Take a look back at the transformational year of 2021, and the astrological aspects that synchronized with this revolutionary year.

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As predicted, 2020 began with and ends with a bang and was destined to be a potent, turning point year with many ups and downs, and major power plays. Well, that all happened and here we are. But in light of what is destined in 2021, in retrospect, 2020 will compare as the little sister to the big brother revolution coming. 2020 set the stage, like a rehearsal in some respects… now get ready for the real events.

2021 begins in the context of the Total Solar Eclipse that occurred on December 14th at 23 Sagittarius 08, the last eclipse of the decade. Unfortunately, its portents reveal law yielding to authority, meaning that lawful actions by authorities could well be replaced with brute, tactical force. Yet, it is not the only factor, just a key player on the board. This will not be easy for anyone, governments as well, but both sides will stand strong. Opinions will remain very mixed throughout 2021, especially regarding the vaccine with experimental mRNA technology, potentially causing many adverse reactions and deaths. There will be rebellion and fighting, but it will come up against severe government and military power and authority, more in some places than others. Since the influence of a Solar Eclipse continues until the next one, which occurs on June 10th, it will be active long enough to prove very influential.

The June 10th Solar Eclipse also reveals continued aggressive measures by authorities, yet these will be countered with force and strategic intelligence. It will serve to activate a whole new quality of spirituality by those opposed to the aggressive enforcement by governments, under a banner of rebellion. A disrupted economy could well amount to food supplies becoming scarce and/or expensive.

Interestingly, Jupiter will travel through Aquarius quickly (it entered December 19th, 2020) and by mid-May, it will enter Pisces. Yet due to it turning retrograde on June 20th, (yes, right on Summer Solstice), it will re-enter back into Aquarius on July 29th, retreat back to 22 Pisces by mid-October, and be at 28 Aquarius 38 on Winter Solstice 2021, and will be at 0 Pisces 32 by the time New Year 2022 occurs. This activity will have a spiritual awakening effect. Yet, with Neptune in Pisces, the likelihood of attempts at mass deception will also likely continue.

Winter Solstice of 2020, ‘nature’s New Year’, is the next major event that provides the contextual themes that will unfold over the course of 2021. By now you are probably aware of the historical and epic conjunction that occurred on December 21st, 2020 between Jupiter and Saturn and just how significant this event was. It represents the next significant installment of the Age of Aquarius, which officially began in the early 1990s. Given that an Age is 2,160 years, if we were to encompass the entire cycle into 1-Day, this event occurred about 6:15 am, (where dawn = 6:00 am). So, it can be said to be when the caffeine kicks-in… A Moon Neptune conjunction in the Winter Solstice Chart suggests that many will remain in a trance due to media propaganda, yet many  people will steadily awaken as an underground ‘truth movement’ steadily grows due to the powerful, contributing influences of Aquarius.

It should also be noted, that while conjunction aspects are deemed the most powerful in Astrology, linked to what can be described as ‘explosive new beginnings’, they mark the beginning of a new cycle that lasts for the duration of the two-planet cycle involved in the conjunction. In this case with Jupiter and Saturn, it is just shy of 20 years. That said, the explosive metaphor does usually come with aftershocks that can linger for many months.

The chart for January 1st, 2021 symbolizes a mass awakening stemming from the alternative media, indicated by Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius and Venus in Sagittarius conjunct the Lunar South Node.

The role of Venus in Sagittarius will be to not let go of its principles and ethics-driven determination.

Mars in Aries and Uranus in Taurus at the apex point of a T-Square stemming from a Full Moon in Leo on New Year’s Eve and the Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius conjunction will likely manifest as rebellion and violence in the streets.

The Leo Full Moon, albeit just shy of two days after the fact, is suggestive of deepening rifts between various factions. These may be generally summarized as revolutionaries versus the establishment. It should be noted that destiny and truth will always win in the end, but not necessarily quickly and easily. So, if the ‘establishment’ has arrived at a place of stagnation and corruption, it will eventually be replaced. How long this will take is another matter.

So, Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 0 Aquarius 38 was indeed big news for late 2020, and the ramifications of it will continue throughout 2021. Most noticeably, and since it is the beginning of a 20-year cycle, the revolutionary themes will linger on for years, actually, peaking at the squares and opposition dates in about 5, 10, and 15 years hence. As well, it constitutes the beginning of an entirely new era of 220 years, so 2021 is the blast-off or birthing process, both of which are quite dramatic events.

