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It was a pleasure meeting with you. The comfort in sharing my personal life experiences is invaluable. The fact that you could bring me closer to my birth time for a more comprehensible astrological reading is awesome! It is like finding the self I knew was there but couldn’t prove. Add a touch of stardust with a magic wand leading the way in purpose, clarity and confirmation in my healing journey. Blessings to you and yours. – Janice


After my Astrology Reading with Michael O’Connor, I’m truly amazed at the depth of insight and clarity it provided. His expertise and guidance helped me gain a profound understanding of my life’s journey and purpose. I feel more empowered and inspired to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. Thank you, Michael, for an excellent and educational experience! Grateful for your support and expertise. – Annica


Hi Micheal, I can’t thank you enough for our session. It wasn’t at all what I expected and completely blew me away! I feel different ever since. Like something has been woken up inside myself and I see things differently and I feel different. The surface has only been scratched and what you showed me are things I’ve never even considered or been able to see or identify. Thank you. Paula


Thank you so much for the reading. You knew so much about what was happening in my life. With your advice, I feel more confident and relaxed to continue my journey, on my own condition. And thank you for all the helping tools, so I can rich my goals. With love from Elin, Oslo Norway


The most recent reading that I had with you Michael, was amazing and spot on! Your insights have helped me to navigate with ease (less frustration) and yes, especially more grace. Brigitte


Thank You Michael again for the great reading and all the links/guidance. I wanted to at least let you know how some of the things you picked up on are so very apparent in my life as of late! Having you reaffirm these things does help create a bit more of a positive lookout for moving forward and overcoming some things…knowing it is indeed my path. And you pretty much described the relationship thing bang on as well. Emma


Thank you Michael, the reading was a real game-changer for me and has me feeling a lot more connected to my soul. Sincerely, Megan


Thank you very much for the exceptional reading. Very validating as well as illuminating! I shall return (-: All the best. Patricia


This is thank you to you for your clairvoyant way of guiding me and pushing my growth. Alexis


Thank you so, so much!! This is one of the best birthday gifts that I’ve ever given myself 😉 Cindy 


Thank you for such a precious 1.5 hours spent together. A really wonderful gift to myself on my birthday on this balsamic new moon. Very auspicious and powerful. I wanted to express my gratitude for our time together and touching upon some core themes for me. You really planted some good seeds that are meaningful for me. Thank you.I was so inspired I went ahead and bought the deal package and will thus happily subscribe to your membership site. I would also love to have readings to understand the birth charts of both of my kids Sophia and Jakub, as well as gift my sister with a reading. Urszula


Just to say thank you for the session yesterday. I was quite astonished with the accuracy that you were describing my past and my previous husband and my personality! I am still processing everything. Many thanks again. This was quite a fascinating experience I must say. The messages (that I really liked as you can imagine) and your kindness are so much appreciated. Warmly, Mira


Hi Michael, I just listened again to the reading that you did for me last month. I just wanted to let you know that I think you are very good at what you do! Your reading was so bang-on, it’s kinda scary! Cheers, Renay


Hi Michael, I want to circle back to you and thank you for the last session, and every session we’ve had over the past 16 years (I think?)! I’m thankful I signed up for the package this year and was able to connect with you multiple times. Your insights always last me years, they strike such deep cords. I can work on connecting to and reflecting upon our conversations for years to come. – Alexis


Omgosh, my dear Michael, you are a generous heart for all you have offered me!
Thank you for sharing some fast track guidance, your friends and making suggestions. You have sourced out and offered so much to me. It shows who you are. I value most about you is you heart of service. Deep gratitude to you my friend. – Barbara

Moving again. So very grateful that I consulted with my astrologer friend, Michael O’Connor as the journey was long and stressful. With his information based on my chart, he gave a date range for selling the house. I was amazed that on the last day of the date range, a solid offer came in and was accepted and my condo was sold. The sellers asked for December 1 closing. So very wild that Michael, back in June, said that December 1 is a good day to move in to my new home. Just in time to put up my tree & enjoy a quiet Christmas. I have reached out to Michael a few times over the past 10 years or so when making big decisions. I consider astrology as an important piece of information to put into my decision-making box. I have learned through the times that if I didn’t take the information that the situations did not go well. Now I listen and stay patient as there is great value in Michael’s words. This is not “fortune telling” but life guidance and it is a science. Koodos Michael O’Connor! – Joy


