Introduction to Numerology - Numbers By Nature

Numerology is an ancient art and science which spans many advanced cultures and traditions. The reasons for this are simply… natural.

Throughout nature, we see woven into the shape and design of everything from plants, flowers, minerals, animals, and even celestial objects that reveal numbers. How much logic is required to observe flowers with 3, 4, 5, or 6 petals and to recognize the differences? Of course, this perspective extends throughout nature and constitutes the foundations of patterns and categories. At more sophisticated levels we can measure cycles and in doing so, we also derive numbers by their very circular motion, duration, and division.

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Generally, numbers and their various uses and properties are given to mathematics. By extension, numbers are directly linked to geometry. In fact, it can be easily and clearly illustrated that numbers originate in shapes or geometries, which in turn gave rise to the arduous endeavors of mathematics to measure them and, thereby, formulate systems of mathematical computation for practical purposes such as to emulate nature for the sake of design and engineering. In short, mathematics gave rise to technology and to the rise of civilization, yet it comes from the many shapes of the natural world.

Shifting back from the concrete to the abstract, numbers are used symbolically and therefore are representations or, more accurately, are recognized as signs, principals, and symbols. A symbol is much richer, multilayered, and more complex than a mere sign, and exploring them further reveals their deeper meaning and function such as the logic of sequential order. As sophisticated as signs alone may be, they are meant to be much more simply interpreted again for practical purposes, while symbols both offer and require much deeper investigation revealing many layers of possible interpretation. This is true of the 10 Primary Numbers when understood as the symbols or archetypal principles that they represent.

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This is a hint at the essential quality of numbers which is the basis of Numerology. Numbers can basically be understood as symbols that represent qualities, quantities, sequences, designations, and codes. Numbers are used, therefore, to not only illustrate shapes, images, and designs but to determine practical facts of all sorts.

In the case of codes, we use number series to secure, fasten and/or open doors or locks. A safe requiring a special sequence of numbers and turns is a classic example.  Serial numbers and license plates can be seen as codes but more specifically they designate or categorize everything and anything from items to people. Organization and filing also makes use of numbers as code and designation where 1 comes before 2, then 3 and so on and this use more specifically refers to sequences. For the sake of simplicity when codifying or using numbers for designation, letters are sometimes added. Quantities and amounts based on measurements also represent common, widely diverse, and practical uses of numbers. This is where we count or do our accounting using numbers based on size and dimension which include weight and proportion.

As well, we can measure frequency, vibration, tone and pitch and so on which are not strictly physical or material, but which can be understood to represent quantities. Sound and music are obvious examples. However, this type of measurement also indicates a point of departure from the use of numbers from material to psychological and even spiritual. In this respect, numbers are best understood to represent qualities, and this is where the concepts of symbols and archetypes come to the fore.

As qualities, numbers can be seen to represent a distinct character. This is in part linked to the sequence that they logically illustrate. Yet, the quality of a number, in the sense of symbols and archetypes, even transcends this sequential, logical perspective and the unique and special characteristics of numbers again as symbols and archetypes are understood by association. Shapes are principle among these.

That each number corresponds to the symbolic characteristics of planets illustrates the close association shared between Astrology and Numerology.

The letters in the alphabet have also been measured to possess certain qualities represented by numbers and this is commonly understood as Numerology. This represents one of the two main branches of the practical application of Numerology. This can basically be understood as “Name Numerology”. The other core feature of Numerology is based on dates, most specifically ‘birth dates’. This can basically be understood as “Birthday Numerology”. Both comprise the basis of Numerology and can and do interweave and work closely together for the sake of determining character strengths and challenges and for measuring and understanding the various stages of the cycles of life.

It is worth re-emphasizing that there are only 10 pure numbers, and these are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0. These symbols are not themselves so much found in nature, save for numerals 1 and 0, which most closely approximate shapes, which we can and do see virtually everywhere. The remaining numbers require other obvious levels of logical induction and deduction. For example, a line can be interpreted as singular, yet has two ends or poles. The four of a square, reveal itself quickly yet we seldom see squares in nature, so the square reveals a form of sophistication, design, and the foundations of more elaborate technologies. Three is a number that reveals processes as with a parent creating a child, thus it carries an inherently spiritual meaning, beyond the obvious of observing 3 mountain peaks, for example. Also, in the case of a line, the two ends reveal that ‘from the one comes the two, and the mid-point between them represents a third point, revealing another aspect of intellectual analysis.

From the above, it may be concluded that numbers are derived from shapes. Yet, it may perceptively be asked: what are shapes or where are they derived from? Herein lies the beginning of the mystery, mysticism, magic and yes, the science of numbers. Regarding shapes from which number symbols are derived, the term ‘archetype’ is used. This key term points to an important concept which is suggestive of an innate intelligence woven into the fabric, within or essentially ‘behind’ the outer manifestation of shapes. What is even more interesting and exciting is that shapes are derived from sounds. The real mysticism, here, is the entire manifest universe of comprised of shape and form. The deeper mystery is that the notion that the sound emerges from higher, inner dimensions. This is the conviction of ancient, advanced cultures and the high-minded individuals that lived in them.


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