Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates from Michael O'Connor, Astrologer & Life Coach

Give the Gift of Self-Awareness, Insight and Strategy

Giving the ‘sun, moon and stars’ to the ones you love is giving what these mean in terms of their personality, talents, lessons, timing and inspirational guidance about their future and destiny.

Besides, the sun and moon, let alone the stars, can be difficult to wrap…

After your purchase from the options below, I will email you to confirm the details and then send the Gift Certificate to you, which you can then forward it to the recipient. The booking process is then between myself and the recipient. If you have any questions, contact me.

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Astrology Gift Certificate

60 Minutes

1 hour = $100 (+GST)

Astrology Gift Certificate

90 Minutes

1.5 hours = $150 (+GST)

Astrology Gift Certificate

120 Minutes

2 hours = $200 (+GST)

Astrology Gift Certificate

180 Minutes Plus...

30 minutes FREE

3.5 hours = $300 (+GST)

This package offers a bonus $50 value, and is designed for those who want to give multiple gift certificates so they can divide up the time.

Michael O'Connor, Astrologer

1-Year Annual Membership

1-Year Annual Membership

Value = $59.88

Give a unique gift of in-depth content, video forecasts, and automatic discounts on Readings and Gift Certificates. Learn about Membership benefits HERE. (contact me after purchase to arrange gifting.)