November, in a Universal 6 Year (2022), is a Universal 17/8 Month.

11 is the ‘Master Number’ in Numerology, and with November being the 11th month of the year, it holds the distinction of being the month that hosts it.

The term ‘Master’ implies the number is not reduced to the number 2 by adding 11 as is usually the case with two-digit numbers.  22 is also a Master Number, the other side of the coin, as it were. However, it finds its origin in 11 because from the 1 comes 2, from source/unity comes duality and so on… So, November has the unique distinction of being a Master Number. It should be noted that, although popularized by some, 33, 44, 55… are NOT Master Numbers.

So, determining the Universal Year and Month is the way this technique in Numerology works. It may appear simplistic but it actually can be demonstrated to be relevant, in a general sense. For example, 6 as a Universal Year (2+0+2+2) implies the deepening or the end of specific trends. The pandemic and the war in Ukraine are good examples, with the former dwindling, while the repercussion of the latter escalates.

An adjoining technique that is much more personally relevant is how to decipher your own personal growth year and month. This is how you calculate it – your personal Growth Year is determined by adding the day and month of your birth plus the current Universal Year.

For example for someone born on February 17 in whatever year, they would calculate as follows: February 17, 2022 = 2 + 1 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 16 / 7. So this person would be in a 16/7 Growth Year, which basically implies undergoing a process of change of perception, belief, attitude and behaviour patterns.

Then, to determine the Growth Month that person would add 16/7 to 11 (November), which equals 18/9, which basically implies endings, completions and graduations.

Know Yourself Better With a Numerology Reading

I have been a student and practitioner of Numerology for as long as I have been an Astrologer because I learned both simultaneously, due to the recognition that they work very well together and can be symbolically deemed father and mother, for example. In my work, I weave the meanings of these cycles into my interpretations as a matter of course and they do indeed prove mutually supportive.

It is no surprise that Scorpio is the sign of Spiritual Self-Mastery and of alchemy in both its material and spiritual senses. The spiritual aspect of mastery implies an understanding of universal laws and the ability to leverage higher laws and principles to overcome lower ones. Most significantly, this includes self-mastery of ones’ mind and thoughts, which are recognized as co-creative forces of nature. In turn, self-mastery includes the ability to control our emotional, instinct-driven reactions, replacing them with intuition-guided responses. Intuition is the knowing of our higher mind that accesses understanding of the bigger picture and larger realities.

Astrologically, November 2022 hosts some significant events indeed, including:

  • a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 8th

  • Jupiter in Pisces for a rare and very significant 3rd round hovering at the critical 29th degree until November 12

  • Mars retrograde as of November 1st

  • Sun, Mercury and Venus together in Scorpio keeping a strong activation of both Mars and Pluto, (the two rulers of Scorpio), alive and potent

  • Venus entering Sagittarius on November 16th followed closely by Mercury on the 17th and exactly aligned by conjunction on the 21st

  • Then the Sun enters Sagittarius on the 22nd closely followed by a New Moon at 1 degree Sagittarius 37 on the 23rd

Then…November ends with Mercury and Venus both in opposition aspect to retrograde Mars and both ends of the pole forming hard squares to Neptune. This will have the effect of igniting appeals of the vigilant-minded and the ‘truther movement’, which will be countered by the global perception wizards (mainstream media) to perpetuate a weave of ideals and illusions to keep the mindset of the greater collective focused to reactively support causes the implications of which it does not understand.

If your information source is ‘cable television news’ this is your cue to step back and realize that it is owned by private interests and to reconsider your habit of blind faith and shift your attention to engage a more deliberate process of critical thinking.

These planetary aspects will set the stage for December, which itself hosts its own line-up of significant shifts amounting to a steadily growing state of hysteria as the collective mind grows increasingly nervous regarding the implications of world events. These specifically will emphasize food and fuel shortages and revolutionary manoeuvres of fiat currencies being replaced by digital currencies. National economies will remain so, yet each are poised to move in this direction as a major, strategic step towards a global currency. It may take some years to achieve, but is an inevitable direction. Many will resist this first step and multiple platforms are emerging hoping to offset the impact of what is being described as a major step towards totalitarian control via a digital credit score system paralleling that of China.

Last month’s Solar Eclipse at 2 degrees Scorpio waxes towards a Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8 at 16 Taurus 53. While the event of the Solar Eclipse is the more powerful of the two, the fact that it is Partial while the Lunar Eclipse is ‘Total’, may narrow the gap. Scorpio and Taurus are the two main ‘money signs’ of the Zodiac. Where Taurus refers to personal wealth and possessions; Scorpio is symbolic of shared wealth or pooled money, as with banks, insurance companies and the tax department…

So, this significant line-up of events and their inevitable, synchronistic manifestations are suggestive of very significant momentums of world-wide magnitude. They are, of course, simply the current stage of much larger developments which find their roots literally centuries ago.

The main question we each must ask ourselves is “how can I be aware and prepared to adapt”?

This is not an easy answer, but it does include having a deeper understanding of the core themes of your destiny and those currently activated by the planetary cycles of influence unfolding now in your life.

This is where a deeper understanding of your Astrology can help significantly. In short, while we may be able to contribute to larger events, the greater truth remains, as ever, that we are wise to be as clearly aware as we can regarding what constitutes our own evolutionary needs and purpose, to effectively bring attention to ‘minding our own business’ literally and figuratively.

If you are destined to make larger contributions, you will be poised and positioned to do so. Otherwise, we are wise to consciously engage in our own process of personal self-mastery in light of our deeper or core themes of destiny that are so strongly and clearly outlined in your Astrological Birth Chart.