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I just got to tell you Michael that this month’s video was such a good listen. Keep them coming!” ~ Shannon, (Member)

Hi Michael. This was a particularly poignant and well-written piece this week and I thank you. You have the knack of hitting the proverbial nail on the head.” ~ Marg, (Member)

“Wow, loved your horoscope for this week; especially the bits about spiritually unchecked rationalization and materialism and how they play out in the world, as well as the head, heart, and gut… that head and gut working together without heart manifests as fear. Juicy stuff!!” ~ Alexa, (Member)

“Such incredible research & writing by you again this & every week! Thank you for a year of tremendous insights & tips, they/you have helped me a great deal in 2023….more than you could ever know!” ~ Faye, (Member)

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