12-Month Forecast

12-Month Forecast

Themes, Opportunities, Challenges and Timing

The two most common start dates for the 12-month forecast are January 1 each year and your birthday. However, anytime is a good time to look ahead and you can gain insights on the coming 12 months and you can look backwards too, regardless of they key start dates for new cycles.

Are you wondering about the year ahead? Do you have plans or are aware of key events and want to have insights into the timing of them? Or are you perhaps simply curious about what lies ahead from the perspective of the cycles of destiny and how you can best navigate the months ahead?

It may be assumed that since we have a destiny, knowing about what is coming does not matter. The fact is that free will is a part of destiny. I have observed and experienced how free will can certainly help us to beat the odds, but it also can be the cause of making mistakes.

Whether due to willful desire, impatience, lack of knowledge or awareness, outer influences from people projecting their own values, hesitation and so on…, it is natural to make mistakes. But, we do not necessarily have to. They are not necessarily a part of our destiny.

The future is probable, but it is not certain and, with awareness, you can make good use of your free will. In addition to having a better sense of what will occur over the coming year, I can also help you to know when you can anticipate what will occur and how you can best approach these turns.

This insight supports you to align and cooperate with the cycles of destiny. The goal is to help you have the advantage of foresight for both personal inspiration and peace of mind and perhaps to gain a professional edge as well.