Ponder this.

Jupiter…the ruling planet for Sagittarius is the sign symbolic of higher-minded thinking, philosophy, ethics, religion, principles, vision and cultural beliefs. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. In fact, it is larger than all the planets and moons and asteroids and comets too, combined!

Yet, as large as it is, the Sun is still 99.98 % of the total mass of the entire solar system.

The purpose of sharing these mind-expanding facts is to set the stage for intellectually stretching into some other philosophical perspectives that I think might prove helpful to see through the chaos and confusion of our complex and apocalyptic times. Incidentally, the word ‘apocalypse’ basically translates to mean ‘unveiling’. It is another way of describing this time of great awakening and what has also been described as ‘the quickening’.

The Archetypal Human Condition

The ‘human condition’ is a term that points to a generalized perspective on reality from a wide angle, global and collectively human perspective. In other words, while the focus may include major global powers linked to countries, it also transcends them. In this regard, we can recognize that the ambitions of powerful people, groups and larger networks are not simply categorized as nations.

This is where the focus turns to multi-national activities. These can be linked to religion, language, culture and various philosophical organizations. Of course, big business also comes to the fore. Yet, what the business of very large organizations is, is a perspective that itself transcends purely profit-driven objectives and can be understood to be a tight weave of all of the above: financial power, religion, culture, philosophy and, to a lesser extent, language, but it too plays a major role in some instances, as with the assertive promotion of the French language in Quebec, for example.

The main point is that it is hardly just a matter of financial gain and power. In fact, upon closer observation, money is simply the means, the blood in the body, so to speak. The deeper themes points to the objectives of the money, and while this does invariably include opportunity and privilege, such as with elite echelons of society, the deeper reaches of the roots of power invariably include tradition, pride and prejudice. These too require further elaboration, but they can simply be understood as core features of the ongoing dynamics of power features in the human condition which can be more specifically understood as human nature.

In this regard, as has been said time and again, ‘the human condition is Shakespearean’. In other words, while the actors change and plots become more complex, they still point to fundamental themes, or what can be better understood as archetypal principles.

Archetypal Perspective Shifts

The value of observing reality at this level is that it sees through and beyond the actions and antics of any person specifically. It is from this level that one can begin to truly see and understand the bigger picture, the human condition.

Interestingly, this perspective can also be directed to better understanding the political dynamics of human relationships at the micro level. In other words, when we understand our own personal journey and process as ‘archetypal’, we can begin to see it and ourselves more objectively. In doing so, we can learn to see ourselves and the significant others in our lives more clearly.

Astrology and the Human ConditionThis is where the archetypal perspective shifts from that of philosophy to psychology. Both of these terms can be seen as the corners of the base line in a triangle with the term ‘spirituality’ at the top, central point. In other words, spirituality can be defined more clearly by way of deeper investigations into both philosophy and psychology.

Taking it one step further, we can examine both the psychology of philosophy and the philosophy of psychology. In doing so, we can also gain a clearer understanding of the dynamics of power which are ever at play. In this regard, it can be clearly understood that the human drama, manifesting as the human condition, is invariably and fundamentally about power.

Ongoing Power Dynamics

From the worldly perspective, power can be clearly understood as a dynamic of duality in which polarized forces vie for supremacy. What this implies is the politics of power is a ‘never ending story’. In other words, there is no final outcome.

There will never be a final and ultimate utopia, no conclusion, no final curtain.

This understanding implies the understanding that life on Earth and in the physical anyway can be simply described as an ongoing process. Like a graph with rising and falling peaks, from which can also be derived some semblance of a mean average. Yet, as helpful as graphs can be, they reveal a linear perspective on reality.

Astrology and the Human ConditionTurning our focus to nature, it will be discovered that such linear models are invariably artificial because nature does not reveal measurement graphs anywhere or at any level.

Astrology and the Human ConditionYet, what nature does reveal at every level are circles, cycles, spirals, spheres and Mandala-like shapes. Mandala-like shapes can be understood as like flowers which reveal symmetry, balance and order and these very principles can be clearly observed in the ebb and flow of life at every level from the macro or cosmic levels, to the micro or cellular, molecular and atomic level and everywhere in between.

Present Day

With the material sciences and physics at a pinnacle point currently, we are ‘educated’ to assume that these realities are the consequence of random chance. Beyond the psychology of belief, it quickly becomes apparent that such assertions must be associated with the politics of power. That many ‘educated’ people assert this ‘belief’ presented as incontrovertible fact is its own special category of study of human psychology, which open the doors to neuroscience or the study of how the brain processes information.

