Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates make ideal gifts for any occasion and are always appreciated! Give the gift of personal insight that inspires and empowers for a special Birthday, or an annual event such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, or for an important Graduation, or as a wedding gift, or as a special way to say “Thank You” or to someone who you feel needs or deserves it, and the list goes on..

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Below you can find various banners to choose from and, further down, time amounts:

Sunset Banner

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planet banner2

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Planets and Constellation banner

Four 0ptions to choose from:

30 minutes: a satisfying sample and recipients can add more time if they like.
1 hour: a great introduction and recipients can add more time if they like.
1.5 hours: the most common time-frame for a more complete picture.
2 hours: deep self-awareness, many questions answered and more time possibility for insight into important relationships, family members, past lives etc.

Gift Certificates will be sent to you by email to print or forward, as you choose. Either in-person or by phone, all Readings are digitally recorded and sent by email. Appointments are arranged by the recipient, so once the gift is given, the appointment process is conveniently out of your hands.