Your Natal Chart

Your Natal Chart

Key to Understanding Your Life Purpose


Your Birth Chart is the foundation of your Astrology. Unless it is deeply understood and the insights shared with you about you and your true nature and destiny, you are probably getting “fortune telling” Astrology.

Who are you really? What are your strengths and authentic passions, and what constitute your deeper lessons?

When these are know you awaken, if they are not you are in a way asleep. Awakening is as simple as hearing someone remind you who you truly are and, even though you will recognize most of what is said, there will be some vital parts you probably did’n’t know and altogether this is an illuminating, empowering and exciting process that I can lead you through; lead you to you being truly and authentically you!

Are you seeking insight about your life purpose, destiny, strengths, challenges, gifts and more? It all begins with your Natal Chart, also referred to as your Birth Chart (or the Radix Chart among the geeks).

It truly is the foundation when it comes to Astrology. It reveals profound insights about your core nature, karmic and destiny patterns that you will experience in this lifetime.

I playfully and metaphorically refer to getting a deep and thorough analysis of your Birth Chart as the “Pilates approach” – the approach that activates your core sense of self-awareness to overcome your challenges more consciously and achieve greater success.

“I’ve attempted to understand 3 other astrology sessions over the past years and never got much out of them. You are the first that explained things so nicely and helped me to understand what you were seeing. Thank you so much for all of this.” Cammie