Your Significant Other

Your Significant Other

Understanding Your Relationship Better – Timing, Destiny, Karma…


Are you in a relationship that you would like to understand better?

Are you undergoing a difficult phase and wonder if this is the end? Stay or go?

Are there long-standing patterns that are dysfunctional, or damaging?

Do you have a new love interest, and want a clearer sense of its strengths, challenges, purpose, and karmic patterns, for better or worse?

Are you hoping to come to a new level of mutual understanding and harmony, forgiveness and love?

Would you like to understand your partner better about what makes them tick, and why you attracted them into your life?

Are you wondering and feel uncertain or stressed out or frustrated and would like insight, clarity, answers about timing and fresh perspective in general?

There are many questions regarding relationships because relationships are deeply meaningful in many ways and invariably involve a lot of investment, of time and money, and this is also true emotionally and spiritually.

“Thank you so much for your absolutely brilliant reading. Your reading has given me the most helpful and healing insight into my complex and challenging relationship with my husband. This was much more than I was expecting. Your ability to help me understand what is going on in our lives without judgment and with compassion at a higher perspective is everything I needed. This was like having years of therapy but the healing I need came in one session with you. I was distraught and confused for a long time and after your reading, I woke up this morning with a sense peace and clarity that I’ve haven’t had until now.” Terry G.


Whether you want a 1-hour or 90-minute personal reading for yourself (with your partner’s birth information), or…invest as a couple in the Relationship Package Special, you’ll gain profound insights into your unique dynamic, and have many questions answered, such as:

Significant Other, Relationship Astrology

Should we get married?

What are challenges, strengths and power as a couple?

What does it look like regarding having children together?

Is this relationship healthy for me/us and/or for my children?

Will we make it and should we keep on trying to forge a stable union?

Is this a good time to relocate altogether? Should we enter into business together?


Naturally, our relationships are very closely related to our financial realities, our career, and the dynamic flow of change. Sometimes changes are causing us to respond, adapt and make important decisions. At other times, we are waiting and hoping for the change to occur, and it will, but sometimes not soon enough.

Life is all about relationships. Gaining deep, relevant, and accurate insights and guidance for the partner in your life is an area that I can help you with, supported by the powerful lenses of Astrology. I have helped literally thousands of people make informed decisions about all aspects of their relationships and I can help you too!

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