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Numerology For Life: Follow-up Classes

The introductory Masterclass: Numerology For Life on June 1 is designed to provide you with a solid, foundational understanding of how and why Numerology works, and includes some preliminary techniques to work with the symbolism of numbers in your life.

Yet, although quite easily learned, there are many levels and techniques available to the earnest seeker wanting to expand upon their knowledge for both personal understanding and self-awareness, and as a guide to make better, more aligned choices.

While not strictly required, these subsequent follow-up classes will include rich visual presentations that will be pre-recorded, so live attendance is not required. Each class will include clear study notes and guidelines that you can apply to and build upon your existing knowledge.

**Follow-up Classes (listed below) will be issued on a weekly basis and made available over the next few months.**

Each follow-up class stands on its own so you can choose to have access to any or all of them!

Each follow-up class will consist of 75-90 minutes and are CDN$35.00.


Or you can choose to purchase the entire Package for $360 which includes the June 1st Masterclass!

Each follow-up class can be purchased on its own for $35 when they are released. BUT… everyone loves to save, so you have the option of a Package Deal.

 The price of this $360 Package gives bonus savings – you’ll get:

* the June 1st Masterclass for FREE,

* and TWO of the 12 recorded Follow-up Classes for FREE,

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Follow-up Class Outline (see details of each below):

A Deeper Understanding of the Master Numbers 11 and 22

Elaboration on the Day of Birth or Character Numbers

Elaboration on the Life Path Numbers

Primary, Directional, and Core Directional Numbers and their Realizations

Calculating the Universal Year, Month, and Day Numbers and Your Revolving Growth Cycle Numbers

Compound Growth Cycle Number = Combining Your Age and Growth Cycle

Life Path, Life Cycles, Pinnacles and the Hidden Life Path and its Challenges

Birth Name, Nick Names, and Name Changes

Four Levels of the Inner Story in Your Name

Observing Patterns and Overall Interpretations and Assessments

Translating Numbers into Planets in Your Astrological Birth Chart

Angel Numbers and Communication with Your Soul



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See Follow-up Class Details Below…

Follow-up Class Outline:


1) A Deeper Understanding of the Master Numbers 11 and 22

The Master Numbers 11 and 22 hold special significance in Numerology, but there is also a good deal of hype and assumption regarding their interpretation in daily life and by those who have them and they both might be and more commonly tend to be expressed in daily life. This class will both reveal the mystery and demystify the meaning of the Master Numbers.

2) Elaboration on the Day of Birth or Character Numbers

The day of our birth holds special significance. It is associated with your conscious self and is symbolically associated with your reason and rationale for thinking and behaving as you do and reveals challenges you will need to overcome.

3) Elaboration on the Life Path Numbers

Traditionally, Life Path Numbers were compounds but since the beginning of the New Millennium, single-digit Life Paths have begun. In either case, better understanding the various number combinations associated with the Life Path is foundational to Numerology and to understanding the destiny themes associated with the addition of your month, day, and year of birth.

 4) Primary, Directional, and Core Directional Numbers and their Multiple Realizations

In the introductory Masterclass to Numerology, you learned the foundational principle of Realizations based on the addition of your Life Path (Birthday) and Destiny (Birth Name) Numbers. You were also introduced to the Directional Number associated with one of the 9 segments of the day. The principle of Realizations or the combination of foundational Numbers can be extended in various ways which is exciting and will provide you with rare insights unique to this course.

5) Calculating the Universal Year, Month, and Day Numbers and Your Revolving Growth Cycle Numbers

Time is cyclic and this is clearly revealed when you calculate your Growth Cycle Numbers. As you identify with the destiny cycles occurring in your life and based on personal feelings and the synchronistic trends of outer experiences, they will become more apparent, and you can learn to align with them for greater harmony and success.

6) Compound Growth Cycle Number = Combining Your Age and Growth Cycle

In this class, you will learn the simple yet significant technique of combining your Growth Cycle Numbers with that of the number determined by your age. This understanding offers a whole other level of significance to consciously aligning with your cycles of destiny.

7) Life Path, Life Cycles, Pinnacles and the Hidden Life Path and its Challenges

Understanding the Cycles of Destiny is easy to do yet significant and doing so reveals important themes and their timing providing you with a deeper understanding of where you are at now in your life, the challenges you must overcome to successfully fulfill your destiny, and when key changes are destined to occur.

 8) Birth Name, Nick Names, and Name Changes

Numerology is based on themes of destiny, developmental psychology, and the more esoteric principles of vibration associated with sounds which are symbolically expressed as letters and words. In this regard, our name holds special significance and with the use of nicknames and due to name changes, as is commonly the case with marriage, for example, new vibrations can be introduced, for better or worse.

9) Four Levels of the Inner Story in Your Name

Our Name is comprised of vowels and consonants and the amount, addition, or absence of these reveal inner psychological themes regarding our personality traits and orientations and where we might be imbalanced in terms of too much of certain modes of expression or too little. With awareness, we can consciously make choices to achieve a greater overall state of balance for greater health, happiness, and success.

10) Creating a Numerology Chart and Observing Patterns, Overall Interpretations, and Assessments.

While each Numerology Technique offers its own unique perspective, many of which can be literally calculated without even writing anything down, creating a chart that combines the full range of numbers will provide you with a whole perspective that also facilitates the recognition of repeated numbers and the compound numbers from which they are derived. In this way, number patterns will be more easily recognized supporting even more insights for increased self-awareness which includes strengths and emphasized themes that could be interpreted as imbalances that can then be countered. This level of approach is the most official one and is generally what a professional practitioner will create.

11) Translating Numbers into Planets in Your Astrological Birth Chart

This extra level of perspective is quite exciting because it reveals the archetypal connections between Numerology and Astrology. Even without an advanced understanding of Astrology, you can quickly discover which planets will be prominent in your Birth Chart based on the numbers derived from your Date of Birth, the time if you happen to know it, the day of the week you were born on, and the numbers derived from your Name.

12) Angel Numbers and Communication With Your Soul

The observance of triple or quadruple numbers whether from a digital clock, on your computer, the synchronistic recognition of a street address, or anywhere out in the world has become quite popular over the past few decades and while it is not technically a feature of traditional Numerology, it can be used as a fun and helpful way of communicating with your soul, with yourself at a subconscious level, or with the universe. However you interpret it, allowing yourself to believe that seeing these numbers is a form of communication will increase the occurrence and provide you with new levels of insight and inspiration in terms of how you feel, and what is going on in your day or life in general. Beyond amusement, this awareness will allow a bit of light magic to play a helpful role in your life and could even contribute to your overall process of awakening and personal growth.

“Hi Michael, I want to let you know that the first Masterclass last Saturday was excellent!

I’ve been talking about it since then, and thank you so much for the opportunity. You were able to present a great amount of information in a logical manner… least logical for me! I thought your visual slides made a difference for me to understand easier. I remarked how your optimistic enthusiasm and humility are a brilliant learning combination and experience for me.

Thank you again. I’m sure I will see you in future classes.”

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Michael O'Connor, Astrologer Life CoachMichael O’Connor brings over 30 years of experience in professional, full-time practice with an international clientele. As an Astrologer, Numerologist, and certified Life Coach, he is a leader in the field of astrological interpretation and metaphysical studies and has taught multiple workshops and webinars.

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