Recently, people the world over celebrated to the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Tropical Aries (in the constellation of Pisces). This lovely spectacle remains visible in various places. This annual event is special and does indeed hold significance in terms of the new cycle it represents.

Seeing the visual without understanding that it marks a new cycle is the first fact to understand. What was not popularly acknowledged is that both Venus and Jupiter were also closely aligned with Chiron, forming a very close and rare’ triple conjunction’. The third significant event in this dynamic trio is that Jupiter is conjunct Chiron in Aries today, March 12, 2023, at 6:54 am GMT positioned at 12 Aries 26 (in the Tropical Zodiac = Western Astrology).

The fact that each of these conjunctions constitutes new cycles all sharing close association and the meaning of the synchronicities or outer manifestations that they produce is the main focus of this article. Admittedly, some of the information outlined could prove a little too detailed for some, but mostly in terms of key turning points in the coming months.

My goal is that your main takeaway will be the understanding that this rare and significant triple conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron activated some important seeds of destiny regarding the future of health, healing, and medicine, in general. In the inner reaches of the conjunctions are themes of destiny that refer to a whole new level of self-responsibility regarding health. The emphasis of Virgo hidden within the Jupiter/Chiron conjunction especially refers to new lifestyle orientations which will effectively shift the focus on living healthily and wholesomely to a whole new level of intelligence. As it is, too many people continue to be oblivious, irresponsible, and negligent regarding nutrition and that ‘food is the best medicine, the consequences of which have emerged as a collective liability. This liability is linked to our susceptibility to profit-driven attitudes in the field of medicine which have effectively eroded the attitude of modern medicine. This should be obvious simply by virtue of the fact that despite all our many technological advances, so many people are so utterly unhealthy and obesity, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and so on have achieved unprecedented levels respective to the ratio of the human population.

In short, the time has come to take back our power regarding health lest we naively leave it in the hands of profit-driven ambitions. Even regarding viruses achieving pandemic levels, we need to understand that our own immune system is our best defense. The duration of the Jupiter/Chiron cycle is about 14 years and it begins now. Among the main themes of focus is the quality of the soil in which our foods are grown, which implies redirecting our focus to the very ground and soils of the world. The fact that Chiron was in the sign of Taurus, the sign of soils, in the discovery chart for it is testimony to this theme of focus. Fortunately, this trend has already begun but it remains in its relatively grassroots stages in regard to the global community as a whole. As humble as this focus may sound, it should be quite evident that the soils that our foods grow in our foundational to our individual health and well-being, both literally and figuratively. By turning our attention to respecting the very soils of the earth and learning what boosts them and what depletes them, we will come to a new appreciation of what constitutes some of our most important priorities.

This link is one example of where you can learn more about soil.

It should also be noted that this focus on soil, as important as it is, is just one example of other expressions of what constitutes foundational priorities. This extends to other foundational realities as well including personal wealth, basic rights, and freedoms as individual human beings and the laws that govern them. In short, governance is meant to be a service and not a justification for tyranny. This is a core theme of the Age of Aquarius and one that humanity will have to learn and achieve collectively. After all, realities like tyranny limit us all and slavery enslaves us all.


Before I provide some interpretation, let’s take a brief, closer look at Chiron itself.

Chiron – the Wounded Healer

Named after the wisest among the Centaurs in Greek Mythology, which is said to be associated with the constellation of Sagittarius, Chiron is technically deemed a comet, yet remains finally ‘un-classified’ due to some debate whether it is a comet, a rogue asteroid, a minor planet or a planetoid, which is characteristic of its ‘maverick’ reputation. A small body only 200 km across, Chiron was discovered on October 18, 1977 by astronomer Charles Kowal becoming the first of a new classification of objects deemed ‘Centaurs’ which are generally recognized as comets in orbit between the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt. Chiron’s orbit is between Saturn and Uranus, yet due to its erratic, unstable and highly elliptical 50.45-year orbit, it travels outside the orbit of Uranus for a brief period while transiting through Aries, the sign is which it recently achieves its aphelion, or further distance from the Sun, in May 2021.

