Your Life Lessons and Challenges

Your Life Lessons and Challenges

Your Life Lessons and Challenges

Better Understand Challenging Life Experiences


This area of focus for a Reading provides you with a deeper sense of understanding and perspective on your strengths, lessons and challenges in your life.


Are you experiencing specific challenges that are a source of stress, frustration, confusion or even anger and resentment?

Perhaps you are dealing with personal issues, or relationship dynamics are a source of conflict, hurt and frustration or perhaps circumstances in your life or in the world are a source of restrictions and apparent blocks.


This is seriously the best reading I have ever received in my life. I have had previous astrology readings and nothing compares to the guidance, inspiration, and validation I received from Michael today. I am totally mind-blown with the accuracy of the information I received. This is not your typical astrology reading.” Neena

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Denial of or avoidance and procrastination when it comes to our life challenges often tends to either prolong or even deepen the issues.


Michael O'Connor, Astrologer and Life Coach - CareerLike dragging an anchor, if we do not make the choices and find a way to confront our challenges, they can often prove more costly in a variety of ways.

Common reactions when avoiding or trying to escape our life challenges and lessons is to feel distracted, moody, angry and, worse yet, the tension and stress can contribute to ‘dis-ease’ both literally and figuratively.

Life has been described as a heroic journey that includes lessons, experiences, challenges and tests.

Astrology is a profound and effective tool for seeing what constitutes your core life challenges, weaknesses, and lessons. These often tend to be with you all your life, yet with awareness you can turn them into your strengths. In addition to the core themes, the journey of life invariably produces new challenges. Yet, upon closer observation, these are usually closely connected to, or a strong reflection of, your core challenges, otherwise called ‘projections’. Yet, these outer reflections appear to be more the result of outer consequences, which interestingly, they are usually not despite, all appearances and rationalizations.


Hi Michael, my Reading with you went so much deeper than I imagined it would. It helped me to see and understand myself and many more aspects of human nature, and this has served to free me tremendously, releasing old beliefs no longer needed, so that I can be lighter, more aware and more receptive… In deep gratitude.” Denise G.


Often the weight and stress of challenges, lessons, and tests of life stem from fear, avoidance, and confusion which, in turn, are the consequence of a lack of clarity self-awareness and perspective regarding other angles of interpretation and approach. that lead us away from confronting them.

The first step in this regard is awareness and clarity. It has long been said that the more we understand the issue in as many ways as we can, the easier it is to face, confront and overcome them. Doing so can be hard, yet it also can create a sense of purpose and passion for life.

Deciphering what the root or core challenges and lessons are is the first step to understanding the issue more clearly and in context to the deeper themes of our life. As well, how these apparent outer issues connect to other various aspects of your life can be clearly revealed with the help of the penetrating and powerful lenses of Astrology and Numerology. I am an expert in both having studied and practiced them in my professional work as an Astrologer for 3 decades.

In addition to better understanding what constitutes the root causes, knowing when and for how long peak periods of stress are likely is a source of great clarity, purpose, and peace since it points to strategic answers, guidance, and solutions.

With the clarity and awareness, I can bring to you, you will come to a whole new understanding of your situation, how it can be interpreted differently and in a way that is inspiring and empowering. As well, I will help you understand the timing of the cycles of destiny at play so that you can navigate them more consciously and deliberately, transforming reaction to proactive resolve.

Understanding the True Meaning of Destiny and Free Will.4


Imagine you can trade the weight of your challenges for awareness and passionate purpose that turns feelings of depression, frustration and even defeat into personal power.