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            The Pricing List and Readings descriptions below are a guideline that provides most clients with all they to know to select the time amount that best suits their needs. Yet, there are many types of questions you can ask and not all of them are listed below, such as relocation and real estate questions…  To learn more, see the drop-down menu under Readings.


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“I have been re-listening to the reading you did for me two months ago Michael …so, actually, I am living the words I hear you speak…so accurate was your reading …it made me laugh! I appreciate you and your gift Michael. ” ~ 🙂 Gillian

60 Minutes = $100  (+ 5% GST)

First Time or Back for More

This time amount is great if you are new to Astrology and this your first Reading with Michael and you want to focus specifically on your Natal Chart, which is the ideal foundation of understanding yourself with Astrology? 

Or, are you seeking an Update Reading to better understand the influence of current cycles or a Follow-Up to a recent session to gain even deeper insight? 

90 Minutes = $150  (+ 5% GST)

The Standard Approach

This time amount is the best option to both gain deeper insight into your Natal Chart to better understand your destiny and life purpose and to also gain insight about the influence of current cycles. 

120 Minutes (2 hours) = $200  (+ 5% GST)

Life Destiny Reading

This is the best choice to gain a thorough look at who you are, why you are here in terms of life-purpose, what constitutes your destiny direction in terms of themes and timing, where you are at now in your life in terms of your cycles of destiny, what is next for over the coming months and year and even peering years ahead into your future.

It is also ideal to gain both deep insights into your Natal Chart and into the influence of current cycles which also invariably impacts other people in your as well life to understand how you and they will be influenced, the implications of it, the timelines involved and what constitute wise and relevant choices accordingly.

240 Minutes (4 hours) = $350  (+ 5% GST) 

Yes, I Love a Bargain – Package Special

Purchase a bulk amount of time and receive both a Bonus 30-minutes PLUS get a 1-Year Subscription to Michael’s popular Weekly Newsletter, which also gives you more discounts on future Readings.

This is also a great option if you are committed to gaining profound insight into yourself, the timing of your destiny and how it impacts the significant others in your life and you love a great bargain!

You are also welcome to give some of this time as Gift Certificates, and still, also get the bonus features!

300 Minutes (4.5 hours) = $400  (+ 5% GST)

Relationship Package Special

This Package Special provides you and your significant other with a 90-minute Reading each, and 90-minutes is also then devoted to a joint Reading in which you are both present. So, you get a 30-minute bonus time amount ($50 value). PLUS it comes with the added Bonus of a 1-year Subscription ($60 value) to Michael’s popular Weekly Horoscope Newsletter!

The primary relationship in life is ever with your own self, your own body, mind, heart, and soul. This Package brings special attention to you both as individuals, which allows time for you both to share the insights you gained from your individual sessions. Then at a later date when you are ready, you gain further insight into the interpersonal dynamics between you with a joint session, which examines both your overall chemistry on all levels, where you flow and how you are more challenged, and what constitutes the deeper purpose of your relationship together.

30 Minutes = $50  (+ 5% GST)

The Quickie

This option is specifically intended for mini-Readings when you have 1 or 2 quick questions and for adding a bit of extra time to your current or recent Reading, or for a quick introduction to having a Reading with Michael. 

Open Amount

This payment feature is available for when you want to apply Subscriber Discounts or Referral Coupons, or you want to add a time amount other than those listed above.

Contact Michael prior to decipher the exact amount.