The complexities and potency of our changing times are emphasized in March 2023.  

While there are many areas of life to be aware of, and levels of awareness linked to many soul levels and archetypal types (which suggests that we should not be expected to be aware of various aspects of life, per se), I hope you will take the time to read this blog and digest it well to the extent of integration into your awareness for your own sake and that of others, if indirectly. Thoughts are ‘things’, actually, and they have a vibration. Thoughts referring to concepts and realizations are the building blocks of awareness and they do matter, and our awareness does count in terms of contributing to the welfare of the greater collective. 

Transitioning Aspects

At the time of this writing, on February 23, 2023, we are once again under the waxing light of the New Moon early in the Zodiacal sign month. This pattern can be traced back to Autumn Equinox 2022 when the New Moon occurred less than 3 days after the Sun entered Libra. As the rhythms of the cycles of destiny go, this pattern which continued ever since will ironically end with Aries, the sign of new beginnings, and the polar opposite sign of Libra. This is due to the fact that the two consecutive New Moons on March 21 and April 19 ‘both’ occur in Aries at the critical degrees of 0 and 29 Aries, to be exact.

That Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23 between these two ‘critical degrees’ lunation cycles is brow-raising.

This is a foreshadow lending added complexity and intrigue to the much anticipated Pluto / Aquarius ingress on March 23.

Interestingly, Pisces ‘time’ begins in the numerological 9-month and ends during the numerological 1-month, as it hands off to Aries. As the omega sign of the Zodiac, Pisces shares close association with the alpha sign Aries since where the two signs meet symbolically represents the ‘clasp on the chain’ of the entire Zodiac.

In this regard, Pisces is not simply a transition sign; it is ‘the’ transition sign.

Words such as: ending, dissolution, disintegration and transcendence and ascension are other words that come under Pisces, the sign of the reservoir of the subconscious mind, the disembodied soul and the life between lives.

This is a hint to indicate that Astrology and all such ancient systems of divination like Numerology, Tarot, and the Enneagram and so on, (regardless of their variations as with Vedic, Chinese and Mayan Astrology), can be understood to be both maps and languages. The map is actually a ‘Mandala’ map and the symbols are the language code. The basic key to understanding the Mandala is that all parts share an intricate association with all other parts, true to its holistic essence.

Astrology as a Language

While there are actually many other ‘letters’ in the language code of Astrology, the 4 Elements, 12 signs, 9 planets and 5 major aspects, which when added come to 30 and constitute the foundation of the language of Astrology. This adds to more than the number of letters in the English alphabet, for example. The main point is that every aspect of existence can be described using the language code. This is true of many languages, yet some are better able to describe subtleties that others cannot do so well.

The Astrology of March 2023 and the Human Condition.2Astrology as a language is specifically able to describe human nature, karma and destiny. It describes human nature very well because the ‘letters’ of this archetypal and symbolic language are in fact direct features of nature, as with fire, Earth, Air and Water and the 12 Signs of the Zodiac referring to characteristics that align with the time of the year when they occur.

Thus, these metaphysical languages share a direct relationship with nature and the natural manifestation of reality.

Ironically, some people demonize and vilify these languages, usually due to fear-based, religious dogmatic attitudes, as their fear seeks a scapegoat to target under the illusion that their hysteria will actually solve the problem of the fearful reactions which have much more to do with their hysteria-driven imaginations, yet which effectively casts them even deeper into reactive irrationality. In other words, how would you interpret the demonization of the Four Elements as referring to human nature? Are people and their attitudes and behaviours not fiery (enthusiastic and excitable), earthy (grounded and practical), airy (intellectual and idealistic) and watery (emotional and sentimental)? Do the Sun and Moon not influence us literally physically, and invariably psychologically?

Asserting that these influences are physical but not psychological is an example of compartmentalization (placing knowledge in tidy little boxes thereby presenting the illusion that they are not connected to everything else), otherwise understood as ‘reductionism’ and effectively manifesting as intellectual bias posturing as intelligence and intellectual superiority.

Our Disconnect from Nature

The Astrology of March 2023 and the Human Condition.3Is it any wonder that humanity has generally lost touch with nature and with their own human nature, the result of which is a world that suffers from so much ill health despite the many advances of modern science and technology?

