Sagittarius time is underway, with the 2022 season running from November 21 until Winter Solstice – December 21.

It is the truth-seeker sign of the zodiac, and the theme of ‘truth’ is certainly on the airwaves these days.

Like a clarion call piercing the airwaves the world over, disrupting usual rhythms, routines, and fixed beliefs, people are talking and an awakening is underway. The signs of this will already be evident to those paying attention and they will become stronger this week and over the next few. In some respects, the awakening is social and political, while in others, psychological and spiritual.

Sun, Mercury and Venus are all featured and playing leading roles. This is serving to raise the overall vibration and tempo after the otherwise introverted influences of Scorpio. Jupiter in Pisces is itself quite introverted, so it is dampening the overall vibe, somewhat. Yet, there are enough factors at play to reveal a very excited atmosphere activating themes and principles of ethics, truth, justice and liberty.

Where Sagittarius is symbolic of visionary perception, philosophical inquiry and inductive and deductive logical thinking, Aquarius is the sign most specifically designated as the archetypal influence symbolic of intuition. In the immediate sense, the influences of Sagittarius are now amplified due to the transit of the Sun through this sign, designated by the ‘time of the year’.

Among the various ‘Sagittarian’ words, TRUTH is both the biggest and the most difficult to determine. Devotees of truth, if deeply sincere and rigorously honest, recognize that what is often referred to as ‘truth’ is actually a weave of perception, belief and bias which are stitched together by emotions, especially those linked to fear and survival. Not that such instinctual reactions are bad, per se’. In fact, in the right context and need, they are essential and valuable. However, they are no longer enough both in terms of human evolution and the complexities of modern society and they are contributing to a massive state of imbalance. There are those who will gladly take full advantage of such imbalances, consciously or not, and there are even those who are invested to both create and at least perpetuate and increase it. This is simply a cornerstone objective of monopoly which is itself the expression of instinct and reason in the absence of the higher intuitions of the heart.

References to these times as ‘apocalyptic’ which translates to mean ‘unveiling’, is quite appropriate and this process is undergoing a super-boost right now.

To tune-in, take a moment to realize that you do not see reality as ‘it is’, but rather as ‘you are’, according to your nature and conditioning.

So, who are you and what conditioning factors are you exposed to?

While most people, if asked, would agree that these are important words that they value. But, not everyone is a philosopher or is inclined to think deeply about things. However, there are times when it is more important to take the time and make the effort to do so, or to give more attention to those who are inclined to deeper reflection.

We generally live in such times and this will be quite apparent to many people yet, ironically, not everyone. There are many modes of perception and interpretation and, despite the spikes in the graph, our times might be simply regarded as the ongoing human drama, by some.

What we believe to be ‘true’ often is simply that – a belief, or a set of unexamined beliefs and belief systems that have nothing to do with any genuine notion of ‘the truth’.

Yet, the tendency is to hold fast to our convictions, casually, assumptively, unconsciously and rigidly. This occurs every day and everywhere. Commonly, we are unaware that our convictions have been ‘learned’ and we have been conditioned to accept them without examination.

In other words, external references regarding the word ‘truth’, are actually subjective interpretations and convictions more accurately categorized as beliefs. Furthermore, many of these beliefs are conditioned by outer sources. Even so, admitting or engaging this fact is not something many people are willing to, or actually able to do because doing so requires education and training and not simply idle interest.

The word ‘truth’ is itself probably best reserved for a rigorous process of attaining self-awareness by way of a patient, dedication to self-honesty requiring deep levels of knowledge. Such rigor is rarer than not. In these complex times, however, they assume more weight of importance.

To say: ‘the truth is that there are many truths’, is actually truth in our dualistic dimension where any notion of absolutes, aside from acknowledgement of the absolute, which transcends human perception, reveals delusional conviction. Fundamentalist religions for many centuries, at least, have and continue to assert this attitude revealing cultural and philosophical bias, fear and control.

In other words, we have not been taught rigorously enough how to engage in polite, civil, meaningful dialogue and debate. People are less truly educated and more fully conditioned and few are aware of it. With so much ‘journalism’ at our disposal, this view may not make sense and seems wrong. However, the leading publications are owned by private interests and they are not invested in critical thinking so much as they are invested into power and profit.

