Family Relationships

Family Relationships

Awareness is the Key to Harmony

Family dynamics can be complex and by no means are all family affairs fun or easy. In fact, family conflicts can prove the most upsetting and challenging of all. Gaining insight into who your family members are and what deeper destiny themes are at play both within them, and between you or other family members, along with possible solutions, can prove more than satisfying.

Are you experiencing struggles and conflicts in your family? Does it seem that certain family members simply cannot get along? Maybe they did before but no longer. Whether it is a case of sibling rivalry, issues between parent and child or it reaches out beyond the immediate family into extended family dynamics, using the insightful tools of Astrology and Numerology can help in ways that counselling can’t.

Finding resolution and establishing a new sense of peace can prove more than just emotionally satisfying it can also serve to restore harmony, health and happiness.Better understanding your family members and your relationship dynamics and how to best support them is an important feature of what families are all about.

As well, the focus may be directed towards better understanding your parents or siblings and the differences between you. Coming to appreciate respective values, priorities, orientations, and timing of destiny of family members can serve to help you (and them) break free of the conflict-causing misunderstandings and projected expectations.

Thank you for the Readings and recordings! We finally listened to them… I really appreciated what you had to say about this being an important time for my artistic career, and my husband and I have both taken this to heart. Your insight to see our current family situation as a project, and based on our respective karmas and destinies has been helpful. Thank you,” Gina

Just because conflicts in families are quite common, it does not necessarily mean it has to be that way. This is what free-will is all about. Yet, in order to address an issue, it is usually necessary to understand it better first. When it comes to understanding people, the task is much more complex than understanding things.

It is natural for us all to project our respective perceptions, beliefs, values, priorities and sense of right timing upon others and this is often where the troubles begin. Understanding others beyond personal biases and projections is a first important step towards creating a new sense of peace and harmony, even if that means simply learning to accept their choices.

Whether you are interested in a chart for your spouse or sibling, step-mother or uncle, better knowing who they are will help you better handle the situation and support yourself and them to create better boundaries. You’ll also be more fully authentic and/or respectful of natural differences which are golden keys to achieve greater peace of mind and relationship harmony.