It is as though the pattern of religions effectively separating people from nature was carried even further by science, the result of which includes depleted soils and denatured foods with the rise of ‘food science’ and so on, which is high on marketing and profits and low on nutrition and is, in fact, usually riddled with poisonous toxins, and so on. That this leads to illness which also generates profits by the sale of also toxic medicines designed to manipulate the body without addressing the cause is further testimony to evil intents.

The Astrology of March 2023 and the Human Condition.5Fortunately, there is a growing trend to return to nature and the land and growing food using relatively simple, yet good science and technology. This trend can be understood to comprise its own form of spirituality in terms of reverence for nature and supported by good science. So, it is clearly not a matter of demonizing science so much as recognizing that corrupt attitudes will invariably produce corruption in any and every way it is engaged.

Emphasized Themes of Power and Authority

What is so significant about this emphasis on Pisces now (at the time of this writing, February 23) is that its transitionary or transcendental characteristics are especially relevant as we enter March 2023, which is destined to be a very significant month indeed.

Over the next 4 weeks, the world is poised to undergo the start of some significant cycles.

Specifically, these include Saturn entering Pisces on March 7 and Pluto entering Aquarius on March 23.

These two planets can be understood to emphasize themes of power and authority.

That Saturn is itself entering Pisces is noteworthy. That it will do so under the light of the Full Moon in Virgo and while Jupiter is within 1 degree of exact conjunction with Chiron is noteworthy. What these factors together suggest is that although attempts towards medical tyranny will continue, humanity is awakening, if still painfully slowly, to the many conflicts of interest that have come to light regarding the fact that many who have promoted severe restrictions such as with Covid were also and continue to be deeply invested…

The posture of ‘altruism’ that is deeply invested to profit from its apparent benevolence should be quite evidently suspicious. Yet, due to either the inability or the awareness to think critically about it, most people seem to be quite unaware that corruption has reached an unprecedented level, perhaps, especially in the Western World. Yet, there are many who suspect this to be true, at least in ample part, due to foreign interference from the Far East, as with China and Russia. Tragically, it appears that it is the United States, the 3rd superpower that is taking the hardest hits in terms of widespread, internal conflict and destruction occurring at many levels. In short, the age-old tactic of divide and conquer is rampant, and this is true in many other countries too while ‘elected leaders’ and top-tier management get rich and receive monumental bonuses as the middle class progressively disintegrates by the day.

This conflict of interest is true of people in positions of government power as well as large corporations endlessly lobbying, and various extremely wealthy people whose apparent altruism is quite evidently driven by ambitious agendas. In other words, it is all too convenient that those promoting the cure profit from it, literally. The fact that the cure has and continues to do more harm than the disease is increasingly evident to anyone who is really paying any attention and doing their research beyond ‘the news’.

Critical Thinking vs. Naivety

Yet, as though hypnotized and unable to think critically about matters at all – save to recognize that “there is a lot of bad news these days”, many remain quite oblivious to it as their cognitive dissonance blocks the task of connecting the dots. Tragically, this widespread passivity unconsciously contributes to perpetuating the problem. The common excuse is that people feel powerless to do anything. Yet, the first step in this regard is to be aware. Awareness activates purpose and our Astrology reveals the specifics of it on a more personal level of orientation. Yet the ratings regarding the percentage of movie-watching and sports are higher than ever.

Are we so naïve that we assume that monopoly does not continue to guide the actions of very ambitious people? Moreover, the ambitions of monopolizing strategies are focused on power at least as much as profits. Like living on a diet of addictive fast food, many people continue to get their daily fixes from ‘popular’ privately-owned sources, unaware of the extent to which the spin called the news is scripted to influence people, not simply to be informed according to these large scale ambitious agendas, but even how to think. This is a proven fact linked to a feature of aspects of the 2nd Industrial Revolution which facilitated communications technologies, and effectively directed to the rise of marketing and propaganda to influence the choices people make, beyond the reach of religious beliefs which predominated prior to it.

