5-Year Plan

5-Year Plan

Future Probabilities and Possibilities

Are you looking ahead and want to make some longer-term plans?

Do you want a clearer picture of what lies ahead?

Would you like to be more informed regarding cycles of change so you can make better more informed decisions for yourself and/or your family?

Are there larger life-events on the horizon that you would like to navigate with more context?

Looking to the future and planning ahead by setting clear goals and intentions framed with timelines is a common and practical request.

These cycles can be as short as a day and as long as decades and it can prove extra helpful to know what cycles and key turning points and their themes and key dates are in store.

These forecasts and longer-term guidelines can be provided for any length of time, in fact, for your entire life. But people often like the ‘rounded’ figure of 5 years as a time period that is long enough to achieve some significant achievements, such as getting a degree or bringing a start-up business to its full stride and so on…

Timing is of the essence and by gaining an overview for the coming years, say 5 for example, of themes, turning points, endings, challenging periods, flow periods, or what may be deemed green, yellow, and red light periods, you stand a much better chance of success in all the various ways it may be defined. This is where I can help you with the tools of Astrology and Numerology which specifically measure cycles of time.

“I have listened to the Wave file once and really appreciate how deep you went and how valuable the reading is to me. It is good to have a broader view of my life experiences and inspirations and practical strategies for my future too! Thank you.” Raya