Mentoring with Michael

Mentoring with Michael

Mentoring with Michael O'Connor, Life Coach Astrologer

In addition to the insights and guidance in my Readings services, supported by my many years of practice with the time-honored tools of Astrology and Numerology, and the strategic process of coaching to creatively set and achieve personal and professional goals, my services also include MENTORING.


Where coaching more specifically targets the process of setting and achieving personal and professional goals supported by Astrology, including the process of self-awareness and personal transformation, such as shifting out of habitual patterns to become more focused on deliberate choices and actions, the mentoring process still emphasizes personal growth, yet the focus is specifically directed back to doing so by way of an ever-deeper understanding of the principles of Astrology as specifically revealed in ‘the’ and more importantly, ‘your’  Astrological Birth Chart.


The line between Readings, Coaching, Tutoring, and Mentoring can sometimes prove blurry,

which is why the fee for each is the same, except the larger packages include bonus time.


Sometimes people specifically want a Reading but are interested in having a brief sense of why I am saying what I am, which then crosses over into mentoring, if only briefly.

As well, sometimes in the Reading process, the focus will shift from insight and predictive guidance to include some coaching.

When these shifts occur, I clarify what I am doing, but this serves to clarify these occasional, subtle shifts and offers the opportunity to better understand the various options available to you.


Here is a brief, elaborated explanation of the differences between each category:


Astrology Readings, Coaching, and Tutoring all provide you with insight and guidance. Yet, Readings and Coaching do not emphasize teaching Astrology, as does the Tutorial or Mentoring process.

Tutorial Astrology is specifically focused on one-to-one teaching the principles of Astrology without specific reference to your Birth Chart.

Mentoring takes the one-to-one tutorial/teaching process beyond the principles of Astrology alone and directs the focus back to your own Birth Chart and to the techniques of prediction including the Transits, Progressions, Directions, and Returns influencing you now or in the past or future with an emphasis on teaching you HOW each interpretation technique works and WHY you are having the synchronistic experiences that you are.


In addition to many years of studies specifically focused on understanding human nature, and with the help of the profound insights gleaned from Astrology and Numerology, I am able to see deeply into your nature in terms of what, when, how, and why you are destined to grow, mature and evolve psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Moreover, by way of a mentoring process with me, I will show you why I am offering specific insights and how the interpretation process works.


Of course, a foundational knowledge of Astrology is required. Perhaps you have already studied Astrology yourself, on my website, or via a Tutorial process with me, or perhaps you are even a professional practitioner. 


“It can be difficult with all the interfaces of daily life to clearly understand one’s own heart and mind.
I have found it incredible, with Michael’s interpretations of the astrological sky, how directly he can speak to my inner knowing.
Perhaps it’s something I have not been brave enough to say out loud. He sees it in the chart and speaks to it. It can feel a bit like magic.
At the end of a session, I feel re-connected to my heart and mind, re-aligned with purpose, and clear on my next steps.”   ~Jena Eros

Mentoring with me can be generally described as a deeper psychological and spiritual support regarding the complexities of your life, as specifically revealed in your Birth Chart and due to the influences of the Transits, Progressions, Directions, and Returns.

This insight will invariably emphasize the relationship you have with yourself and can include that with the significant others in your life and society in general and the current realities of the times.


Mentoring with me will provide you with both deep insights into the many layers of Astrology and into yourself as a soul incarnate.

Thus, this exciting and profound process will provide you with a synthesis of astrological insight, and personal, psychological, and spiritual understanding.




Choose From 3 Mentoring Packages:

Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Light Life Coaching


This package is ideal if you have recently had a Reading with me, or you want to sample my mentoring style, or you want to top up another package.

3.5 hours for $300 (includes tax)

Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Light Life Coaching


This package includes 6-hours of 1-on-1 mentoring with me. Whether or not you have already had a Reading with me, I will support you with deep insight and guidance.

6 hours for $500 (includes tax)

Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Light Life Coaching


You know that your process will require more in-depth support and time and you are also budget-minded. 3 bonus hours in light of the cost of shorter Reading sessions is attractive and realistic.

13 hours for $1,000 (includes tax)

Would you like to discuss your Mentoring options with a 15-minute discovery call?

“I discovered Michael only 8 months ago, and have been on quite a lovely journey of exploration with him since. Michael has taught me about my birth chart, my karma and destiny, compatibility with certain individuals, my life path, free will, and strengths and challenges I will face as I move forward. I feel like I have a stronger sense of purpose and validation of the path I am on – as it’s ‘written in the stars’. I began with just a general astrology reading, and quickly realized that I had so much more to learn through Michael, so then purchased and committed to multiple sessions with him through his life coaching packages. I look forward to continuing with Michael’s coaching and readings, to assist me as I navigate this world and my true purpose and path!” – Amanda