Astronomical facts aside, in Astrology Chiron is deemed the ‘wounded healer’. Its influence indicates some form of wound which is associated with a process of healing focus, usually by necessity. It should also be noted that the key to healing the wound includes orientations to healing others of the specifics of the wound or injury. This is a complex theme that requires further study to better understand.

Any planet in Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, is symbolic of a whole new dynamic that is established over the course of its transit until it enters Taurus when the germination process really begins to take root. Conjunctions between planets that occur in Aries add a whole other level of emphasis, the destined themes of which are ignited especially until the next conjunction of those two planets.


When in Aries, Chiron basically implies themes associated with healing of identity and authenticity, both themes of which are closely associated with Aries. I will elaborate on this very significant theme further below when I offer an interpretation of Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries.

Chiron entered Aries in February 2019 and will remain in Aries until it makes its initial entry into Taurus on April 14, 2027. Carefully consider these dates in light of recent events that impacted the entire human population and changed the world forever, along with unfolding current realities in this regard since Chiron entered Aries.  

Beyond the impressive perspective of the triple conjunction between Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron in the exactitudes of conjunctions, here is the specific breakdown:

Venus first formed an exact conjunction with Jupiter on March 2 at 5:35:51 am GMT at 12 Aries 08.

Venus then formed a conjunction with Chiron on March 3 at 5:47:51 pm GMT at 13 Aries 59.

The next time Venus forms a conjunction with Chiron is April 21, 2024, and the next time Venus will form a conjunction with Jupiter is May 23, 2024. Both of these dates mark the end of these current cycles. So, the emphasis on these themes will prove especially significant over this time period with key turning points as outlined here below in the section entitled “The Venus Factor”.

Due especially to Chiron’s highly elliptical orbit, the interval of conjunctions between Jupiter and Chiron is not consistent and can range from about 13 to 20 years. For example, the previous conjunctions of Chiron and Jupiter occurred on May 23, 2009 at 26 Aquarius 12. Prior to that, the date was June 17, 1990 at 16 Cancer 12. Even earlier than that was March 4, 1976 at 25 Aries 10. The next few will occur on July 22, 2036 at 16 Gemini 36, then on March 28, 2056 at 6 Gemini 20. If you count the years between these conjunctions, the list above should suffice to make the point about the irregular time intervals.

What is most significant currently is the fact that Chiron in its approximate 50-year orbit spends the most time in Aries, where it is currently and has been since February 18, 2019…

Now let’s take a closer look at what these current conjunctions imply.

The Venus Factor

First, the consecutive events regarding Venus conjunct Jupiter and Chiron and the respective approximate 13.5 and 15-month cycles that they initiated mean, holds both general and personal significance. Because both Jupiter and Chiron are the slower-moving planets regarding Venus, they hold the common denominator of influence, so to speak.

Basically and generally, according to my interpretation, the Venus/Jupiter in Aries conjunction indicates new realizations and changes in attitudes regarding our personal welfare and facts and truths regarding health, nutrition and medicine in general achieving social and political themes of revolution.

This is largely indicated by the insightful Mercury/Saturn conjunction in the late degrees of political and social revolutionary Aquarius in the whole chart cast for the exact moment of the conjunction.

Key dates which will reveal these subsequent key events, developments and turning points for the Venus/Jupiter conjunction are June 11, 2023 when Venus in Leo forms an edgy and aggressive waxing square to Jupiter which will have entered Taurus by mid-May. Despite the fact that Jupiter will no longer be in Aries, the conjunction is the ‘seed event’ and the chart cast for that moment reveals the many details of destiny associated with it.

Venus will form a second waxing square to Jupiter on September 17, due to turning retrograde for six weeks on July 22, which generally reveals the importance of the conjunction in the larger evolutionary scheme of things. Then on December 10th, 2023 Venus in Scorpio opposes Jupiter weaving more complex economic factors and considerations into the equation. The final waning square occurs on February 25th when Venus is in Aquarius and conjunct Mars suggestive of yet another revolutionary round this time represented by a whole new impulse of solidarity due to both planets form conjunctions to Pluto on February 14 and 17 with Pluto at the critical and alpha (= new beginnings) 0 degree of Aquarius.

