Know Your Child

Know Your Child

Newborn, Teen, or Adult



Is there a new addition to your family you would like to know better? Perhaps it is a close friend or relative who you would like to gift. Understanding the natal chart of a baby is not only fascinating and empowering for the parents, it’s a real joy for me as well to “read the story” of their unique Astrological and Numerology blueprint. I have also assisted parents in choosing a name, for the most favorable numerological influence.

Know Your Child, Astrology and Numerology for Baby

Whether for your newborn, child or teenager, the lenses of Astrology and Numerology is a profound way to deepen your understanding of who they are, what their challenges and needs are, and gives insight into how you can better relate to them in accordance with their own authentic sense of individuality.


Hi Michael – Thank you for your reading for our baby grand-daughter, Ariana. Her parents were very pleased – they listened to it over and over. Thank you so much. Rosemary D.


Know Your Child, Astrology and Numerology for teenagerCOVID-19, lockdowns, restrictions and social distancing have created extremely challenging times for children and especially teenagers, who can slip into depression and struggle to discover who they are. Understanding their core nature rather than society’s expectations of them, will help you as a parent better support their self esteem, confidence and sense of belonging in the world.

While counseling may help, it may prove even more helpful to gain a clearer understanding of who your child actually is, by his or her nature and destiny.


The focus of this type of Reading can also be directed to better understanding the cycles of influence that were active in your own formative years, as well. In other words, the child you seek to understand better could also be you.

We want our children and teens to be happy, healthy, and empowered. Knowing who they are beyond our projections or what we would like to think, and what cycles are at play beyond social norms, can prove enormously helpful both to them and you.

Know Your Child - Astrology and Numerology for children and teenagers


With Astrology and Numerology, eye-opening insights into the nature of your child or teen include:

  • the “blueprint” of their inherent way of being in the world, and how they relate to it

  • their natural aptitudes, strengths, and challenges

  • personality traits (introvert or extravert, etc.)

  • special talents and abilities – “gifts” you can encourage them to develop and share with the world

  • their unique destiny and life path

  • deeper acceptance of who they are, and how you can best support and communicate with them.


Whether it is your own child or you would like to give a family member or friend a Gift Certificate, the Know Your Child Reading focus is a popular option, and I have done many over the years.