5-Year Plan

5-Year Plan

Future Probabilities and Possibilities

Do you have long-term dreams, goals, and ambitions that feel determined to realize?

Would you like an overview of the bigger picture and what probable twists and turns of destiny are in store over the coming years?

Would you like to be more informed regarding cycles of change so you can make better, more informed decisions for yourself and your family?

Are your dreams and those shared with significant others in your life in alignment with yours and their destiny?

Have your plans, goals, and strategy been interrupted by outer circumstances or family dynamics that you would like to better understand?


“I really appreciate how deep you went and how valuable the reading is to me. It is good to have a broader view of my life experiences and inspirations and practical strategies for my future too! Thank you.” Raya


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Making long-term plans for your life and setting clear goals and intentions framed with timelines to realize life dreams is a big part of what life is all about. without dreams and goals, life often lacks luster, purpose, and passion and is not very practical or wise. Of course, beyond the envisioning and planning stages comes the harder reality of time management and the large investments of committed efforts, time, energy, and money.

5 Year Plan AstrologyThe underbelly of dreaming about the future and making real efforts to realize them is that things can and do go sideways, life happens, interferes, intercepts, and can generally get in the way. ‘Expect the unexpected’, is the old saying. There are many possible ways to prepare for the unexpected and among them is gaining a clearer understanding of the probabilities of change that can be measured with Astrology and Numerology.

How much do you think it would be worth to have a clearer idea of what the unexpected might be, when it is likely to occur, what its implications are, and how long the disturbance might be?

Such foresight also aligns with the age-old saying: ‘forewarned is forearmed’. Knowing the probabilities that lie ahead will help you to navigate with greater awareness regarding the probabilities so you can direct more of your focus on the possibilities of the strategies that make sense to you with greater awareness, confidence, and peace of mind.

Another important consideration, but one which is less common is to ask, are the deeper questions regarding authenticity. Are your dreams authentic and genuinely in alignment with you and your family members?

The tools and techniques are available for you to both gain a clearer overview and deeper insight into what you want for yourself and your family in alignment with larger forces beyond your control or the hopeful assertions of your will and determination alone.


With the time-honored tools of Astrology and Numerology and with many years of study and professional practice as an Astrologer, I can help you to live your dreams and create plans and goals in a conscious way that is cooperative and co-creative with the inevitable cycles of life and destiny.



Are your dreams realistic and in alignment with your destiny and that of the significant others in your life?


Life unfolds in accordance with cycles of destiny, which can also be described as cycles of probability. So, destiny is best understood as themes of probability that are in alignment with who we truly are by our nature and are not simply a consequence of social conditioning. Destiny does not simply point to a pre-determined future, it refers to what constitutes the deeper purpose of our lives. Yet, destiny also includes possibilities, and this is where free will comes to the fore. In this regard destiny, and life in general is a ‘co-creative’ process.

Part of the problem is that, commonly, people assume that they can simply impose their will on reality and ‘be, have, and do anything they want’. While it is a person’s prerogative to think this way, among the deeper issues is that it tends to produce power struggles in relationships. Ironically, our dreams and goals are usually inspired by our determination to give to the people we live, to help them to lead happy, healthy, successful, and fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, by assuming that we can simply ‘make it happen’, free will and determination aside, thinking this way can prove to be a major imposition on the destinies and free will of the very people we love the most. Of course, power struggles imply conflict, anger, anguish and anxiety, and stress in general. It does not have to be this way, but it often is all due to ‘good intentions’…

So, we all live according to cycles of destiny which imply probabilities of what will happen and when. These can be literally measured with the help of the sophisticated tools of Astrology and Numerology, especially when one knows how to work with them.

Regarding the cycles of destiny, there are two main categories: the generic cycles that we all experience, basically such as the literal seasonal rounds. Then there are the personal cycles of destiny. Clearly, while we might in some regards, we do not all experience the same things at the same age and this is due to the personal cycles of destiny that we each experience in life.  These cycles can be as short as a day and as long as decades. Imagine how helpful it would be to have an overview of these cycles and the key turning points and their themes and key dates! This foresight is available and I provide it for you.

