Gift Certificate Samples

There are many reasons to give a Gift Certificate to someone you care about!

Astrology Gift Certificate

Any, and every opportunity to give the gift of insight, self-awareness, guidance, inspiration, vision, is a great opportunity to give a novel gift.

To better understand the value of a Gift Certificate, see the many areas of life Astrology can help someone you care about.

Gift Certificates are perfect for the Holiday Season (no matter your religion), Special Events like a new baby, occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and graduations, or life changes such as retirement, relocation, or perhaps the death of a spouse or family member.

See the Gift Certificate samples below!

Generally, your interest may be for love or friendship, for the sake of novelty, fun, ‘edutainment’ or perhaps for more serious matters such as to help a friend struggling to find their direction or career path, or a couple experiencing relationship challenges and the list goes on… Below you will see several categories and under each more specific reasons or ideas for giving a gift of personal guidance, insight, and inspiration.

Astrology Gift Certificate

Sometimes you want to help someone in need but do not know how or have the skills or the money to afford the scope of their challenges. When valuable guidance, insights, inspiration, and timing strategies can help them, it can practically prove to be a life-saving gesture.

If you do not see a specific listing for the reason you have in mind, we have you covered and will tailor a Gift Certificate specifically to match your request.

As well, if you would prefer alternative banners for any of the Gift Certificates listed or the one created for you, there are also many options to choose from or you can describe what you are seeking or send your own. 


The general layout of the samples below will be adjusted for your purchase with the appropriate names, and time amount purchased (60-minutes, 90-minutes, etc.)

Holiday Season

Solstice, Christmas, New Years:

(click each image to enlarge)

Special Events - such as...

Birthday, Graduation, New Baby, New Home, New Business or Job: (click to enlarge)

Astrology, Graduation - Gift Certificate Sample
Astrology, New Baby - Gift Certificate Sample
Astrology, New Home - Gift Certificate Sample
Astrology, New Job - Gift Certificate Sample

For Love - such as...

Wedding, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day (click to enlarge)

Astrology, Wedding Gift Certificate
Astrology, Valentines Day Gift Certificate
Astrology, Mothers Day Gift Certificate
Astrology, Fathers Day Gift Certificate

For Concern - such as...

Thinking of You, Sorry for Your Difficult Time, Sorry for Your Loss (click to enlarge)

Astrology, Thinking of You Gift Certificate
Astrology, Sorry for Your Difficult Time Gift Certificate
Astrology, Sorry for Your Loss Gift Certificate

Special Days of the Year - such as...

Women’s Day, Canada Day, Independence Day, and others upon request!