Thank you for such a precious 1.5 hours spent together. A really wonderful gift to self on my birthday on this balsamic new moon. Very auspicious and powerful. I wanted to express my gratitude for our time together and touching upon some core themes for me. You really planted some good seeds that are meaningful for me. Thank you. I was so inspired I went ahead and bought the deal package and will thus happily subscribe to your membership site. I would also love to have readings to understand the birth charts of both of my kids. – Urszula

Hi there Michael. I am not sure if you remember me, I had a reading with you in April of 2020. It was very insightful and I very much appreciated your thoroughness. I still continue to listen to it a year later because it contains so much information and guidance. – Neena


I had a reading from you a long time ago – I think it was 12 years back. It turned out to be very accurate! I felt a good rapport with you the last time Pisces – and look forward to dialoguing again. – Rosanne


THANK YOU so much for your reading. I am soooo grateful! It gave me so much to consider! I will use it to evolve my life plan for this newly unfolding chapter. Take Care and Best Regards, Simon


Thank you Michael, I am inspired and feel like I am on the right path for so many reasons. Thank you for your efforts in understanding me, you help me see and verbalize what I am experiencing and I am so grateful. You are a rare pearl. Take good care and I look forward to our next session. Bri


Hello Michael! So excited to be subscribed to you, this is amazing especially during this hard time. A few years back I did a learning astrology lesson with you and the info/teaching has always stayed with me, and I finally have made my way back. Thank you so much, you are so amazing at what you do! Melissa


Once again you have demonstrated your amazing ability and have been so important to my path. Love John


Thank you for just being and for sharing with me the message from my stars. Our reading has added a level of certainty and confidence that is new for me 🙂 So grateful brother! Clint


This is seriously the best reading I have ever received in my life. I have had previous astrology readings and nothing compares to the guidance, inspiration, and validation I received from Michael today. I am totally mind blown with the accuracy of the information I received. This is not your typical astrology reading. Michael is very well-read and takes pride in ensuring you get everything you need from your reading. I could tell he is very passionate about his work and in making sure his clients leave satisfied. He is also very compassionate and easy to talk to. He explains things well and provides you with practical guidance. I will definitely be consulting with Michael again in the future and referring others. I only wish I had booked a reading sooner. Thank you so much, Michael!! You are so good at what you do. Neena


Michael O’Connor’s readings are incredible. He has a natural talent and aptitude for reading astrological charts with a fine tuned accuracy, coupled with a deep well spring of experience. He also has the ability to uncannily see into your life, or lives and read the patterns and images received, and express them in an easily understood and relatable way. It’s seems he has a number of intuitive gifts that he uses synergistically to help individuals unravel the events and components of their lives so as to better understand themselves and their unique place in the world. It is a truly magical experience to have Michael as a vibrant translator to read these templates of the soul. Thank you so much Michael! Lisa D.


Hi Dearest Michael, I’m delighted and grateful to let you know that today the property sold… It went on the market on Wednesday, on Thursday (yesterday) someone came to see it, last evening they put an offer in, I countered it this morning to conditions that I felt really good about and it was accepted a couple of hours ago… what can I say but how grateful I am about your good advice and counsel to put it on the market right away and for the smooth events and blessing that have followed…With much love and sweet blessings. Elvira


I have never had such an amazing talk with someone. Michael is able to understand and lead you to your true self, he goes above and beyond and shares not only what he finds but where you can seek out more answers. His open mind allows you to be truly heard, no matter the question. Katie


I have had several readings with Michael, which have been very valuable. I have recommended several friends to Michael for readings, all of whom have been extremely grateful and found them very helpful in their daily lives. He is multi-talented and can put people in touch with any helpful resources which might help them either physically, emotionally or spiritually. Natania


Amazing! Thank you so much for the consultation this morning and the reference materials. I truly appreciate your time and your insights. It has put a lot of perspective, reaffirmed and validated some thoughts. THANK YOU! I truly needed this 🙂
I look forward to connecting again soon, and further expanding on this first reading. Alexis


Hello Michael, I cannot thank you enough for the life-saving gift you gave me through your reading. It was exactly what I needed, on all levels, to continue on the course of my life’s path. You have a special way of bringing information to the right person at the right time – you are a conduit of natural knowing that inspires as well as creates the necessary desired direction that makes a significant difference in those who reach out to you. I felt your energy in the middle of the night which was exactly what I needed. Sheila


Hi Michael, It was a pleasure meeting with you today and I did find your communication very accurate and enlightening. Darlene


