December is destined to be a dynamic month, a crescendo for 2022 leading up to 2023, which is also destined to be a powerful year.

The world has certainly changed since spring 2020 when Covid-19 initiated the world by way of a common issue associated with the pandemic or was and, according to some, still is. While, life has generally ‘returned back to normal’, it has also changed definitely, significantly and irreversibly and now we are collectively experiencing in some way the ‘new normal’ and what most will agree is that it is a very unsettled and stressful time, and perhaps exciting too.

December 2022 Aspects to Usher in 2023


In the more immediate picture, Mercury then Venus will enter capricious Capricorn early in December, later followed by the Sun, which will join forces with Pluto in Capricorn.

Mercury turns retrograde on December 29 while exactly conjunct Venus, while the Moon at 0 degrees Aries conjoins with Jupiter at the alpha degree of the Zodiac – lighting the fuse to ignite the fireworks announcing the New Year!

These factors will likely manifest as yet new expressions of what many refer to as government overreach.

Jupiter currently in the late degrees of Pisces, where it tends to have a softening effect at best, re-enters dynamo Aries on the eve of Winter Solstice, December 21.

Mars continues to be retrograde in dualistic Gemini, and the added source of complexity it implies, will continue until mid-January.

Out-of-Bound Planets


Moreover, especially in December, Mercury, Venus, Mars and even the Moon will all be ‘out-of-bounds’ (which means at a latitude higher or lower regarding the ecliptic than the 23 degrees and 27 minutes that measures the tilt of the Earth’s axis, thus the latitudinal measurement)!

Without getting lost in technical details, when planets are out-of-bounds, the outer synchronistic expressions they are destined to manifest is MORE RADICAL, (subject to the sign they are in, the aspects to other planets and the relationship they generally share with them, and the specific degrees in the Zodiac they occupy, which is the longitudinal measurement).

This condition will steadily emerge in the early days of December and will continue for upwards to 3 weeks, with the Moon first then followed by Mercury by the time of Winter Solstice then Venus by about Christmas. Mars will remain out-of-bounds all the way until about May 6/7, 2023!

So, all 4 personal ‘planets’, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars will be out-of-bounds and expressing and manifesting at higher levels of extreme, pretty much all of December!

The Moon much more commonly goes out-of-bounds due to its close proximity to Earth, but the status of all 4 personal planets at the same time is a much rarer event. Mars continuing through to early May in this out-of-bounds status will encompass the entirety of it cycle through Gemini which ends in late March, then Cancer, where it tends to be extra aggressive through all of April and into May…

In short, we can expect the pace and tempo to be more stressful starting very soon, all winter long and well into spring 2023!

What Lies Ahead

So, get ready because there are strong indications that the beat, rhythm and tempo is about to get much more amplified, exciting and probably dramatic too. As well, what begins in December, will continue on throughout the winter season and well into 2023, at least.

In other words, 2023 will itself generally prove very eventful with:

  • Pluto entering Aquarius

  • Jupiter’s transit through Aries

  • Solar Eclipses beginning with the first in late April at the critical 29th degree of Aries and the other in Libra in October, both aligned with the fact that the Lunar Nodes will also change signs from Taurus and Scorpio to Aries and Libra in early July.

  • Saturn entering Pisces in early March is also a major shift that will begin an important cycle extending into May of 2025.

Briefly, for the sake of context, the following is a glimpse into some of the bigger picture cycles and themes of our time that might help us understand our rapidly changing world more fully.

The Complex Birth Pains of the Age of Aquarius


In the years leading up to the actual sunrise moment of the Age of Aquarius, we can expect life to become increasingly complex. That certainly is the case now.

Upon reflection some will remember even the onset of the 1990’s as a time of relative peace and prosperity, despite the ever-present realities of global super powers, nuclear war, and continuous wars in the Middle East generally and concerns that it would spill-over into something much larger, environmental issues and other such international and global challenges.

Of course, the internet went public in the early 90’s, and while some had pretty strong notions of its implications, few realized just how much it would change the world and, of course, it continues to do so now Then with the onset of the New Millennium beginning with Y2K, then 9/11 less than 2 years later followed by the burst of the economic bubble linked to real estate back in 2007. Younger people in the 20’s and younger have never really know anything but an accelerating and looming state of crisis and steadily rising fear, and it continues and will likely accelerate and rise yet. Navigating these changes is challenging on many levels, materially and professionally, psychologically and emotionally, socially and politically, and spiritually too.

Gaining a better understanding of these trends and the cycles they are associated with is the focus of my work. As a student of Astrology and metaphysics in general, human psychology and spirituality, my work includes providing insight, guidance, counsel, visionary and practical and strategic support, based on deep affirmations of their core nature and authentic purpose framed by the specific timing of their cycles of destiny to my individual clients.

At the same time, my role has always included offering prophetic insight, guidance and wisdom that encompasses us all more fully on social and even global levels. The good news is that, while symbolic and relatively skeletal for the sake of encompassing the deeper themes and wider scope of the revolutionary processes of evolution at this time in history, many will agree that it works. They will affirm that the insights provided are accurate and relevant on both personal levels, as with the weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes I write and regarding larger unfolding themes and cycles.

Reference to the Age of Aquarius emphasizes a very large cycle of approximately 26,000 years technically referred to as the ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’ or what has long been referred to as ‘The Great Year’ by the likes of Plato literally thousands of years ago. Yes, the ancients were aware of this very long cycle, imagine that! When divided by 12, as with the 12 signs of the Zodiac, we get  12 segments of an average of approximately 2,160 years which we regard as an ‘Age’, as with the Age of Aquarius, or as a Great Month, corresponding to a 1/12 division of the Great Year. Within the encompass of these large time cycles, we can identify smaller cycles, or cycles within cycles. In turn, each cycle can be divided into 8 specific parts. These divisions can be measured as having quite specific periods of time and when they shift, there are outer events that manifest or synchronize with them.

The bigger challenge regarding the ability to see clearly what will occur is that there are many cycles due to the fact that every country, province, state, city, institution, company and individual person, all of which can be accurately understood as individual ‘persons; or ‘legal entities’ each have their own Natal chart and subsequently their own themes and timing of destiny. (I mention this from time to time to remind you of this fact and provide a bit more glimpse into how Astrology is woven into the very fabric of our lives at every level).

Yet, despite the multitude of overlapping destinies, it remains that we should be able to work with the macro themes as with the Age of Aquarius and recognize very specific themes and timing, and we can.

Basically, the key point to understand now, is that the Age of Aquarius has been in its ‘dawning phase’ for over a century and as it comes closer to the actual moment of sunrise, we can expect life to become more complex and possibly strange.

I will continue to make efforts to provide you with insights about these events, when they occur, how they are likely to manifest generally and what they imply. So, stay tuned for more…


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