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Tip of the Week: August 7 – 13, 2020

Leo time is well underway and it started with a series of dynamic aspects. Controversy is featured in this plot and people remain not just polarized, but more passionate than ever. Each side is wondering why the other has not figured ‘it’ out yet. This trend will continue, and will even escalate as the month progresses. Authority figures will feel compelled to step in, yet not everyone will accept their authority.

Venus enters Cancer on August 7 and this stands to have the effect of people empathizing with each other, more than up to now in this turbulent year. Yet, with Mercury in Leo, ego resistance will remain high, at worst. Positively, it will inspire a more sporting attitude where they are more willing to entertain new perspectives and interpretations.

As August is a Universal 12/3 month, circumstances will push people to break free of patterns that no longer serve. Breaking free of stalemate situations will hold much greater appeal….

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