Thanks for the amazing reading. Thank you the generosity. I’m equally inspired and rattled. Pat


That was a fantastic reading, I’m so grateful for your insights. I’ve begun to explore some of the links you sent, thank you for those, I look forward to trying the rest of them. I have lots to explore and ponder now, and I appreciate all the insight. Thank you and many blessings to you for the work you do, Heather


The session today was great. I would definitely like to establish a life coach/mentor relationship, My spiritual health is important and I appreciate the professional support. You did a great job! Thanks again! Stanton


Thank you so much, Michael. Your insights have helped me immensely. Your words are powerful. I appreciate your understanding, patience, and guidance. Donna


Michael, thank so much for last night. I am in a whole new sense of mind and feel so much better. I have hope again. I had a good talk with Danny as well and he is interested in hearing about his chart. Oh and no word of a lie, I tried the mantra and a couple breaths and I was sleeping again. I woke up amazes and relieved that it worked…:) Thank you so much. Michelle


Warm greetings Michael, as always it’s when i listen to your reading recording that I REALLY get your message…Deep gratitude to you for sharing your gifts and skills and tools Michael…you really help me make choices and understand “myself” better which results in more peace and joy 🙂 Yaaay! Gillian


Hi Michael. Thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful reading this afternoon. I look forward to getting together with you in the future to get a little more in-depth with my charting. Today was an excellent start. Much to think about. Sincerely, Tanya


Hi Michael, my Reading with you went so much deeper than I imagined it would. It helped me to see and understand myself and many more aspects of human nature, and this has served to free me tremendously, releasing old beliefs no longer needed, so that I can be lighter, more aware and more receptive… In deep gratitude, Denise G.


I have successfully listened to your recording and have a BIG smile on my face…..wow you are gifted!….your observations and insights about me feel so comfortably mine, as you put into words my feelings and wishes that I have not been able to give words to….I appreciate you in my Life and thank you for sharing your gifts with me and the world……(i do hope some of my friends I told about you contact you soon….) G. Treherne


Hi Michael. It was a pleasure meeting you today and thank you for your time and energy. I especially enjoyed how conscious you are with your words. I look forward to many more sessions with you. Sarah


Thank you Michael! I enjoyed speaking with you and found my reading very interesting, insightful and helpful! Jane Mitchell


It was truly a wonderful session, thank you for guiding me at this point in my journey. Your insight has already provided some much-needed encouragement, allowing me to stand strong and speak my truth fearlessly. It was a big AHA moment for me. Benoit


I have been re-listening to the reading you did for me two months ago Michael …so, actually, I am living the words I hear you speak…so accurate was your reading …it made me laugh! I appreciate you and your gift Michael… Thank you for being here now 🙂 Gillian


I just wanted to thank you for all of the insight you gave me on my future. I really appreciate it and I have to say I was very surprised by how accurate you were about me as a person. No one else before has ever even come close to being as good as you were. Nick


I just wanted to take a moment, on this last day of 2018, to thank you for your kindness and insightfulness. I awaken every day with clarity and I attribute that to our wonderful conversation and your guidance. So today I want to let you know how grateful I am for the gift of meeting you. That 90-minute session has carried me through these past few months, it changed me, and I will most definitely seek your wisdom again. Karen


Chris and I really enjoyed our readings. It was Chris’ first one ever and I think he was eerily surprised by how accurate it was. Leona


Thanks so much, Michael! I really really enjoyed the reading and will definitely be in touch. Can’t begin to tell you how much your insight and guidance meant. You really picked up my spirits! Bless you.


Michael’s reading was insightful and provided much-appreciated guidance. The timing was perfect and I am so grateful for your generosity and kindness. Susan


Dear Michael, So much gratitude to receive these supplemental reports and to have had a very informative meeting with you. I have already begun to refer you to family, friends, and colleagues. I look forward to our next session very soon! Hanayo


Hi Michael! I just thought to send you an update to let you know how helpful your reading was last spring. Many of the things you shared with me manifested. I further explored many of the suggestions you provided me. They were very helpful. A whole new world of opportunities is opening up for me and it is extremely gratifying. THANK YOU!!!
I look forward to meeting with you again…Simon


It was absolutely the best reading I’ve had in a long time – thank you very much. Your next client that afternoon said I was glowing as I walked out. Judy


Thank you SOOOO much for our last session. So many great messages in my stars alignment. I am very grateful for our conversation as it helped me a lot in this process. Laurence