Interestingly, the Venus/Chiron conjunction that occurred almost exactly 1.5 days after, did so with Mercury having entered Pisces and Mars shifted from the Libra Decan of Gemini to that of Aquarius, the sign of illumination and awakening. Because Mercury is generally deemed weak while in Pisces, indicative of susceptibilities to personal, perceptual confusions and associated with outer influences. As opposed to rendering sound judgment based on a more conscious ability to think and rationalize, the general interpretation reveals denial, deception and cognitive dissonance both from within and without, implying influence from others or outer sources, such as the media, for example.

In short, the awakening linked to these contributing factors with Mercury in Pisces at a collective level reveals both the possibilities of mass deception and mass formation psychosis. With Mars in the Decan of Aquarius linked to Uranus, meanwhile, the ruling planet for Aquarius in Taurus at the time, one example of this mass deception can be observed with the sudden collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank in the United States which was apparently known by the executive staff who sold most of their shares leaving the burden of significant financial losses to multitudes who were essentially deceived, having not been warned.

Key dates for this developing theme include May 25 when Venus in Cancer forms the first waxing square to Chiron. With Pluto at 0 Aquarius, the Moon conjunct Mars in Leo and Neptune at the highest degree in Pisces, people will be pushing for answers but will be met likely with further denials and covers ups. In the bigger picture, it will all come down as just of many casualties on the road to the so-called ‘Great Economic Reset’.

It will take until November 22, 2023, before Venus finally culminates and opposes Chiron. With the Sun and Mercury being truth-oriented Sagittarius, some will still be pushing for answers, even if the whole story by this time amount to old news for most. As well, the likelihood of continued political cover-up is indicated.

February 4, 2024, is the date for the final waning square Between Venus and Chiron for this cycle with Venus in Capricorn. The initial theme of mass deception and the denial will not be so easy to pull off by this time due to a rapidly awakening and now much more skeptical and vigilant steadily growing demographic at the collective, social level.

The Jupiter Factor

As significant as these events and the cycles that they have activated are, it remains that Jupiter’s conjunction with Chiron on March 12, 2023, holds much more gravity at both collective and personal levels. Again, this is true due to the duration of the cycle which continues until their next conjunction which occurs on July 22, 2036!

The exact degree of the conjunction of Jupiter and Chiron is 14 Aries 26. This degree shares an association with Leo and Virgo and generally implies the beginnings of an awakening to the fact that we can no longer afford to leave the decision-making regarding our health to the powers that be. This has been progressively true over the years and has culminated in coercive measures by governments with disastrous results that have begun to come to awareness to a still largely unaware majority of people.

With the Moon at 16 Scorpio 14 at the exact moment of the conjunction, a core theme includes a transformational reaction by the masses. While a revolutionary response by those more vigilantly dedicated to truth is indicated, it also appears due to the significant influence of Pisces with Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune all loosely joined there, many will likely perpetuate various states of unawareness and denial. However, with Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron all still in Aries together, this marks a key turning point that will stimulate an already active grass-roots movement towards increasingly more knowledge regarding food, nutrition, and health.

Although the following dates extend well into the future, it may prove interesting to some to know when the key turning points regarding this overall process are destined to occur and they are as follows:

July 1, 2026, Jupiter forms its first square to Chiron while at 0 Leo 23 and Chiron at 0 Taurus 23.

November 9, 2029, Jupiter forms its first Opposition aspect to Chiron with both planets at 9 Scorpio and Taurus 53, respectively.

The final waning square occurs on March 6, 2033, with Chiron still in Taurus at 21 Taurus 48 and Jupiter at 21 Aquarius 48.


The overall impulse of this triple conjunction is serving to jumpstart a whole new level of awareness and awakening. The synchronicities of this process will become increasingly apparent to anyone genuinely paying attention. A pushback to government overreach the world over that has effectively and continues to mislead the masses by pushing us away from the land and soil is underway and the signs of it will become increasingly apparent over the coming weeks, as will the revolutionary pushback, especially with Pluto entering Aquarius on March 23, 2023.

Astrology can help you to consciously align with your destiny and authentic purpose to help steer you navigate these complex times. Learn about the many areas of your life that Astrology can help you with.