Life Changes and Timing

Life Changes and Timing

Navigate the Turns and Crossroads


Are you experiencing major life changes?

Do you need insight to better understand what is happening, what it means, specific timing and duration, and how you can best respond?

Some of these cyclic turns are so predictable that everyone goes through them. There are also personal cycles that we experience subject to the particular alignments and aspects in our natal chart. Especially when these cycles overlap – the generic and the personal – we experience major change.


Astrology, Numerology - Life Changes and Timing

The main questions regarding experiencing significant changes usually include knowing what areas of life will be affected by them and how long the process will continue. The main goal of asking such questions is to be aware and thereby make conscious decisions and pro-active choices according to your needs and responsibilities, circumstances, and desires.

Embracing the changes in your life as opportunities, graduations, natural rhythms and/or reasons to celebrate is ideal because often that is actually what they represent. On the other hand, change can be very difficult especially when death or endings of some kind occur. Both extremes have their place due to the complexity of life.

Gaining a better understanding of what is happening, why, and how long the cycle of change will continue, can prove very empowering. It can be enormously helpful to understand the meaning and purpose of change and how to best respond to it, and this is where Astrology shines.

Hi Michael, I am deeply grateful for your insight and kindness today. I am simply in awe of the accuracy and depth you have in your reading. It was exactly what I needed to hear, otherwise, I have so many facets my mind considers! It is also good to know that I’m on the right track. It is like you are the link between myself and my higher self, which I am not always in tune with.” – Melody


Change is the law, the one certain constant. Yet, some changes are bigger, sharper, and more important than others. Such changes are natural expressions of life cycles and with the help of Astrology and Numerology, I can identify and clarify the nature and even their essential purpose or significance and meaning.