Hey Michael, Thank you for just being you and for sharing with me the message from my stars. Your reading has added a level of certainty and confidence that is new for me. Clint


Thanks, Michael, I thoroughly enjoyed our counseling session; timely, enlightening and very much appreciated. I needed to do what we did together, explore / question / accept, experience accountability through different eyes, your eyes. I value and appreciate your synopsis below highlighted by specific points relevant to your reading. Daniel


I’ve been telling everyone they need a reading with you! Best, most accurate and most useful reading I’ve had in a very very long time, so thank you very much! Kindest regards, Kay


Hi Michael, It took me a while to give feedback because I want to impress on you how clarifying and powerful that reading was for me and even still, I can’t seem quite able to articulate that, but I am just really grateful!!! I asked one small question but I got so so much more and it was exactly what needed to know. The timing couldn’t have been better. I think what touched me the most was how you identified and encouraged me to celebrate parts of me that were feeling neglected or misunderstood. But I’m also so grateful how you brought together a bigger picture of my purpose and tied everything together: my relationship, my career, etc…Everything you said resonated with my whole being and I can easily say, best money spent!! Thank you. Melody


Thank you so very much for your poetic, intuitive and inspiring appreciation of my astrology chart. Mina


Hello Michael, So wonderful to hear from you and get all these goodies. I really appreciate the recording, chart, the chart points, and your lovely email message. I have already told 2 friends about you with the highest regard. You are by far the best Astrology reader I’ve ever had. I’ve attempted to understand 3 other astrology sessions over the past years and never got much out of them. You are the first person who explained things so nicely and helped me to understand what you were seeing. Thank you so much for all of this. :0)


Thanks! Not just for the reading yesterday which settled a number of questions that were bobbing about my head like a bunch of caged balloons, but for being you, the you with such a wide gamut of knowledge and the expertise to synthesize it – Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Psychology, etc…, plus the intuition. I am looking forward to listening to the tape and filling in my notes and setting the insights. Thanks again. Valerie


Hello Michael, Thank you SOOOO much for our last session. So many great messages in my stars alignment. I am very grateful for our conversation as it helped me a lot in this process of recovering my freedom, I really appreciate you taking time to enlight my free-spirit core nature. Kind regards, Karla Dee


Dear Michael, Thank you for the file! Again I listened to it and I have to say that it just makes me feel well!! You worded the information in such a respectful and positive way! And all the information you gave me is highly practical so that for me your reading indeed is a big help! I have had two Astrology Readings prior to this one with you, one was with a Western astrologer and the other was with a Vedic astrologer and yours I perceive as being for me by far the best! GF


Hello Michael, Thanks very much for all of this and the reading. So appreciate your support, knowledge, coaching, and suggestions. I’ve felt a lot better since we spoke. We will work together again …. I know. Take wonderful care, Cammie


Hi Michael, Thank you so much. I feel much calmer about everything since our reading. I will definitely listen to the downloads you sent. Thanks, again, Sylvia


Thank you so much for the reading l definitely got a better understanding of who l am and what l do in this world. You were able to find the language describing what l experience on an energetic level, you used certain words that filled my body with energy. Thank you also for sending the extra tools, l will be utilizing all of it. Sarah


Hi Michael. Thank you very much for today. You helped me see a way to view my start-up from a more simplified yet profound perspective. I appreciate you taking the time to nuance the details. Your insights were spot on and your recommendations really resonated. Thank you once again. Lisa


Hey Michael! I just thought I’d give you an update! It happened pretty much exactly like you said it would. Thanks for your insight and good direction in our lives again. Thank you! Tracy


I want you to know how wonderful it was to get the reading from you – it opened the door to a whole new world for me. Very, very empowering! Wow, transformation. Thanks so much. I feel like I have an outline now and it’s also great to have some solid confirmation. Lorraine


I was very impressed with how insightful your reading was….. Your kind and the compassionate way was an added bonus to the session. Roberta


Thank you so much for the session you did with me. It was something that I needed and really helped a lot. Your insight, knowledge, compassion, and gentleness are very much appreciated. Susan


Thank you for your wonderful reading yesterday. I felt I came to know my purpose, my soul’s purpose better….. My perspective is now larger, and I feel at home in it. True wizards work transformation. By your work, I have been blessed. Shauna


Hello Michael! Thank you so much for our reading yesterday. It’s such a good feeling to have insight and confirmation for what we feel in our hearts. Paula


Thank You. I find it amazing that pretty much everything with my reading from you 20 years ago, over time came true! Especially how being around children is a big part of my life. Amazingly accurate. Time for another reading soon. Karin


