Happy Spring Equinox 2023!


This is also INTERNATIONAL ASTROLOGY DAY, which coincides with the first day of spring as the Sun enters Aries, the 1st Sign of the Zodiac to begin the ZODIACAL NEW YEAR!

In this Universal 7-Year and Universal 1-Month, themes of new beginnings are veritably screaming from the mountain peaks for the entire world to hear!

So, take your time to read this article slowly and well because we have arrived at a very significant turning point. So, please ‘share’ this article as much as you can, and thank you in advance for doing so.

The first emphasis is on the month of March, yet it certainly extends into April and May, especially in terms of Eclipse Season and Jupiter entering Taurus on May 16, contributing to a 5-planet gathering (stellium) in Taurus when the Moon enters the day after on May 17 ….leading to the auspicious Cazimi New Moon in Taurus on May 19.

Of particular note regarding March itself, by month’s end:

  • Saturn will have entered Pisces to begin a 3-year cycle,

  • Pluto will have entered Aquarius to enter a 20-year cycle,

  • and Mars will have entered Cancer, which occurs on March 23,

  • Add to this list the Triple conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron on March 12.

  • Venus subsequently entering its own ruling sign of Taurus on March 16

  • Mercury entering Aries on March 19

  • and the New Moon in Aries on March 21,

This should give you a sense of the power that is packed into this 1-Month.

As well, looking closer at the chart for the exact moment the Sun enters Aries marking Spring Equinox, it offers valuable clues about what is in store over the course of the Spring Season and it is destined to be a very powerful season indeed, so read on…!

The Spring Equinox Chart – the Push Forward and the Emphasis on Taurus

As a whole, the Spring Equinox Chart reveals a powerful push forward, indicated in part, by Mercury, Sun and Jupiter… all in Aries.

Mars is the ruling planet for Aries so it takes on added importance and it is in the final degrees of Gemini. Interestingly, the exact degree placement of Mercury includes an inner link to Taurus while that of Jupiter points to Libra, which is co-ruled by Venus and which is in Taurus. Even Chiron in its exact degree indicates links to Taurus, if through Mercury. These hidden connectors are features of a technical feature of interpretation called “Dispsitors”. I generally refer to the sum total of this influence as the ‘ghost in the machine’, but relax; it is a holy ghost subject to the holistic nature of Astrology J

Specifically, Mars in this placement shares hidden associations with both Venus and Uranus, both of which are in Taurus, the sign of personal values, possessions and money or wealth and of foundations, building and construction and farming.

So, in the most practical and outward or physically manifest sense, we can expect continued emphasis on the entire theme of the stability, or instability, of banks due to their association with personal wealth. 

In light of the reality that our basic necessities include food, clothing, and shelter, it should be quite clear how important is the emphasis on land, especially arable land, which also comes under the heading of Taurus. This is why I am highlighting the word Taurus so much, to send the clear message that the foundational themes that it represents are so significantly emphasized, even if the emphasis on it is, paradoxically, at least as much about new foundations, of some sort, emerging, as old ones dissolve. That these foundations refer to our core values and perhaps even our collective self-concepts, is part of the message.

Stepping back, it might be recognized that there are forces at play that seem to be intent on pushing people off their land, especially farmers. How we should interpret this is open to debate as to whether it reveals benevolent foresight or some form of mischief. In any case, the land and the soil are areas of focus that merit much more attention and, fortunately, that revolutionary push is very alive and active indeed. Since the Lunar North Node is also in Taurus, it adds a fresh twist of focus on people taking new and additional leads to meet the challenge of the changing times which includes new models of building homes and numerous ingenious and healthy strategies to grow food.

Meanwhile, Saturn is in Pisces

Ironically, all the while with Saturn in Pisces, we can expect to see old structures and institutions steadily dissolving. This will prove true over the course of the entire 3-year period while it transits through the last and most mystical, illusive and incorporeal sign of the Zodiac. This is likely to prove especially true this Spring since Saturn is still at the first degree of Pisces which can be understood as the most prominent in terms of the themes of any sign. The exact degree of Neptune in this chart lends further evidence that the old world and ways are giving way to the new. The outer synchronicities of this process are already evident to those paying attention.  

The “Fall” Factor

Adding to this is Pluto entering Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.

I almost hate to say it, but both Pluto and Uranus are in their ‘fall’ signs, which, as the word suggests, presents added challenges.

These are destined to manifest as outer synchronicities. Already, the signs of dissolution and destruction of many aspects of our world are everywhere to be seen. While some may rationalize it all as ‘good’, many will not. The main point here is that we are in an accelerated period now and we will experience some powerful synchronicities that will continue to reveal this process already now and this Spring.

