Natal Chart

Natal Chart

Your Natal Chart

Key to Understanding Your Destiny

Who are you, really? What are your strengths and passions, your lessons, and the deeper themes and timing of your destiny?

Realizing the truth that you were born with a destiny and purpose can be as simple as hearing someone remind you who you truly are, beyond outer labels and categories. Hearing your nature, personality, and life purpose revealed to you by way of interpretative insights about what is mapped in your Birth Chart is beyond exciting! It is also empowering and can prove to be a very healing experience, as well, as it helps you to align deeply with yourself. The main goal is to awaken, inspire, empower, and activate you to be truly and authentically you!

Life is on purpose and your own life is also woven with purpose and themes that are unique to you.

The focus of your Birth or Natal Chart Reading is to activate your core sense of self-awareness to support and empower you to live more consciously and purposefully, to know your strengths, to overcome your challenges, to understand the themes and timing of your destiny, and, thereby, to feel more fully alive and achieve greater, authentic success.

Your Birth Chart is the foundation of self-knowledge and personal understanding with Astrology. It is always the best way to begin the profound and exciting journey of self-awareness that it offers.

Astrology is an archetypal science that reveals that we live in a conscious, intentional, and purposeful universe. After 40 years of study and 25+ years working with clients the world over, I have achieved a deep level of mastery to decipher the wisdom woven into the archetypal symbols that constitute the Natal Chart.

“I’ve attempted to understand 3 other astrology sessions over the past years and never got much out of them. You are the first that explained things so nicely and helped me to understand what you were seeing. Thank you so much for all of this.” Cammie