Travel and Relocation

Travel and Relocation

When, where, why, and why not?

When is the best time to move or travel and where is the best place to go? The answers could be worth a lot. Life does not always seem to align with our chosen timing, but sometimes it does and we have the opportunity to plan ahead and choose a specific time window that is in alignment with yours and your family’s destiny rhythms.

Do you have the need or desire to move to a completely new location? Perhaps you have a job contract overseas for a year. Or perhaps you are just going south for the winter. Or are you looking to travel and would like to see if the location(s) and timing are favorable?

There are many reasons why you might want to move and/or travel and you probably have a lot to consider, especially if you are going for a prolonged period, or for good.

Moving is a lot of work and expensive. It is also stressful and uncertainty regarding timing and location are the two main factors. Moving, especially if far away can produce a lot anxiety and even depression. Having to say goodbye to family and friends and to tear-up roots and move to an unfamiliar country or city may also include adjusting to a different language, culture, or lifestyle.

If you are interested in or planning a move or travel, knowing what to expect in the new location could be a big help. This insight can save you a lot of money, stress, grief and sorrow.

You know how much it costs to travel, let alone move altogether. Imagine, for a very small investment you can proceed with confidence and know when is the best time.

Are you aware that beyond the obvious that each and every place is distinct, we each have our own unique relationship to any given location? Traditionally, this astrological technique is called Local Space Astrology. It is also referred to a Relocation Astrology.

Another adaptation of these is called Astrocartography. Each of these techniques share the same objective which is that they show basically what kind of experiences you will have in any given location.

What this means is that a chart can be cast for any location in the world for any person, as though they were born at that place. Each person has different experiences, opportunities and challenges in different localities. Each location has a way of bringing out a different side of you. It works by looking at the planets in your Birth Chart in relationship to any other location you want insight about.

The Relocation Chart or Astrocartography map does not replace your Natal Chart, which hosts your actual place of birth and time. It simply offers a unique perspective on how you will fair at that location. Based on the change of longitude and latitude and the change of time linked to the time zone if you travel far enough east or west, it reveals how that location will work for you in terms of relationships, career, family and health, and opportunity, primarily.

It also extends into other consideration like your social network, cultural and spiritual considerations and just generally how you are likely to enjoy or not, prosper or not, be healthy and happy or less so and so on… Of course, this applies to and your family members, as well.

So, where you move or travel to and when does matter and in a variety of ways. There are underlying influences beyond the obvious, which includes all the social, economic and political realities of a new location.

With the profound lenses of Astrology and Numerology, I can help you better understand what you can expect to experience in that location .