The Moon in the Equinox Chart

The Moon is ever an important factor and with it at the degree it is and in Pisces, in terms of the Spring Equinox Chart, it too conceals a hidden connection with Taurus.

Yet, there is reason to say that its manifestations will be mixed. At worst, it implies mass denial and challenges to feel secure. Positively, its position in relation to the Sun is also in the House of Pisces, the most psychic sign of the Zodiac.

The deeper story however is anchored in the Solar Eclipse coming up on Aril 19/20 at 29 Aries 50, but which aligns with the Fixed Star, Alrisha, in Pisces. That this New Moon Solar Eclipse will also form a very tight square aspect to Pluto, at 0 degrees Aquarius, is also very significant.

In accordance with the Universal 7-Year, the Moon in Pisces in the Spring Equinox Chart will produce what might be described as a psychic communion on a global scale! In other words, everyone on the planet will be involved, whether they know it or not, in manifesting some form of spiritual initiation.

The intrigue in this is to wonder if there will be some kind of event that will gain the attention of the entire world, and if so what might it be? Admittedly, Pisces is a mystical sign so this may occur on inner levels and will not be apparent, but we will know either way by the time of Summer Solstice. Positively, it will activate a powerful, spiritual orientation as many are moved to pray and commune with higher… realities in hopes of evoking divine support at this critical evolutionary juncture.

Now, the Aries New Moon on March 21 is the first of 2 with the second occurring on April 19 (or 20th for those in the Eastern Time Zone and most of the rest of the world.)  Most significant is the fact that this first one occurs at the critical, alpha degree of 0 Aries 50 and is comprised of a 5-planet stellium in Aries, so the impact should prove quite evident this week and over the next couple of weeks as the Moon waxes to Full on April 6 at 16 Libra 17.

The second New Moon on April 19/20, occurs at the critical omega degree of 29 Aries 50. The second of the two New Moons in Aries and is a Solar Eclipse at the critical 29th degree of Aries!

What is so interesting about this Solar Eclipse is that it will be exactly conjunct the Fixed Star, Alrisha.

What is so special about this Fixed Star is that it occupies the exact position of the knot that joins the cords that connect the two fish in the constellation of Pisces.

Pisces is a very large constellation, the largest of the 12 of the Zodiac, in fact, and Aries is the smallest, ironically. The basic symbolism of Alrisha (also spelled as Al Rischa) is, as the image suggests, a unifying factor serving to unite contrasting themes or principles.

Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces and both are symbolic of the oceans of the world. The contrast here is that the ocean can be interpreted as both deep and dreamy but also as stormy and violent and sometimes the shift from one to the other can occur quite suddenly, as with a tropical storm or an earthquake occurring at the ocean floor… The ocean is also symbolic of the collective consciousness of humanity, even if it is generally an unconscious theme for most people, save for those destined to enter the mystic waters of understanding and realization in a more conscious way. Neptune and Pisces together also symbolize the imagination and artistic expression reflective of mystical perspectives on reality.

As the sign of the disembodied soul, Pisces is directly associated with the Astral Dimension. This is where the entire theme and plot of this Spring season’s eclipses really comes to the fore.

Altogether, in my interpretation of these significant events and the powerful themes they host, humanity is destined to experience a spiritual initiation of some sort, an activation that may effectively amount to a ‘thinning of the veils’ between our 3rd-dimensional world and the 4th dimension that is the Astral. The main question is: will we merge with the higher or the lower levels of the astral?

*(Some may regard this dimension as the 4th and the Astral as the 5th, but the point remains, that all the indications are there that some measure of merger is about to occur…)

Looking Ahead

Adding to this powerful Solar Eclipse on April 19/20 is the fact that two weeks after it waxes to culminate as a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio! Moreover, the exact degree of this Lunar Eclipse on May 5th (Cinco De Mayo) is 14 Scorpio 58, or effectively 15 Scorpio. The 15th degree of all the Fixed Signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius which mark the mid-points or peak points of each season are recognized to be extra powerful!

Then, two weeks later, as mentioned above, the Taurus New Moon on May 19 is Cazimi, which means ‘in the heart of the Sun’. In other words, due to the fact that the Moon is in its apogee, (or further point away from the Earth in its elliptical orbit, while in its Full Phase), it can be understood to be centered in the Sun’s disc, all apparent from our perspective here on Earth.

So, something very significant is destined to happen this Spring. Whether this worldwide initiation process manifests in a peaceful or a violent manner, or both, if that is possible, remains to be seen. As well, whether it will have a higher or a lower vibration is yet another question. However, rest assured, something powerful and significant is brewing and it is poised to occur over the course of the next three months, or Spring season 2023 with special emphasis on late April and early May.


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