These forecasts and longer-term guidelines can be provided for any length of time, in fact, for your entire life. But, regarding longer-term perspectives, people often use the ‘rounded’ figure of 5 years as a time period that is long enough to achieve some significant goals and successes, such as getting a degree or bringing a start-up business to its full stride, and so on… Yet, the number of years can be from 1 to 3, to 5 to 7 or 10, and even much larger cycles yet. In fact, although it is not commonly known, Astrology can measure and outline themes of destiny that have 30-year time frames. for all practical intents and purposes, this is the largest cycle I work with, which does imply the possibility of say 3 major 30-year cycles which produce a larger, contextual framework within which the smaller cycles of destiny occur, which can themselves encompass many years. You might even be interested to know that in addition to the very specific time periods listed, there is also a 13-year cycle that is very measurable and marks very specific shifts and turns in our attitude, approach, and the synchronicity of outer circumstances, as well.

Michael has always been spot on and has helped guide me through my life path. He is very accurate and kind souled, willing to put the effort into his work.” – Brent


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Astrology, Family Relationships and Conflict

Life is filled with stories of dreams being dashed on the rocks due to hidden factors. This is also true of the significant others in our life. Sadly, ironically and tragically, conflicts are often associated with power struggles; created by people imposing their will upon the people they are closest to.


Sometimes our dreams are inspired by outer influences resulting in either formulating plans and goals that are either ‘in the box’ or which directly or indirectly push our loved ones into the box. In other words, it all sounds good, but our dreams can be out of alignment or inauthentic either for you or your family members. Consequently, the tendency to impose our well-intentioned plans and, therefore, our wills upon the people we love is a common source of relationship conflict within the family. This is a sad and old story that has often and continues to result in hardship, heartache, and even tragedy.


The issue of power struggles is directly associated with the factors of time and energy that go into the realization of dreams and goals. Again, this is the sad irony. Given the scope of investment that invariably goes into making longer-term plans, wouldn’t it be wise and worthwhile to gain some insight and overview of your own and the realities and cycles of the destiny of the significant others in your life first?

Timing is of the essence and by gaining an overview for the coming years, say 5 years, for example, of themes, turning points, endings, challenging periods, flow periods, or what may be deemed green, yellow, and red-light periods, you stand a much better chance of success in all the various ways it may be defined.


Whether you are looking ahead and want both an overview and insight regarding the next 3, 5, 7, 10, or even 13 years, for example, I can help you to gain a better sense of the rhythms of the cycles of destiny and the key dates when important turning points and new beginnings are destined to occur.

To gain confidence in looking forward, this process can also be directed back in time. Doing so will provide you with an awareness that life is subject to the cycles of destiny, and it is not random and purely subject to outer circumstances as some assert. Most importantly, you can discover this truth for yourself by reflecting upon the otherwise apparently random and purely circumstantial events and turning points that you have experienced.

This is where I can help you with the tools of Astrology and Numerology which specifically measure cycles of time. By examining your cycles of destiny with Astrology and these of the significant others in your life, even an overview will provide you with valuable clues. Having an awareness of the otherwise ‘unforeseen’ twists and turns of life, yet which are revealed in your cycles of destiny, will take your confidence to a whole new level.


Gaining a broader vision of and insight into the destined and probable rhythms, cycles, and events of destiny, by making a relatively small investment to be more aware has many advantages. In addition to contributing to the health and harmony of your most significant relationships, it will also support you to save a lot of your valuable time, money, and other resources. Moreover, perhaps the insights gained might even help you to consider better directions, approaches, and strategies altogether. The overview and insights I can provide for you can help you to realize more authentic dreams and to achieve greater or at least more fulfilling accomplishments than you are currently dreaming, hoping, and planning to realize.