Life is All About Relationships…

This conjunction will highlight an emphasis on our relationships. Look up at the night sky this week, and you’ll see bright light formed by the close conjunction of Venus and Mars.

The celestial lovers will be conjunct in the passionate and playful sign of Leo

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The Astrological Story of Love Relationships

Are you aware that the order of planets tells an archetypal story about relationships? The dynamics between the planetary placements in each person’s natal chart play off each other, and create a unique synastry – only experienced between those two people, and no one else.

The story of planetary synastry goes a bit like this…

The Suns of each person see, and acknowledge each other. Mercury is where communication begins. Venus is where attraction occurs, (usually based upon shared values). The Earth and Moon stirs up feelings of varying intensities.

If it gets past this stage, Mars represents the action and engagement of their attraction, and sexuality. Meanwhile, Jupiter comes to the party and euphoria of ‘love high’ is felt.

Then after a time, the sobering reality of Saturn kicks in. While all of the above continue to be operative principals, it is the Saturn factor that requires our greatest attention in terms of trust and respect.

As the story goes, the relationship moves and changes in accordance with the cycles of destiny, involving peaks, valleys, trenches and sharp edges.

Navigating Your Relationship with Astrology

relationships and astrologyOvercoming the challenges of relationships is where awareness plays a vital role, and Astrology provides unparalleled insight into this all-important area.

Do you share genuine resonance and chemistry with your partner? What constitutes the finer details of your destiny? Did you share past lives together? Are you soul mates?

Especially in these complex times, relationships get tested. The key to meeting these challenges and making wise choices that are mutually supportive is having Astrological awareness. The greater objectivity and penetrating insight that Astrology provides, both for the individuals and the relationship synastry, is a fundamental tool for a healthy and happy union.


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