In close alignment with this major turning point, is a potent ‘upper square’ between Saturn and Jupiter (both in the ‘Fixed Signs’ of Aquarius), and Uranus (in Taurus), making these signs and this ‘modality’ a central theme. (There are 3 modalities, Cardinal = initiating, Fixed = establishing, and mutable = completing.) Ironically, ‘Fixed’ sounds like it is ‘stabilizing’, yet due to the square, it is better understood as changes with a lot of weight and gravity, like an earthquake! The exact dates for each of the exact squares in 2021 are February 17th, June 14th and December 24th, due to the planets turning retrograde. Thus, the massive turning points of change they imply will encompass the entire year.

The days leading up to and following each of these events will prove especially eventful and intense as well, in terms of peak periods. Yet, due to the fact that both Saturn and Uranus move relatively slowly, they will remain ‘within orb of influence’ through to mid-July then again in December (3-degrees at most which mean the influence is active but not so intensely compared to within 1-degree and the peak moments are when the aspect is within 12 minutes, with 60 minutes in 1-degree).

The basic thing to know is that the Fixed Signs can be described as having the most gravity or weight and planets in square (= forming a 90-degree angle) can be described as ‘squaring-off’, so it can also be compared to a heavyweight kickboxing match, yet without rules. Of course, this is a gentle metaphor compared to confrontations with weapons… Moreover, because Saturn and Uranus are involved, we can expect nothing short of a revolution with many fronts against the status quo. These are destined events, and represent major turning points when mini-ages, like the Romantic and Victorian…, give way to the new.

Generally, any of these planets making ‘hard aspects’ to Saturn (e.g. Conjunction, Square and Opposition) implies the stresses of delay, restriction, weighted limitation, and hard work. Either a Square or an Opposition by any other planet to Uranus is unstable and chaotic with unexpected events often experienced as ‘coming from left field’. So, in context to the lingering tensions of the Saturn/Uranus Square, aspect patterns made by these faster moving planets will also assume more gravity than would normally be true. Expect things to swing wildly and rather chaotically.

So, Fixed Sign Squares and T-Squares are the other big theme in 2021 and these are among the most powerful and charged aspects of all in Astrology! The T-square aspect pattern mentioned will occur when the faster moving planets, (Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Moon) also, form Square aspects or ‘Opposition aspects’ (180-degrees) to both Saturn and Uranus.

The Retrograde Periods

Starting in mid-January, all the planets will be direct. Mercury will turn retrograde for its tri-annual 3-week retrograde cycle on January 26th (until Feb. 21st), and aside from that, all planets are direct until late April.

Then retrogrades are as follows: starting with Pluto on April 27th, followed by Saturn on May 24thMercury again on May 11th , completing its second round just a day before Jupiter turns retrograde on June 21st (Summer Solstice), then Neptune on June 26thChiron on July 26th, and finally Uranus on August 21st. Then, Mercury will again turn retrograde on September 28th (until Oct. 16th). During which time on October 7th and 9thPluto and Saturn respectively turn direct again. Not to be left out, Venus will turn retrograde on December 20th to begin 2022.

Mars will not be retrograde in 2021.

Interpreting the influence of retrogrades is often complex. The main thing to understand is that when planets are direct, matters tend to move quickly and in a more matter-of-fact manner.

The aspects of the planets are complex and intense early on in 2021, without the influence of retrogrades which tend to operate in a counter-culture or trend-busting fashion. This momentum began even prior to the start of 2021 due to the Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction. Then Mars conjunct Uranus, starting in early January and following through to March, will really carve a deep trench, like a large herd of buffalo charging.

So, altogether the bigger thrust of these energies starts early and carries on for the first half of the year. Then just as it might seem that things are beginning to settle down for a while, the retrograde planets will begin to roll-out, starting in mid-spring through to late September. These may well amount to countermeasures of what occurred in the first half of the year…

The Mars Factor in 2021

Regarding the influence of the faster moving planets, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Moon, and Mars, Mars is the most potent due to the fact that it is the furthest away from the Sun, thus the slowest moving. In the ‘grammar of Astrology’, Mars – the planet of action, assertion, aggression, and war, is the ‘verb’ in the sentence.

Especially in 2021, it is when Mars is in one of the Fixed Signs, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio activating the Saturn/Uranus Square into T-squares, or when Mars aligns to form a conjunction with Uranus on January 20 it will be ‘supercharged’, as though it is on steroids. So, Mars will form a Conjunction to Uranus early in the year – coming into orb by January 15th with the exact conjunction on January 20ththe day of the Inauguration of the President of the United States!

On January 21st, the Moon will also form a Conjunction to Mars and Uranus which will ignite governments seizing the opportunity to assert control, due to Venus, the ruling planet for Taurus in Capricorn, the sign of government. It will also form a Square to Jupiter on January 22nd which will inflate the expression, also indirectly activating the 3 other planets in revolutionary, rights, and freedom-oriented Aquarius, including the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn.