Hi Michael, I had a reading by you in 2011; I still listen to it occasionally and have found it to be super accurate. Traci


I received the information about your recent readings, absolutely stunning. It is certainly revealing. You are a delight and most beautiful being. Thanks so much for being here at this time. Mary-Ann


Hi Michael, I am deeply grateful for your insight and kindness today. I am simply in awe of the accuracy and depth you have in your reading. It was exactly what I needed to hear, otherwise, I have so many facets my mind considers! It is also good to know that I’m on the right track. It is like you are the link between myself and my higher self, which I am not always in tune with. Sincerely, Melody


Thanks a million for being you Michael!!!…..your reading gave me more confidence and clarity to “be me.” Gillian


Hello Michael, I very much appreciated the reading you did for me and find it has made me a bit more tolerant and understanding of the situation that I find so difficult every so often. Thank you for everything. Elsie


Hi Michael. I just listened again to our session last summer and this time the information really sank in. I’m totally impressed. I would love to have another session. Christine


In terms of my soul purpose, I was lost. If my soul purpose and the perfect journey were outlined in a book- I would say that I had made it as far as picking the right book out of a library. For a long time it felt like I was flipping through pages of a book, nothing felt exactly right. I knew what I liked but I couldn’t quite pinpoint exactly what I wanted to do. Michael took me to the exact page, paragraph, and sentence of ‘my soul purpose’. During my reading, I breathed a sigh of relief. This feeling is priceless and I would encourage anyone interested to have their chart read by Michael O’Connor. Jag


I just wanted to say thank you again for the very wonderful and insightful reading! I am happy to say that I don’t fear the future anymore as I had prior to the reading – I’m excited about it. Thank you so much! Annika


Hi Michael, Thank you again for the most amazing session. It was profound and deeply illuminating. Deep Peace, Mark L.


Hi Michael, I am deeply grateful for your insight and kindness today. I am simply in awe of the accuracy and depth you have in your reading. It was exactly what I needed to hear, otherwise, I have so many facets my mind considers! Thanks again to your generosity.


Good Morning Michael, Thank you again for the most amazing reading! You are such a gifted Astrologer and Human Being/Doing! Heartfelt good wishes to you, Amber


Hello Michael, Thank you for sending all the information and for the recording. I am listening to the recording today and getting so much more out of it than I did the first go around. You do have a gift Michael, I can see that. I want to acknowledge you for your frankness. Warm Regards. Peter


Michael, I found the reading to be really helpful in guiding me to what I do best, and the skills I need to develop. It came at a time when that validation was very helpful to me. Thank you! D. Van Eyk


Hi Michael, Having known you for many years now, I find the guidance you offer is complex and deep – and it to sheds light where others do not. I appreciate your intuitive wisdom that also comes along with your knowledge of astrology. Marielle


Hi Michael, I received a reading from you last year and I enjoyed talking with you. You listened well, as well as inspire me to stretch out of my comfort zone and integrate more creativity in my life and in my work. You also brought to light some important patterns that helped with deeper self-understanding. Thank-you and Many Blessings, Sherri


Hello Michael, I have listened to the Wave file once and really appreciate how deep you went and how valuable the reading is to me. It is good to have a broader view of my life experiences and inspirations and practical strategies for my future too! Thank you. Raya


Thank you, Michael, for an awesome Reading once again! I researched all the key astrological points you mentioned and that helped too. I appreciate how you carry the Reading’s relevant points one step at a time, it makes the continued journey something of a treasure hunt. Many Blessings! Pamela


Hi, Michael, thank you for your solid understanding of this situation. I appreciate how subtly it was explained to you yet how clearly you realized it. That was and is such a gift–a breath of fresh air truly. I am honoring myself in the process and appreciate the tool you sent regarding the healthy relationship with self. I excavated other information from our last session and am finding the resources useful. Take Good Care – Dawn


Michael, I wanted to let you know that your guidance has been very helpful and I completely let go and he stepped forward. Thank you so much for everything. 🙂 S.H.


