Life Destiny Reading

Life Destiny Reading

Awareness, Affirmation, Alignment


Increase your self-awareness, get deep affirmation, and align with your life purpose.

This is the best choice to begin and to gain a thorough look at who you are, why you are here, what constitutes the themes and timing of your destiny including your strengths, aptitudes, and life lessons, where you are at now in your life in terms of your cycles of destiny and what is next for you over the coming week, months and years.

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120 Minutes (2 hours) = $200

Life Destiny Reading

We spoke yesterday over zoom and our reading was so wonderful thank you for the info I needed to fulfil my life’s purpose!” – Amber


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When I first stumbled into Michael’s office, I was going through some significant change in my life. My partner, home, friends, and my job had disintegrated all at once. The session with Michael was heartfelt and compassionate at a time of great need. It also opened up doors for me to new ways of healing and understanding my life experience. It was my first time learning about astrology as a tool for facilitating recovery and resilience. Since Michael assisted me through that difficult time, he has continued to be a steadfast, reliable, and insightful support person for me. His guidance echoes in my mind as I have more fully awakened to live my life with fuller purpose.

Michael has consistently encouraged me to evolve through my human experience and to choose growth over retreat. Michael uses astrology as the framework for his teachings, a back-drop to his crisp intuition, and relatable lifetime stories. At times, Michael describes my life experiences so accurately that his sessions are like gazing into a mirror, not one that reflects dead-ends or restrictive blocks, but a mirror that shows things as they truly are, one that shines a light on paths to truths that can be accessed by way of living life from the soul.

Thank you so much Michael for the sound advice you have provided me and my loved ones over the years. Many blessings to you and yours, and for continuing with your work for many years to come! I look forward to our next session!” – Kay L.

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