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Astrological Reflections on the ‘Great Economic Reset’

Humanity has arrived at a crucial fork in the road. One road leads to opportunities to awaken while the other will lead to continuing down the path of blissful notions that all will be well soon and the world will... Read More

Horoscope for the Year – 2021

As predicted, 2020 began with and ends with a bang and was destined to be a potent, turning point year with many ups and downs, and major power plays. Well, that all happened and here we are. But in light... Read More

The Synchronicities of the Age of Aquarius

The synchronicities of the Age of Aquarius, which remains in its earliest stages, are indeed revealing our world undergoing revolutionary changes.... Read More

Dramatic Astrological Aspects of February 2021

The powerful New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th, hosted a rare six planet alignment.... Read More

The Astrology of the U.S. Presidential Inauguration

January 20, 2021 In this video, Michael provides insights on the challenging astrological aspects on the day of the inauguration, which act as the anchor for the next 4 years. Clearly indicated, is the synchronicity of the astrological aspects of... Read More

First New Moon of 2021

January 12, 2021 – 23 Capricorn 13 This video offers a variety of insights of this new moon of the year, in context to other major events that are unfolding, namely the Historic Winter Solstice in December 2020. It also... Read More

The Age of Aquarius and Perspectives on the Historic Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction – December 21, 2020

In this video, Michael discusses the recent historic Jupiter, Saturn Conjunction in context to the cycles of our time, and the Age of Aquarius.... Read More

The Astrology of Winter Solstice 2020

and the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction Learn about the significance of Winter Solstice, and the powerful Jupiter Saturn Conjunction.... Read More

There are Many Types of Astrology Readings You Can Have

This video introduces you to the many types of Astrology Readings available. As indicated under the companion video: Question Constellations, you can, of course, ask a variety of questions in the same Reading, or the entire focus can be devoted... Read More

Question Constellations: How to Get Clear Answers in Your Astrology Reading

You can cover a lot of ground in an Astrology Reading, and gain new insights and deeper understanding into all areas of your life. This video reviews the types of questions you can ask, so you get the most out... Read More