Learn Astrology

Learn Astrology

Study the Art and Science of Astrology with 1-on-1 training by Michael O'Connor!

Learn Astrology with Michael O'Connor, Astrologer

You can learn Astrology quickly and deeply, and be taught by a full-time, professional Astrologer with over 25 years of experience of practice and study!

Have you ever been curious to learn Western Astrology, either as a hobby, part-time business, or rewarding career?

Or perhaps as an additional skill to an existing coaching or counselling practice?

You love Astrology. You have a natural aptitude and appreciation for it. Better yet, you have a curiosity to know more, about it’s ability to provide accurate, empowering insights about your nature, personal psychology, destiny and that of others too.

 You realize that Astrology is a profound and sophisticated tool beyond common perceptions, and you want a solid foundation that both stands on its own, and can serve to provide the sure footing you will want should you decide to take your studies further.

If you’re looking for a fast-track with a solid foundation, practical application and at a cost you can afford, you’ve come to the right place!


Questions? Contact me to discuss how you can learn Astrology.

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I found Michael’s class to be a very informative overview on how to read and interpret an astrological calendar and how I can use it in my daily life. It helps me be aware of potential moods and influences due to the positions of the moon and planets. I am now better able to plan my day as to whether it likely will be good for communication, physical activity, making an important purchase, gardening, and / or spiritual matters.” ~ Gerry

In addition to over 25 years of a full-time Astrology practice, I also have taught Astrology for many years and given many talks, visual presentations and workshops. 



Learn Astrology with Michael O'Connor, AstrologerI often have clients who want to study Astrology, but don’t know where to start. Is this you?

With this 4-hour Tutorial Package, you will quickly gain a solid foundation and deeper understanding of the art and science of Astrology. Your instruction will be customized to match your current level of understanding, and what your goals are for what you want to achieve.

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, your training will be suited to your goals, whether it’s to learn how to follow a Pocket Astrologer to live in better rhythm with the Moon, or learn Solar Fire Astrology Software, or more advanced topics!


Instruction will be via Zoom or Skype, to allow face-to-face dialogue and screen sharing for course materials, and all training sessions will be digitally recorded for you to build your learning library. You will also receive plenty of resources to further your studies!


4 Hours = $350 (+ 5% GST)

Learn Astrology Tutorial Package



Questions? Contact me to discuss how you can learn Astrology!