Your Significant Other

Your Significant Other

Understanding the Dynamics, Destiny and Karma

Are you in a specific relationship that you would like to understand better, entering into one, ready or wanting to create a deeper successful commitment?

Sometimes we are out and want in, while at others we are in and want out.

But neither choice is as simple as it sounds. Of course, life is all about relationships and everyone knows that they are complicated.

Naturally, our relationships are very closely related to our financial realities, our career and the dynamic flow of changes that is the one true constant. Sometimes changes is causing us to respond, adapt and make important decisions. At other times, we are waiting and hoping for the change to occur, and it will, but sometimes not soon enough, as far as we are concerned.

Are your relationships a source of serious concern at this time? Are you hoping to come to a new level of mutual understanding and harmony, forgiveness and love? Would you like to understand the significant others in your life better and perhaps what in your personality and destiny and decipher what is revealed in terms of why you attracted them into your life? Are you wondering if your should deepen an existing relationship in love or perhaps in business, or on the other hand, do you feel that continuing the relationship at all is not in your best interests?

The question of relationships is an area that I can provide deep, practical and relevant insights for you with the help of the powerful lenses of Astrology. I say lenses, because under the umbrella of Astrology there are many techniques. I liken these to the wide range of cameras and lenses used by professional photographers which reveal that the same subject can produce many angles and scope of perspective.

“Thank you so much for your absolutely brilliant reading. Your reading has given me the most helpful and healing insight into my complex and challenging relationship with my husband. This was much more than I was expecting. Your ability to help me understand what is going on in our lives without judgement and with compassion at a higher perspective is everything I needed. This was like having years of therapy but the healing I need came in one session with you. I was distraught and confused for a long time and after your reading I woke up this morning with a peace and clarity that I’ve haven’t had until now.” Terry

* When will my soul mate appear?

* Should I marry this person?

* Should we have children?

* Is this relationship healthy for me, for my children?

* Will this relationship make it?

* Should I move on? If so, when?

* Is this a good time to relocate altogether?

* Should I enter into business with this person?

These and other such questions regarding relationships are the norm of life and yet are vitally important. Are you wondering and feel uncertain or stressed out or frustrated and would like insight, clarity, answers about timing and fresh perspective in general?

I have helped literally thousands of people make informed decisions about all aspects of their relationships and I can successfully help you too!