The Quickie


The ‘Quickie’ Astrology Reading

1 or 2 Quick Questions

This option is specifically intended for mini-Readings when you have 1 or 2 quick questions and for adding a bit of extra time to your current or recent Reading, or for a quick introduction to having a longer Reading with Michael. 

Choose from 3-tier pricing:

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30 Minutes (.5 hour) = $60

The Quickie Astrology Reading

Any area of interest can be included in this Reading Package, as listed here.

?*Pay it Forward and know with confidence, that any of the time can be gifted to someone else as a Gift Certificate.

And the time purchased NEVER expires!

? * Want to upgrade to this package special and add on time to an existing booking? Contact me first, and then choose the Open Amount button at the bottom of the Pricing Page.

Thanks so much for the reading! I always learn so much from you. I appreciate you! Can’t wait to connect again soon.” – Jenna

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