Connecting the dots, it might become increasingly apparent that such beliefs presented as facts might be accurately understood as tactical features of a larger play of power politics. This is quite a statement because it reveals the prospects that some people or networks at the helm of power are so deeply invested that the entire education system is slanted to ‘educate’ the public to ‘believe’ certain perspectives as ‘final facts’.

Upon reflection of this feature of the human condition at this time in history, students of the art of war might come to the recognition that this would effectively serve to produce confusion and division between how ‘educated’ people perceive reality and how people with little education but ample natural intelligence perceive it.

In short, assuming that the natural shape, symmetry, balance and order that is revealed everywhere in nature cannot possibly be a consequence of chance.

Saying so is akin to asserting that a computer could assemble itself. And, as sophisticated as is a technological device such as a computer, it is far less complex than a simple flower or even a single seed. This is evident because while we can construct highly sophisticated technologies, like super computers or particle accelerators, for example, we cannot create a single seed.

As it happens, due to the existence of computers and, by extension the internet, information is much more freely available than ever before. Consequently, humanity as a whole has become much more knowledgeable over the past few decades alone and this is leading to people thinking about reality and being able to leverage their knowledge to achieve levels of ‘success’ unimagined not so long ago, rendering the need to become formally ‘educated’ to be increasingly less necessary.

Astrology and the Human ConditionThis factor alone is contributing to a whole other level of the politics of power called censorship.

This reaction is an expression of the power associated with knowledge to become monopolized once again, as it has been throughout history. What this dynamic is effectively producing is a large scale orientation to seize control of any freely available means of obtaining information and knowledge outside of the parameters of a more organized and structured control of it.

In Astrology, this can be basically understood as the dynamic between Saturn and Capricorn, which is the sign the famous ringed planet rules, and Uranus and Aquarius, which is the sign of the most unusual planet in the solar system rules. Interestingly, both of these planets are closely associated in terms of the traditional and the modern rulers of Aquarius. In classical mythology, this dynamic is expressed as the conflict between Chronos, which is the older, Greek word for the Latin translation into Saturn and Ouranos, which is the older, Greek word for Uranus.

Synchronistic Expressions of the Dawning of a New Age

Interestingly, this dynamic coincides with the perspective that we undergoing the ‘dawning of the Age of Aquarius’. Admittedly, this is a larger topic requiring a fair amount of background to understand. Briefly, an ‘Astrological Age’ is 1/12 of what is called a Precessional Cycle which is estimated to be approximately a 26,000-year cycle and the division of this equals 2160 (x 12 = 25,910). As it is, there is some debate upon when the Age of Aquarius officially begins. Some assert that it has already begun, while others say that it is centuries away. I personally agree with the former opinion and not the latter.

Yet, as I have written on numerous occasions over the past year or two, the official start to the Age of Aquarius appears to be scheduled for 2030, but I technically link it to Winter Solstice in 2029, because it represents the start of the ‘natural’ New Year. As it is, there will not be a consensus on this among those interested in this perspective on the cycles of time. However, what we can observe is outer realities or synchronicities that can be understood to be the expression of this large, dynamic, global process.

The main synchronistic expression will manifest as among the following themes:

  1. Increasing degrees of chaos and confusion at every level of society and on a global scale.

  2. Increasing levels of revolutionary activity.

  3. Increasing levels of government control.

This is the short list but whether other factors or added or not, it can generally be understood as ‘the quickening’. This refers to the idea that the closer we approach the official start of the Aquarian Age; the above factors will both increase in magnitude and accelerate.

However one might choose to describe it, this ‘quickening’ refers to a larger evolutionary process underway what has been further popularly regarded as the ‘great ascension’. It refers to the notion that not just humanity, but the entire planet is destined to steadily rise out of its dark and heavy state that can be understood to have reached its peak during the dark ages. What makes this period in history that followed the fall of the Roman Empire to be so dark includes the notion that many of the worlds hidden power networks, as with secret societies, began to proliferate setting the stage for the human condition to be in the state that it is in.

The Current Conundrum

In short, it can be said that we live in two worlds. The first is the one that reveals the world, even in all of its complexity to be just that, subject to the usual scope of the politics of power. The other world is one in which a network of old power hides behind the scenes pulling the strings from a multi-nationalist perspective. This hidden network has been described by many a term among which is the ‘deep state’. Many people live purely in the first world and think that anyone who believes in such nefarious and immensely powerful and influential networks is a crazy conspiracy theorist, while they assert that much of the human population is fast asleep to these realities, in part because the nefarious powers ‘that be’ are focused precisely to that end.