That the programming includes a term called ‘conspiracy theory’, which effectively serves to cause many to dismiss everything that is said that does not align with the mainstream narrative programming, is its own clever tactic. The keys to success in these regards include long-term planning and persistent slant even in spite of clear evidence that is contrary to it. That is how hypnosis works. Remember the stage magicians? The very way the human brain works reveals that we are very susceptible to suggestion, especially when we are not consciously aware it is occurring and the defence of our ability to think critically is lowered. It is the overall understanding of hypnosis and suggestive hypnosis in particular that also comes under the heading of Pisces regarding the subconscious mind, yet of Scorpio, the Water Element sign that precedes Pisces, in terms of the ambitions of the programming itself for the sake of power.

In a more symbolic sense, it is all a part of the game of duality where light and dark, just like a chessboard, illustrates. Yet, there is a middle path. On the high side, it is this very darkness that in its highest purpose pushes us out of our self-indulgent complacency and naivety to reach for the healing effects of the light, due to the pain that results from such darkness. It has always been this way and always will be, and our challenge has always and continues to be the recognition of darkness and evil for what it is. As the story goes, evil ever lurks in the shadows, the cloaks of darkness, as is its very nature.

The Middle Path

The key to this end is to break free of the instinctual, reactive mind and cultivate the conscious mind supported by intuition. This also includes gaining greater clarity regarding the very human fact that we are each capable of both light and dark.

The middle path includes this higher awareness and elevates us beyond reactive survival instincts and hysteria that leads to projection, blame and scapegoating.

This middle path increases our sense of humility and humanity and activates a spirit of compassion for all beings and cooperation with others as we adapt to the inevitability of changing circumstances.

Yet, the problem here is that most people do not understand their own mind at all, yet their ego blinds them to this fact reinforced by pride leading to the assumption that they see reality as it is rather than as they are.

Only by a deeper understanding of the complexities of perception, beginning with the understanding that when we realize that we do NOT see reality as it ‘is’ so much as ‘how we are’, which includes that we are all socially programmed, the assumption of which is misinterpreted as objective thinking, do we actually begin to see reality as it is, riddled with layers of the subjective projection of a weave of the relative limitations of our nature along with our beliefs and biases.

The overall result of these factors is forms of naivety and credulity posturing as matter-of-fact authority. We are all guilty of this assumptive notion of knowing, actually, but we really begin to see it when we acknowledge it as a feature of our self-concept, perception and interpretation of reality. In this information age, the blinding effects of this common shortcoming of ego-pride are stronger than ever.

Ironically and even tragically, given the current state of affairs in the world, those least aware enough to acknowledge this tendency often claim the greatest authority of smugly assuming that ‘they see reality as it is’ yet are the most programmed and deluded, blinded by their conditioning, to which they are oblivious, as the nature of the trance. Those who have awakened to this state, at least enough to see through it generally refer to these people as ‘living in the matrix’, the notion of which was popularized by the movie series of the same name. Like the members of the audience who are not in the hypnotized state, they watch not with the same humor but with frustration and varying degrees of horror as the hypnotized march along with full confidence that their perception and experience of reality is genuinely objective.

The truth of the matter is that it may come down to a question of degree. In other words, we are all susceptible to various degrees of trance, but recognizing it presents the opportunity to break free of it ‘only once it is acknowledged’. Spiritually enlightened people have throughout history asserted the conviction that the perceptions of the average people are the composites of various forms, levels and degrees of trance otherwise referred to as conditioned belief, bias, perception and interpretation.

Even the understanding of modern psychology such as Transpersonal Hypnotherapy in the endeavor to help people to clear negative memory patterns that intercept the healthy functioning of the mind, as with the negative consequences of PTSD, clarifies that the process is not one of getting the client into a state of trance to do the work, but rather the process of the technique is to get the client ‘out of the trance ‘. The trance refers to mind-states linked to memory and conditioning that occurred in the remote past. In these regards, the events were usually circumstantial as opposed to deliberate.

Yet, the conditioning can also be deliberate as with the strategies of cults which include shaming and ridiculing any members who question the orthodoxy of the cult. This is testimony that some orthodox religions could be considered as similar to cults, as those who are not ‘in it’ are deemed to be lost and/or regarded as threats and need to be either converted or vilified.

The solution to these common and age-old issues is dialogue and debate, which is anathema to the cult environment, but most people are oriented and educated to engage in such intellectual exchanges at any real level of skillful ability. It is not so much an issue of lack of intelligence as it is a matter of lack of awareness that is both the result of, and leads to more knowledge and education. So, there is no need to feel insulted, as you read this now, by the realization that perhaps you, yes you, and we each, all of us,  have far less knowledge and education than we may tend to assume.