Altogether, given the chart as a whole, this is a recipe for revolution and possibly war!

By Spring EquinoxMars will be forming a harmonious trine to Jupiter and Saturn, so it will support a smoother period.

Yet, the other big events and dates for Mars begins with an Opposition to Pluto on June 5th (with the Moon in Aries at the apex of a T-Square), which will prove reactive and possibly explosive. At that time, Mars will be in Cancer which is generally a challenging aspect. In its more positive expression, it is suggestive of a renovation process, which is certainly edgy and aggressive, yet productive.

The Conjunction of Mars and Pluto, or the ‘seed event of the cycle’, occurred back on March 23rd, 2020, (when COVID-19 was really beginning to accelerate), in Capricorn with Jupiter closely conjunct, leading to the advent of unprecedented government control with the lockdowns beginning in April. Interestingly, Saturn at that time just so happens to have been in Aquarius for a short time before retrograding back into Capricorn (March 22 – July 2).

So, this Opposition of Mars and Pluto mentioned above on June 5th will bring that same, unpredictable rebellious factor that Aquarius symbolizes to the fore.

The synchronicity of that time period in 2020 was expressed with ‘citizen journalists’ calling out the entire pandemic as fabricated and intentional. Still to this day, those who strictly adhere to mainstream media are unaware of this or have dismissed it as a ‘conspiracy theory’, (the easy dismissal buzz word that reveals a large portion of the population being told as opposed to doing research). As it is, this Opposition on June 5th will consequently ignite emotionally charged and aggressive ‘opposition’ to government authority.

Just weeks later coming to its first peak, Mars (in Leo) will contribute to a T-Square with Uranus, at the apex point of Mars opposing Saturn (in Aquarius) on July 1st (Canada Day), and forming an exact Square to Uranus on July 4th (Independence Day). This will invariably produce very patriotic sentiments colored by high emotions linked to religious and spiritual convictions due, in part, to the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces.

After this epic peak period, things will ease off regarding the activations of Mars until October 22nd that is, when Mars in Libra by this time will form its final ‘Upper Square’ to Pluto with the Sun entering Scorpio the following day.

Then, on November 11th, Mars (having entered Scorpio) will first form a Square to Saturn and then follow-up with an Opposition to Uranus by November 18th. At the apex point will be the mid-point between Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. This will activate more a revolutionary mood and possibly some eventful episodes due to the Square earlier in the month that will reveal the resolve of the rebels to resound their vigilant determination to not tolerate oppositional mischief of any kind.

A few weeks later, encompassing the first week of DecemberMars (still in Scorpio) will form its last Opposition to Jupiter (in Aquarius), and within days following will form a Conjunction with the Moon’s South Node (in Sagittarius), which will effectively seal the deal in terms of this revolutionary resolve.

The year 2021 ends with the final Square between Saturn and Uranus on December 24th, and carries through within 1-degree of orb until January 1st, 2022. By the year’s end, Mars will be Sagittarius, and Jupiter will be in Pisces (to begin its 1-year cycle through Pisces), which will anchor the activities of 2021 with a religious fervor that will not tolerate any form of heretical attitudes and behavior.

Predictions of the Unexpected and Sudden Events Linked to Uranus

In terms of larger outcomes in 2021, the Uranus/Aquarius common denominator implies that usual interpretations will be turned inside out.

For example, the rebels could be focused to re-establish certain long-standing institutions and traditions, while those who oppose them actually want change. The likely outcome, therefore, stands to be something else in between. As well, regarding the implications of ‘the Great Economic Reset’ we’re all hearing about, it will probably not go as some have planned, although it will happen. Either way, due to the gravity of the themes implied, new leaders and norms will rise and icons and Titans alike will fall.

Again, the role of the ‘upper square’ is itself full of surprises due to change coming from external forces that are not easily predicted. Looking back to the actual conjunction of Saturn and Uranus or seed event of the cycle, we have to go back to February 13, 1988. In alignment with the current state of affairs, the chart for that event also reveals powerful revolutionary themes with Saturn and Uranus conjunct at the critical 29th degree of Sagittarius, with Jupiter in impulsive and punchy Aries and the Sun was closely aligned with Mercury in Aquarius.

Interestingly, the Sabian Symbols involved with the conjunction reads as follows:

“The Need to pay homage to traditional values which the Invisible Community of the spirit is built.”

Followed by this one which reveals the focus and direction of the above:

“The power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership.”