Regarding larger perspectives on reality, in order to think clearly, one has to understand the paradigm behind the focus. For example, if discussing mainstream cosmology, the paradigm is based on linear causation. In other words, an event occurred at a specific moment ‘in time’ activating other events. Briefly, in this paradigm, that event was the Big Bang. Advocates of this event tend to accept it as a given, incontrovertible fact. Anyway who does not accept it is deemed ‘uneducated’ and even unintelligent or intellectually inferior.

Astrology works but not according to this paradigm but rather that of holism. To advocates of this causation paradigm, Astrology ‘should not work’, so it does not work and only a fool would ‘believe’ that it does. No further investigation or study is required. The conversation is over even before it began.

Ironically, this form of intellectual fundamentalism is the antithesis to the truth-oriented focus of the early revolutionary stages of science some 400 to 500 years ago. This staunch position of the causation paradigm is reinforced by the assumption of objective, factual perception.

Astrology and the Human ConditionEven though modern scientific studies, especially in the realms of neuroscience, have essentially proven that perception is subjective and that the very act of observation influences the results or the ‘facts’, revealing a more mystical principle of existence, cognitive dissonance effectively blocks any further investigation or discussion.

In short, this conundrum offers some perspective on the current state of the human condition.

Duality by Divine Design

The consequence of this ‘objectivity versus subjectivity’ mode of perception is now a significant feature of the very fabric of the 21st century society. It is actually a very old theme which reveals the human drama in duality which effectively reveals a conflict between the preponderances of right and left brain perception.

The strong leaning of left brain effectively perceives a world of hard facts while the strong lean to the right reveals a perceptual emphasis on imagination and feelings. In modern physics, this has been presented as the recognition that light can be observed as both a constituent of particles and of waves.

This serves as an example of the paradoxical fact that both perspectives are ‘true’, simultaneously.

With regard to the notion of duality regarding the very core construct of the material universe as with the full spectrum of polarities such as positive and negative, male and female, hot and cold and on and on all the way to the mystical concepts of Yang and Yin, this dualistic perspective seems quite evident. However, it remains that it is not a concept commonly considered in the ebb and flow of daily life for most people. Rather, for many people, reality is more a matter of pleasure or pain, survive or die, good and evil and a whole host of black and white perspectives.

The key to seeing beyond these is philosophical as we aspire to understand that the spectrum of duality is purposeful or by divine design.

Returning to the current state of the human condition, despite this notion of ‘both are true’, in regard to the politics of power, the pendulum is ever swinging. Interestingly, both poles are currently very strong with more and more people awakening to subtler realms of existence such as other dimensions while the ‘established powers that be’, the 1% or however you choose to interpret them, are hardly interested in such ‘free thinking’ because it undermines their hold on power.

This is where the plot thickens and we come to the notion that these hidden networks are deliberately focused to influence the way people think. What it effectively suggests is that the game has risen to a whole new level of tactical strategies designed to leverage collective perception. In terms of the politics of power which is ever at the core of dominion, monopoly and military intelligence, which, in turn, basically represent the triangle of power in the material world.

In other words, the battle for power is no longer simply one between nations. At this great juncture on the eve of the official start of the Age of Aquarius, the shift is now towards global dominion.

Synchronicities of Planetary Shifts

Upon reflection of the synchronicities unfolding in the world in according to the influences of planets entering new signs such as Jupiter in Aries, where it has largely been for the past year and Saturn now in Pisces as of March 7, where it will remain for the next 3 years until March 2026, and Pluto in Aquarius since March 23, the sudden big shift of power is towards censorship by the governments of the world upon what has emerged over the past few decades as an unprecedented arena of freedom of speech, and which has significantly contributed to the aforementioned ‘great awakening’. Artificial Intelligence is the new guard and it has only just begun.

Some assert that it is this shift that will effectively create an ‘open air prison’. The way out of this prison will be to see the influences for what they are. Doing so will require knowledge that transcends the linear model which points to the holistic and this is where Astrology, for example, comes to the fore. Astrology serves as a proof that the linear notion of ‘reality’ which is the core motivation of the hidden power agenda is ultimately false.

Astrology and the Human ConditionIt is this truth, based on a more holistic perspective on reality and which incorporates an understanding of purposeful intention and design and which reaches to incorporate the understanding of spirit and soul at the very core of existence. In other words, humanity has arrived at the juncture of a great spiritual battle and the key to winning it is to remain steadfast in our focus that we are spiritual beings having human experiences and that Astrology works, and it indeed does, is testimony to it. The proof of this is revealed by the experience of gaining insights about your core nature and destiny that you will quickly recognize and I can provide you with this experience.

With the valuable awareness of Astrology, I can guide you to respond to cooperate and co-create in these complex times, as opposed to reacting.

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