 readings from Michael and they helped me clarify my thinking and allowed me to move forward.” – Marilyn


“Accurate & clear – you’ll be glad you get the chance to work with him!” – Ian


“Been following Michael’s astrological forecasts for over 5 years. He is an excellent astrologer!” – Michael


“Michael is awesome at what he does, very detailed and profound.” – Michael


“For all who seek a Higher Truth within themselves and within the Cosmos Michael is one who has studied the Stars and can help guide you toward the True North Star on your journey towards your Higher self.” – Marty


“Michael is not only a great astrologer who knows his stuff, he is also a gentle soul and with an empowering message.” – Natasha


“I have been going to Michael for over 20 years now for his astrological insight – which goes way beyond a general reading that is commonly available online or in the papers. His knowledge of astrology is extensive, but he is also highly intuitive, and conducts his consultations with a Holistic approach. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to anyone seeking a higher level of guidance on any important issue.” – Leah


“Michael is an amazing conscious, heartful, wise astrologer.” – Blanche


“Michael is not only talented and knowledgeable in all aspects of astrology but has a genuine desire to be a light of guidance to others that is evident in his work. ” – Jeannie