While it should be noted that the focus of a Horoscope is not upon any specific person or legal entity, (like a country, state, province, city, company or official organization), given the scale and magnitude of importance of what is going on in the USA, it appears that the revolution points directly at the preservation of the U.S. Constitution.

This will likely be true in other countries as well, but the events in the USA may well prove to take the lead. Thus, the results of what happens there will influence what happens elsewhere. So, while the march is forward, the battle will be to preserve what is important so that moving forward occurs on stable and lawful grounds.

Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune will be in their own ruling signs this year. Saturn and Jupiter will be in their traditional signs, Aquarius and Pisces and Jupiter will only be there for less than two months. Yet, it will coincide with the Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10 which will serve to anchor the Piscean influence for the remainder of the year and throughout 2022, a promising possibility for mass spiritual awakening and just in time.

The Numerology of 2021

On a final note, 2021 is a Universal 5-Year, which is symbolic of change and of extremes, yet also of the desire for significant knowledge and wisdom.

Other keywords for the number 5 include: adventurous, alternative, non-conformist, non-traditional, disruptive, freedom-oriented, experiential, experimental, extroverted, impulsive, sensual, charismatic, social, adaptable, idiosyncratic, multi-faceted, versatile, and scattered.

The ruling planet for 5 is Mercury. The Sun and Mercury on Winter Solstice was ‘out-of-bounds’ in Capricorn and indicates high intelligence and strategic thinking by both governmental and all other ‘officially organized networks’ yet which will also likely manifest as extreme measures, true of the expression of out-of-bounds planets and, in this case, it is a conjunction of two which increases the potency exponentially.

Thus, navigating complex 2021 will prove both deeply challenging and at times exhilarating of us all, if also exhausting. 

I will help guide you through this tumultuous year in my weekly and monthly forecasts. As well, I will provide another longer update around the time of Summer Solstice as Part 2 to this one, so stay tuned.

Aries (Mar. 21 – Apr. 19)

In 2020, the focus was centered on career and power. The emphasis did begin to shift to the rest of your life, your social life specifically, and this will continue. Now, returns for past efforts have already begun to come in; hopefully, your efforts were aligned and integral. Your sights are set on a new future in a whole new way. Making efforts to increase your income or R.O.I. is featured. You will begin to push harder in this regard early in the year. While dreams do play a role, your focus will be much more fully on the here-and-now. Your friendships and associations in general are subject to significant change. You will increase your network where possible, yet could find true friendship harder to find, at times. A big focus on your home and family will begin in late April into July.

Taurus (Apr. 20 – May 20)

You will charge out of the gates early in 2021. Your pace will be determined yet possibly staggered to out-maneuver any opposition. This will lead you to aspire to power starting in late January, which might prove permanent, (the seeds of which already began in mid-December). If you gain authority, you will demand unwavering allegiance from those who follow your lead. In many respects, this will feel like “your time” and you fully intend to claim what you deem yours. ‘Forward’ has been your mantra since early 2020 and it will continue in 2021, and it means do not look back. Your energy levels will remain high. Your greatest assertion period stands to be in late April, “Taurus time”, through mid-June. Your energy levels will not only be running high, they will be fueled with emotional resolve.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Somehow, you have emerged from 2020 transformed. You are not what you were a few years ago, and outer circumstances have changed as well. Positively, you have become more assertive and determined; a momentum likely to continue. Now, you see a higher truth and vision. While committed, something is also dissolving and this may amount to certain dreams and ideals. Yet, you will not yield without a fight. This is especially true if you feel you have something to fight for. Otherwise, you may choose to slip away somehow to meditate upon higher truths. Either way, you will direct your energies to activities behind the scenes early on. Yet, others will keep you focused on what is important. Appeals to your sense of ethics and justice will be strong gaining momentum progressively.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Big changes are in store in 2021, and the year begins with this theme underway. These changes could manifest as both your personal values and your creative resolve. A revolutionary impulse is strong as 2021 begins leading you to assert yourself to lay claim to earned rights and rewards. By mid-spring, your thoughts will turn to nurture a deeper sense of spirituality which will continue through 2022. Yet, generally, you may feel pushed by the crowd to yield, accept, and adapt. Positively, this will lead you even further into a creative focus. You will feel guided and inspired to dig deep to access new levels of originality. By mid-spring, this inner work process will yield to an assertive resolve with an emphasis on beauty. Integrity and power will be a guiding force all year, but deciphering what each actually is will be the challenge.

