Powerful Support for Pivotal Times


Self-Awareness is the First Key to Success


The Powerful Blend of Coaching and AstrologyMany people hire a coach to support their journey in life, to see them through a difficult period, and to help them achieve their goals.  

But… life coaching without the insight and knowledge of your unique astrological story, is like travelling without a GPS. A lot of money, time and effort can be wasted with the one-size-fits-all approach of pushing through.

Instead, wouldn’t it be a wiser approach to have awareness of the right timing of when to take action, and if that action is in alignment with your authentic self and purpose, regardless of social expectations?

A deep examination of your Natal Chart reveals your true authenticity,  life purpose and the various aspects  of your destiny. This knowledge serves to  awaken you and/or at least to deeply affirm who you are as the unique individual that you are. With this foundational  knowledge, you will be better prepared to be guided and supported to achieve your goals and genuinely evolve  personally as you more consciously focus to achieve self-actualization and your true potential.

Right Timing is the Second Key

Over the many years of working with clients with launching new ventures, the lens of astrology and ‘seeing the weather’ of the astrological aspects has empowered them to navigate the most auspicious timing for the best chance of success.

One example is when a client wanted to open a business to sell refurbished furniture; a dream of hers for years. She was about to sign the lease on retail space and invest in inventory, but decided to consult with me first. What I saw very clearly in her astrology chart was that a crisis or ‘storm’ of some kind was on her doorstep, and it was most definitely ​not​ a time for risk-taking or launching new endeavors. It was not the news she wanted to hear, but shortly after, a lump was discovered in her breast and she underwent cancer treatment. Her life suddenly veered in another direction that required all her energy, resources and attention. She then in fact, opened her store several years later, when the more auspicious timing supported her dream.

So, don’t assume as many do, that Astrology is all about prediction alone. The true value and power of Astrology is that it deeply reveals who you are, why you are here, and what constitutes your destiny both in terms of outer success and inner growth. 

Timing is also an important theme, and the insights and guidance Astrology reveals  include the personal timing of your life so that your choices, actions and efforts are aligned with the timing of your personal journey and life plan.

Navigating a Complex World and Your Place Within It

If you’ve followed my work, either with my weekly newsletter, as a Member, or read some of my other articles, you’ll be familiar with the fact we are collectively in the ‘dawning hours’ of the Age of Aquarius. What was, will no longer be.

If it wasn’t Covid or the ‘Great Reset’, it would be something else that would, (by synchronicity), be expressing the dynamic of ​this shift of the ages.

Life is complicated, people’s lives have been transformed, and ‘the flow’ has been unnaturally disrupted. I am a deep-study of the complex psychology of the human condition, and the power dynamics that are shaking the world. If you’re in need of real conversation and open for new perspectives on our times, you’ll come away from sessions with me informed and inspired regarding your place within it all.

Astrology and Coaching are a Powerful Blend of Tools

While Astrology alone can provide you with profound, relevant, and valuable insights about who you are and what constitutes the finer details of your destiny, (along with the timing of cycles, and turning points), my focus with coaching is to help you to actually translate these into your daily life and reality.

In addition to the insights and guidance supported by my many years of practice with the time-honored tools of Astrology and Numerology, and the strategic process of coaching to creatively decipher and target specific actions to achieve practical results, my services can also include mentoring.

​Why Mentoring Matters

coaching and astrologyMany of my coaching clients have become a long-term working relationship, which after time, transcends the day-to-day strategic action of actualizing their potential. It naturally evolves into psychological support and spiritual mentoring, with even deeper dives into the core themes of their karma and destiny, (which their astrological blueprint reveals) within the context of the here-and-now.

Mentoring also supports your understanding and overcoming of challenges subject to circumstantial realities and to the relationship dynamics they invariably include. Because we are living in such historically complex times, there is a need for free-range, long-form conversation to help process the dynamics of how world events are rapidly changing people’s lives, and how to maintain stoicism, inner strength and poise.

There are many coaches who are doing great work. But… without understanding the ‘map’ of your soul’s blueprint as revealed in your astrology chart, there will be a lack of deeper awareness that is required for you to take action in alignment with your true self. The all-important factor of timing will also be missing, often resulting in disappointing results.

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“When I first stumbled into Michael’s office, I was going through some significant change in my life. My partner, home, friends, and my job had disintegrated all at once. The session with Michael was heartfelt and compassionate at a time of great need. It also opened up doors for me to new ways of healing and understanding my life experience. It was my first time learning about astrology as a tool for facilitating recovery and resilience. Since Michael assisted me through that difficult time, he has continued to be a steadfast, reliable, and insightful support person for me. His guidance echoes in my mind as I have more fully awakened to live my life with fuller purpose…” – Kay