This may sound cynical and hysterical or extreme to some. It may sound like a conspiracy theory, even. And we all know that only radical idiots fall for conspiracy theories, right? Yes, that is also how we have become programmed.

As soon as we learn about something that seems ‘off track’ the tendency is to regard it as a conspiracy theory and laugh it off. In short, the program of idle and reactive dismissal works very well indeed.

I say this, in part because as a professional Astrologer, I have endured this very knee-jerk reaction by many sectors of society, people devout to their religious beliefs or their scientific understanding and so on…, idly dismissing that it works or is founded in any genuine or serious understanding of life and reality. After all, ‘everyone know that Astrology is bogus’, right? That is where it ends.

Key words about the subject are spoken or written and ‘click’ – the dismissal program is triggered and any further thought, discussion or inquiry is intercepted.

Given that this is a common occurrence, the question we might ask is: how many other words and subjects arise that effectively hit the dismissal switch in our mind? The important answer is that there are many, or at least enough to establish key blocks and barriers lodged securely in our mind to keep us away from certain ‘forbidden knowledge’.

Upon closer examination, we might discover that there are a very specific amount of such words and subjects, not as many as might be imagined, but just enough to keep us away from deeper inquiry and understanding of the ones that would really have the effect of opening our minds to the ‘key knowledge’.

In current popular culture, we often hear emotionally-driven statements, as with the word ‘absolutely’ retorted for dramatic effect which serves to reinforce the ego. As exciting as it may be use to utter such words, a deeper attitude of humility, reverence and sincerity would reserve the use of the word or ‘absolute’ or any extension of it, as with the word ‘absolutely’, for references to the absolute, which does not exist in duality. Yet, as the following quote suggests, we all tend to live much more fully guided by perceptions that perpetuate our survival than which have anything to do with truth.

“Truth is emotional, it is based on vested interests. A lie that defends my interests is the absolute truth, but truth that goes against my survival is a pure lie. We know the objective truth, but we smear it, tarnish it and assassinate it if it speaks against our wellbeing.”

― Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

Moreover, the intellectual, psychological and spiritual rigor required to wrestle with the sublime, slippery and illusive notion of perceiving anything ‘absolute’ is a much greater challenge than is commonly considered. Unraveling why something is or is not true requires deep sincerity, rigor, determination, dedication, courage, resolve and skill, yet every amateur in the fan stands casually tells themselves the convenient lie, or is it a fantasy, that they know what it is.

The reason this is so is because it is used as a means of ego reinforcement. In other words, such a powerful word merits deep respect, reverence and special attention. Yet, the ego is casual and manipulative and is the expression of assembled perceptions and modes of communication which have more to do with defense and offensive expressions in the daily game of life that care little about such notions as reverence and respect. Survival and advantage are the ‘true motivation’.

Ego pride and its more assertive expression of self-righteousness are both common blinders regarding genuine discussions about notions of truth. Again, belief and bias are usually passed on as truth. This is one of the reasons when advanced spiritual teachers are asked what is wrong with the world, a common reply is simply offered with the word: ego. Ego-centrism is the more specific and technical explanation.

Ego-centrism indicates that a person is deeply identified with their ego. In other words, regarding their self-concept, they ‘are’ their ego. As one progresses along the spiritual path, a shift from ‘being the ego’ to ‘having an ego’ is what occurs. This is also understood as a consequent development stemming from a foundational technique called ‘witnessing’, which can be understood as a process of ‘self-reflective awareness’. Yet it is much more than that and includes both a deep dive into human psychology and a mind-set that few would ever even consider let alone cultivate. The school of life is like that and no one should be expected to focus in any particular way, but due to one’s nature, evolutionary stage and destiny, some are so inclined, just as is true of many other aspects of and experiences of life.

So, this is not an exercise in ego-bashing. After all, it is the experience of life through the ego where the fun and games occur. Yet, the opposite end of the pole refers to drama in the more serious sense.

The main point is that ego-centrism implies fear-based perception and an inclination towards conformity.

