Testimonials for Michael O'Connor, Astrologer & Life Coach

For Children & Relationships

With much gratitude for your care, insights, wisdom and for your assistance on our family journey! Beverly


You provided some great assistance to me and my son Rusty many years ago. An update: Rusty has reached a 10 year true sobriety anniversary. He has married a wonderful woman who has brought him stepchildren and grandchildren. They moved to upstate NY where my husband grew up, bought a home and he is now an executive chief at a hospital!!! Our relationship is wonderful…he is a delight to be around. In these weird days, I wanted to share this success in which you had a great impact. I think of you often. So Thanks!!! Patricia


Thanks so much for the reading, synastry reading and the book. I really appreciated your insights and collective information for future vocational path unfolding along with the chart compatibility with us. It’s wonderful to have some clarity amidst the challenges this past year. It’s grounding to have supportive focus and your guidance with regards to timing and cosmic influences. In gratitude, Kevin


Your reading was very timely and I just wanted to say thank you for literally saving my marriage. We have a counseling appointment today but this storm has passed. Would love to chat with you in the future in much greater detail. Take care and thanks again, I have to say that the timing of your reading was pivotal…there are no coincidences. Paul


Dear Michael, Thank you for the comprehensive chart Reading for my grandson. It was informative and inspiring and provided much to ponder and look forward to. Thanks again! Lisa


Hi Michael – Thank you for your reading for our baby girl (Ariana). Her parents were very pleased – they listened to it over and over. Thank you so much. Rosemary


Thank you for the Readings and recordings! We finally listened to them…I really appreciated what you had to say about this being an important time for my artistic career, and my husband and I have both taken this to heart. Your idea to see our current situation as a project, and based on our respective karmas and destinies have been helpful. I plan to listen to them again, as there was a lot in there, and I’m sure I will hear even more the second time around. Thank you, Gina


Dear Michael, thank you so much for your absolutely brilliant reading. Your reading has given me the most helpful and healing insight into my complex and challenging relationship with my husband. This was much more than I was expecting. Your ability to help me understand what is going on in our lives without judgment and with compassion at a higher perspective is everything I needed. This was like having years of therapy but the healing I need came in one session with you. I was distraught and confused for a long time and after your reading, I woke up this morning with a sense of peace and clarity that I’ve haven’t had until now. Patti


Our family has been stuck as to how best to support one another and move forward with compassion. Your astrological reading and intuitive insights have given us so much light on the situation that we feel confident in moving forward with much deeper knowledge and understanding. Thank you, May


I have grown and learned so much with your support in the last couple of months and I am very grateful for your intuition and validation of my circumstances in my time of healing. I am looking forward to reading the extra material you sent me on relationships and I (we) are so excited and ready for our smooth beginning together. Stefania


I had a relationship reading 2 years ago, and now I am thinking how accurate you were to see the relationship for what it was and to see each of us so clearly. Thank you for your reading. Hyegwi