Relationship Package

Relationship Package

Get an in-depth understanding of yourselves, and relationship dynamics

This Package provides you and your significant other each with a 90-minute Reading, 1-on-1 with Michael.

Then, 90-minutes is devoted to a joint Reading in which you are both present. So, you get:

1) 30-minutes of bonus time ($50 value)

2) A FREE 1-Year Membership ($60 value), which also gives you even more discounts on future Readings, plus in-depth weekly forecasts and other bonuses!

(Learn more about Membership benefits).

300 Minutes (4.5 hours) = $400

Astrology Relationship Package Special

Any area of interest can be included in this Reading Package, as listed here.

This Package brings special attention to you both as individuals first, which also allows time for you to share the insights with each other that you gained from your individual sessions. Then, at a later date when you both are ready, you will gain further insight into the interpersonal dynamics between you by way of a joint session. In this third session, I will provide you with insights regarding your overall chemistry on all levels, where you flow and how you are more challenged, what constitutes the deeper purpose of your relationship together, where your relationship is at currently in terms of your cycles of destiny and what flows and/or challenges lie ahead.

?*Pay it Forward and know with confidence, that any of the time or free Membership can be gifted to someone else as a Gift Certificate.

And the time purchased NEVER expires!

? * Want to upgrade to this package special and add on time to an existing booking? Contact me first, and then choose the Open Amount button at the bottom of the Pricing Page.

“Your reading was very timely and I just wanted to say thank you for literally saving my marriage. We have a counselling appointment today but this storm has passed. Would love to chat with you in the future in much greater detail. Take care and thanks again, I have to say that the timing of your reading was pivotal…there are no coincidences.” – Paul

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