Recently, the term ‘mass formation psychosis’ has been popularized and it represents a more sophisticated understanding of how people are influenced by collective beliefs. The deeper question and issue includes who or from which sector such beliefs are emerging and why?


The basic reason why people tend to blindly conform is because instinct (gut) and rational, devoid of intuitive knowing (heart), function as the main operating system. The consequence of this is that outer influences dominate over inner guidance. The result is that any external person or group can manipulate the public mind, and control the mainstream narrative.

 That is why most genuine spiritual traditions emphasize learning to become heart-centered. Specifically, the emphasis is directed to cultivating the ability to ‘live in, through and from the heart’ referring to the heart center or chakra. Ironically doing so does not increase one’s emotionality. However it does increase one’s intuition, empathy, compassion understanding, forgiveness and sense of unity and humanity.

The more we can exercise a perspective of self-observation or witnessing, the more able we are to be able to observe and therefore ‘have’ an ego, versus to ‘be’ it. This is an important step towards activating intuition. Of course, this is a spiritual ideal and hardly a notion on the minds of many people. This fact can be understood as the current level of collective awareness generally described by the human condition.

Yet, we have arrived at a time when our intuitions need a jumpstart.

Intuition is not the same as instinct which is registered as ‘gut knowing’. People are proud to assert that they always follow their gut, their instinct and doing so can indeed prove helpful. Yet, intuition reveals an inner guiding system that transcends the gut and is more accurately understood as the knowing of the heart. Discerning between the two is quite subtle and intuition specifically is required to do so. It should also be made clear that the knowing of the heart is not the popular conviction of emotionally-driven attitudes. It may seem ironic, yet the intuitive, truth-accessing function of the heart is not emotional, actually. It does manifest as a deep state of communion with life, with existence as a whole, yet this feeling of unity or oneness is not emotional, per se’. It may be better understood as a ‘knowing’ that may activate emotional feelings, yet is not guided by them.

Due to the lack of intuitive knowing, perpetuated by materialism, gut instinct and head rational alone result in people not realizing that these outer influences are the source of their thoughts and convictions, otherwise assumed to be their own.

 By understanding the difference between ‘having’ and ‘being’ the ego, we can break free of this external influence. In fact, it is the key and nothing but the activation of intuitive knowing can fulfill this task.

In this regard, due to the fact that we are fast approaching the sunrise moment of the Age of Aquarius, the faculty of intuition is steadily rising. That this rising began decades ago, even centuries ago accessed by a select few here and there the world over whose perspectives transcended cultural bias and dogmatic conviction is evidenced by such people as Rudolf Steiner, Nicola Tesla, Carl G. Jung, and Albert Einstein. Of course, this is the very short list. While difficult to measure, increasingly more people are asserting that there is an awakening underway and it can be understood to refer directly to intuition.

As it is, most people naively expose themselves to popular ‘news programs’ and confidently live under the illusion that their thoughts and perceptions are objective. Sadly, this is the foundation of dangerous levels of division within society. Like a colossal cult, any person or group that objects to, challenges or does not conform to the popular narrative are scapegoated, are deemed stupid, uninformed, selfish and so on…

A quick study of cult behavior will reveal this fact. Among the principal features of a cult are various watchdog people which also can extend to whole networks who will quickly identify anyone who does not conform. These non-conformists are quickly labeled as dangerous and are either alienated, ostracized, or worse.

Tragically, currently in the modern world, many assert that journalism is all but dead. Interestingly, journalism comes under the symbolic rulership of Sagittarius and there is a revival occurring the world over among break-away networks that are resurrecting dedication to genuine journalism. 

So, a call to awaken more fully is being sounded once again. This is hardly the first or the last call. There are of course many other developing themes in the world and the emerging global village is one of them. It invariably includes and even requires changes in the global economy and in how we view ourselves and the world. What this implies is not easily summarized, but one thing is certain, we had better gain a deeper and clearer understanding of what words like truth, justice and liberty mean.

Yet, now we must do so with an increasingly strong inclusion of intuition along with the currently prevalent inclinations towards instinct, logic and reason. In doing so, we will by necessity have to cultivate the ability to operate in, through and from our heart center.

How will YOU navigate these complex times while knowing, and standing in your truth?

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