Mentoring with Michael

Mentoring with Michael

Mentoring with Michael O'Connor, Life Coach Astrologer

In addition to the insights and guidance supported by my many years of practice with the time-honored tools of Astrology and Numerology, and the strategic process of coaching to creatively decipher and target specific actions to achieve timely practical results, my services also include mentoring.

Resolving lack of self-awareness or awakening an authentic sense of vision or life purpose, or clearing confused priorities and replacing them with new considerations and realizations. Such mental and emotional shifts may be required at any age and stage of life such as seeking life direction in your younger years or after a life-altering relationship or career focus ending or retirement, or due to the death of a significant other or for the sake of regaining a sense of inspiration for and meaning of your life and the list goes on…

Where coaching more specifically targets the setting and achieving of goals, including the process of personal transformation that goes into shifting out of habitual patterns to become more focused on deliberate choices and actions, the mentoring process is more process-based, emphasizing personal growth and breakthroughs regarding habitual perspectives and behaviour patterns manifesting as mental ruts, walls, and limitations in general.

Mentoring with me can be described as a deeper and slower or foundational stage to coaching, but neither does it necessarily need to shift into coaching, per se’. This is true because often via the mentoring process, self-awareness, answers, changes in thoughts and feelings, and shifts of self-concept, perception, interpretation, and attitude, altogether constitute meaningful transformations within you. In addition to the word ‘meaningful’, I would like to emphasize authenticity and personally empowering.  Sometimes these transformations are subtle and spontaneous while at other times they can prove life-altering or, as the commonly used phrase goes, mind-blowing, and they might even be described as magical.

“It can be difficult with all the interfaces of daily life to clearly understand one’s own heart and mind.
I have found it incredible, with Michael’s interpretations of the astrological sky, how directly he can speak to my inner knowing.
Perhaps it’s something I have not been brave enough to say out loud. He sees it in the chart and speaks to it. It can feel a bit like magic.
At the end of a session, I feel re-connected to my heart and mind, re-aligned with purpose, and clear on my next steps.”   ~Jena Eros

As is also true of coaching with me, mentoring is ever ‘supported’ by a deep focus on your Birth Chart and your name (destiny) and birth date life path) Numerology. ‘Supported’ is the keyword because it is not the same as an Astrology or Numerology Reading, which delves into deeper analysis and interpretation of these foundational tools and means of providing you with deep insight, self-awareness, and guidance.

Mentoring with me can generally be described as psychological and spiritual support regarding the complexities of life. These include the relationship we have with ourselves and the significant others in our life and society in general and include the core problems that we all face on a regular basis. Having access to mentoring will provide you with support based on a synthesis of astrological insight, and psychological and spiritual understanding.

Sometimes all you may want and specifically need is mentoring.

Yet the possibility to glean insights and guidance from your Astrology, and/or to implement a strategic action plan with coaching is ever available immediately upon request.

Beyond all outer achievements and successes, this is the true takeaway desired by you at a deep level of your being, by you at a soul level. As you come to an ever-deeper understanding of this important awareness, you will be able to consciously narrow any socially-conditioned disparities between inner needs and outer aspirations.

Mentoring with Michael includes a weave of awareness of the specifics of your life, common sense considerations, psychological and spiritual insight, guidance, and strategy. The strategic aspect includes a wide array of tools Michael has both acquired and developed which will be shared with you along the way of the mentoring process.


* On a final note, please know that with a Mentoring Package, the focus can switch upon request and quickly, even during the course of a session, to more specifically a Reading focus or Coaching. As well, any amount of time in your package can also be re-directed towards a Gift Certificate tailored for anyone you choose.


In addition to many years of studies specifically focused on understanding human nature, and with the help of the profound insights gleaned from Astrology and Numerology, Michael is able to see deeply into your nature in terms of what, when, how, and why you are destined to grow, mature and evolve psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. This specific emphasis is most fully and successfully available via a mentoring process with Michael.

Choose From 3 Mentoring Packages:

Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Light Life Coaching


This package is ideal if you have recently had a Reading with me, or you want to sample my mentoring style, or you want to top up another package.

3.5 hours for $330 (includes tax)

Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Light Life Coaching


This package includes 6-hours of 1-on-1 mentoring with me. Whether or not you have already had a Reading with me, I will support you with deep insight and guidance.

6 hours for $550 (includes tax)

Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Light Life Coaching


You know that your process will require more in-depth support and time and you are also budget-minded. 3 bonus hours in light of the cost of shorter Reading sessions is attractive and realistic.

13 hours for $1,100 (includes tax)

Would you like to discuss your Mentoring options with a 15-minute discovery call?


“I discovered Michael only 8 months ago, and have been on quite a lovely journey of exploration with him since. Michael has taught me about my birth chart, my karma and destiny, compatibility with certain individuals, my life path, free will, and strengths and challenges I will face as I move forward. I feel like I have a stronger sense of purpose and validation of the path I am on – as it’s ‘written in the stars’. I began with just a general astrology reading, and quickly realized that I had so much more to learn through Michael, so then purchased and committed to multiple sessions with him through his life coaching packages. I look forward to continuing with Michael’s coaching and readings, to assist me as I navigate this world and my true purpose and path!” – Amanda