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

A whole new level of commitment to building for your future and improving upon existing projects, skills, and talents is featured in 2021. This refinement process will likely also be directed to your own personal growth in support of this resolve. You will continue to reach out to meet new friends and perhaps business partners and to expand your overall scope of connection and influence in the world. This process will come with changes in your career and public life. Whatever happens, trust they will be for the better and focus to break through prior limitations. You may be surprised at just how powerful and big these breakthroughs stand to be. Work with the process by expanding within to match what is occurring without. Mid-spring through early summer will prove extra transformational.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sep. 22)

A complex year is in store for us all, and for you, it will center on preparing to increase your outreach to the world. You will actually get a sneak preview of this in late spring into July. Yet, the preparation process is meant to occur all year. ‘Creativity’ is a keyword and part of the challenge includes taking authority over unclaimed creative prowess. This will require clarity of focus and inner and outer work. Be ready to face your fears to expand and become more fully you. Technical knowledge will likely be required. You will begin to push early in the year, and your determination and power will grow progressively. May through July will prove especially revolutionary and expansive as you dig deep to lay claim to your true talent and ability. Get clear early to dig deep to access the full scope of your power to share with the world.

Libra (Sep. 23 – Oct. 22)

Establishing a more solid based on your creative power and abilities are highlighted in 2021. The going may not be fast, but it will be sure. You may, however, have to contend with a healing process and you are probably wise to take this quite seriously. In fact, the bigger event will be in 2022 and you may get a taste about a third to mid-way through the year. So, the sooner you can get going with cleansing, boosting your immune system, and raising your overall vibration, the better. This process includes learning as well, and not just being told what you need and what to do. Be open to understanding yourself and your needs better, and aim for self-honesty to see blind spots and negative attitudes and behavior patterns. A patient and realistic vision and approach for the longer-term is the key.

 Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Some years push us to dig deeper than others, and this will be one of them for you. The good news is that you will likely strike gold and this will boost your confidence levels. The biggest challenge may be deciphering which skills and talents to focus on first. Yet, there is also the possibility that given the choice, you will take the lower, easy road, to passively settle for less. Make efforts to avoid this as the higher, if harder road, will bring greater rewards all around. The overall process will bring about changes on relationship fronts. This could also apply to your career. This will become increasingly evident by mid-February. In some respects, the change could occur right away while in others, drag on all year. Either way, it is important that are willing to face your fears and take risks to lay claim to what you truly want.

 Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will have the effects of awakening you to a whole new scope of awareness. Themes of freedom, truth and justice will become much more pronounced. The biggest challenge will be connecting the dots accurately of the multifarious knowledge you will feel excited and determined to learn. This learning curve will extend into 2023, so you have time. In the short-term, it may feel like you were in a dark room and now suddenly all the lights are on. You will likely get to work early in the year, and it will be learning at times, which may include ‘un-learning’ what you previously understood or believed. This will transition into a process of heated discussion and debate by March and you will dig even deeper in May. These changes will also influence the very way you live.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

2021 will be a year of both consolidation and expansion for you. The emphasis will be upon making every effort count. ‘Investment’ is a keyword and applies to both energy output and finances. You will push to break through any existing barriers. Your pace will prove revolutionary, guided by a determined resolve. Supported by a vision of service, your goal is to bring your dreams into reality. The challenge will be confronting whether your interpretation of reality is realistic or idealistic. You may also have to contend with attachments and a refusal to heed the wisdom of others. Positively, you will awaken to what is real and what is wishful thinking. Negatively, your actions may seem reckless and out of control. Be open to discussion and make efforts to adjust to being more realistic.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

2021 will prove to be an expansive year for you. Yet, it will also be a busy one that will require patience, discipline, and diligence. Some of the focus will be directed to your home and family as changes roll-in that require your direct attention. Translating challenges into goals and the prospect of realizing dreams will spur you on and sharpen your focus. This will be a central theme until March. Then your focus will turn to new and more creative projects. By now, you may notice that you are and have been, taking pioneering leads and this will continue. The only concern is that you could be charging ahead without a clear direction. The time is right to get clear on your dreams and goals and to make extra efforts to outline a realistic plan. Circumstances early on will push you, so accept them as the gifts they are.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – Mar. 20)

You have entered a cycle in your life when it is time to bring many things to completion. Finishing projects, clearing debt, following through with any and all initiatives not yet accomplished, will prove empowering. This will be an important focus through to May especially, then could pause until August and resume again. In that interim, you will be inspired to venture out and enter uncharted territory. However, this will probably not be the best year to start projects. Make a big list of all the things that you have yet to complete. If you do not have items on such a list, it might prove more worthwhile to direct your energies and focus to work with or help others with their projects, problems, dreams, and goals. Also, be willing to let go of what was started or acquired, but which no longer truly inspires you.