Thank you so much for the Reading, it was a gift. It most certainly has given me insight and inspiration. Everything that you touched on really hit home with me, especially the family aspect. The last few months have been very stressful and exhausting and after the Reading, I did feel more clear and more open; I felt a lot lighter after speaking with you. It also reiterated to me “things” that I needed to hear. Emilie


Thank you for the generosity of your time and knowledge and lending an ear at a time when I really needed it. It has solidified some of my own intuitions. Andrea


Thank you, Michael, You have been so committed, generous, insightful and kind………….without which I would be left to my own, struggling and feeling lost. I am deeply grateful for how you have shown up so fully. Jennifer


Hi Michael, I’ve found so much freedom and self-love since having my charts, and coaching is done with you. Thanks for the energy. Jade


Hi Michael, Thank you for the information – you can be sure I will study it all thoughtfully. I really enjoyed our session and spoke to a girlfriend today recommending you. Christine


Hi Michael. I wanted to send you a quick THANK-YOU for all of your help over the years. Your guidance has been instrumental in getting me “back on track”, and how to stay on track. Even though I don’t always understand fully everything you say in a session, it does come into the light afterward, and I experience the “Ah-Ha” moments!! Really Fabulous.


I just finished listening to your tape that we did back in 2008, when you came to Gibsons. Wow… I am just in awe about how precise you were. I just can’t believe it. Listening to the tape.. is really cool! Barbara


Thank you for your gift of wisdom and for your time- you have helped me find the direction I’ve been searching for. Infinite gratitude. I have a few friends and family I believe would benefit from your reading, I will refer them to you. Sara


Hi Michael, I want to thank you for the reading that you gave me. Thanks for the push! It was exactly what was needed. Warm regards, Anna


Hey Michael, The reading you gave me before I left for South America continues to unfold with amazing accuracy. You are one of the wise people in my life that helps to anchor me to my deeper self. And I can still read my horoscope every week on your website! I just wanted to let you know that you are really appreciated and that your work (as you must know) is a valuable tool for so many people. Love/Light/Darkness, Leo


Michael, My session with you really helped provide clarity and direction at a time when I really need it. Thank you so much for everything. Be well, Eric.


I had the occasion to listen to my tape again this weekend (from late June). It was very affirming and good to hear again. I felt very excited after that reading and then re-inspired again. The time in between has been full of challenges and emotional times, so now after listening to the reading, I was reminded of the temporary nature of these struggles and the importance of making room for more than just the intensity of struggle and change. Best wishes, Michelle


Hi Michael. Thanks again for the reading, I feel clear and inspired! Blessing, Sarah Jane


Hi Michael, thanks for your reading on Monday – it was most helpful to me. I remain optimistic and look forward to applying your many very astute recommendations and also devouring the books you mentioned (I have obtained one already). Regards, Cathy


Dear Michael, Thank you for giving us the couple reading in Davis Bay. So much in our life has changed since then. The most profound insight was not to worry too much. Now we keep our focus on what we want and not what we fear and the universe is answering promptly. I’m very grateful for the advice you gave us. Love – Brigitta


Hi Michael, That is amazing information, wow. What a fascinating thing astrology is! Such knowledge. So complex, yet not. Take care and thank you so much for all of your words and guidance. It has helped me beyond words!! K. Rasmussen


I enjoyed my session with you. I never felt so understood by someone. Peace and light, Poornima


Hi Michael, You’re right, the wind is filling my sails. I was in the Toronto Star last week!!! Thank you for your insight and support. I have thought of you so many times and hung so tightly to your direction. Thank you! Cris R


Thanks, Michael! I felt so much better after the reading! And I am definitely feeling inspired! Tina J.


Thank you for the truly inspiring reading! S. Coulson


Thank you for your insights. You hit a lot of really key points that I can keep focused on. S. Kirkwood


Bob loved his reading. He was blown away! L. White


I’d like to tell you my gratitude for your wisdom shared with me. Louise B.


Hi Michael, I just want to thank you so much for your reading today. I am so grateful that you helped me to see my situation from another perspective. I actually had a lot of answers niggling at me inside but I was not paying attention to them. You are very insightful and you really tuned into the issues at hand. I definitely will come back and will recommend you to my friends. Amy


Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and thoughtful counsel! Atmavrata


Michael, Thank you for the wonderful reading yesterday. I felt I came to know my purpose, my soul’s purpose, better; and that of my company as well. My perspective is now larger, and I feel at home in it. True wizards work transformation. By your work, I have been blessed. Peace and light bless you. Galena


Hi Michael, Thank you once again for the reading – it was thoroughly enjoyable and educational – and for sending the recording of it. I have since played it back in its entirety and found I got even more out of the information and insight you provided than the first go round. I have also taken your advice and begun searching for available courses and articles relating to motivational psychology and team building. Thanks greatly, Debra