Yet, it is this specific awareness, knowledge and understanding of how our minds work, human psychology, belief, perception and interpretation that is so vitally needed at this time.

This foundational awareness is a feature of the higher reaches of Pisces, when understood in a whole sense in its association with the processes of enlightenment.

The Coming Challenges of Awakening

The challenge of Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter conjunct Chiron will include this awakening process. In the most positive sense, Saturn in Pisces will serve by dissolving the trance state through which many currently interpret the world. At worst, this could manifest as a whole series of rude awakenings and possible psychological collapse as the clearer truth and reality of larger realities underway in the world, (which has now entered pretty much everyone’s home, body, mind and personal life), comes into clearer view.

Pluto entering Aquarius will add to this awakening process, and we are wise to get as prepared as we can, mentally, emotionally and physically for a powerful shift at social and collective, even global levels that will invariably affect us all.

Looking back to 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn should be enough to lend a strong clue of what is in store, at least energetically.

Since Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorn, thus the dispositing recipient of the energy from Pluto in its ruling sign, (yes, the energy transfers this way, so despite the technicality, just know that the energies transfer due to the association of rulerships) entered the revolutionary sign of Aquarius in late March 2020, the world has changed dramatically. Sadly, this change has not necessarily been for the better. However, it certainly has synchronized with a rapid rate of awakening on a global scale that there is something very wrong or deliberately evil underway.

At least five major train derailments spewing toxic fumes effectively contaminating the water supply affecting tens of millions of people and a toxic plastic warehouse burning in Florida as well all in the United States should be enough to alert people to realize that referring to these as coincidence is a clear indication of cognitive dissonance. That this toxic poison will continue to poison the water and food supply for decades should be enough to support the consideration that these are war measures. The list of many other such destructive activities all over North America over the past 2-3 years especially (but not covered on the mainstream news) should be enough to awaken us. Yet, sadly, many will not as they are caught up and overwhelmed by their own personal concerns and interests.

If this perspective proves correct, that we are actually in the throes of what can be described as a ‘silent war’, as relative as such a statement is, the question is: who is behind these activities? One journalist recently asserted that it is communism and globalism, which are the two wings of the same bird. If correct, the tactic of destruction implies control and tyranny because if either were genuinely desired, people would ask for them. Thus, we are left to imagine that the posturing of assertion that such actions are justified as ‘for the greater good’ is a mask for ultimate power and control. Beyond specific names, all of the above can be understood as the current state of the human condition.

It might be assumed that we progress with time. While there has been some progress in various respects, most would probably agree that humanity as a whole at a societal level has regressed. Housing costs have tripled and even quadrupled in many places and governments have shifted from democratic to significantly authoritarian, coinciding with a significant increase in corruption illustrated as an unprecedented shift of imbalance regarding the distribution of wealth. The long list of dystopian movies since then is among the signs. Globalism has increased and the notion that governments are at war with their own citizens has become a common perspective. Recently on social media, someone posted the glowing notion that everything going on currently may be compared to the caterpillar in the chrysalis phase which will emerge as a butterfly. Given the current state of the human condition, what might emerge might more likely to be a moth, again at least in the shorter term.

Yet, while the future is probable, it is not certain. As the game goes, due to the reality of free will, we can choose to contribute to more positive outcomes. What’s required are choices culminating with our own lifestyle as a whole that reveals higher vibrational choices.

For example, we can change our diet both in terms of food and what we feed our mind as with knowledge and information. We can also become more aware and less gullible and credulous. Many who called out people even pushing them out of their lives and issuing threats for not complying with official mandates are now realizing just how wrong they were as the casualties from the ‘cure’ pour in like flood water on a daily basis. But, there remain many who are unwilling to acknowledge these facts and remain determined to perpetuate the cognitive dissonance that governs their perceptions.

Among the most positive things we can do is to awaken more fully to understand what constitutes authentic self-actualization, which can and does include a deeper understanding of the dynamics produced by our closest relationship involvements, and this is where I can help you with the time-honoured wisdom that Astrology offers.

How will you navigate the turns intelligently and strategically? This is where an Astrology reading can help you, by providing you with awareness regarding your specific, destined role and personal journey.