Full Moon Lunar Eclipse_October 28, 2023

The Sun in Scorpio and forming a triple conjunction with Mercury and Mars are among the bigger events this week. However, the alignment is loose, meaning that the planets are not at the exact same degree.

The effect of them will center on power versus control. This theme focus will continue for a few weeks. Among other things, there are indications that more people are awakening to see through the smoke and mirrors of the power politics at play on the world stage. Skepticism regarding the mainstream narrative and pleas for peace and justice will also become more apparent.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on October 28 is the star of the celestial show right now.

There is a lot of focus directed to eclipses these days and for good reason. Eclipses are the true Super Moons. Yes, the notion of Blue Moons is cute, and the event of Full Moons when closer to the Earth, (which partially creates an optical illusion) is indeed impressive and exciting. 

Yet, eclipses are the real deal. The technical reason they are is because they are closely aligned with the Lunar Nodes which, in turn, are associated with the plain of the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun.

So, it is this Solar factor that activates their spiritual power.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse_October 28, 2023.2Eclipses can be understood as ‘evolutionary boosters’.

Ironically, it is the New Moon that is the real power (not the Full Moon), regarding Eclipses.

New Moons = ‘Seeding’

A Solar Eclipsed New Moon is symbolic of an evolutionary seed indicating what new attitude, focus or orientation is needed. It is true that this impulse can come with a big push. It depends on how fixed, rigid, and stuck one is that determines the impact. As co-creators, we can mitigate such things, but we must do so proactively, prior to the event, as a lifestyle approach which therefore implies a momentum contributing to flow… and this requires awareness, which is the gift of Astrology.

A Lunar Eclipse however, refers to attitudes, perceptions, and habitual patterns that we must release for the sake of advancing to the next effective level of our individual or personal growth.

Full Moons = ‘Releasing’

As is true of all Full Moons, they are ironically about releasing as opposed to seeding. Yet, they are also about harvesting. In fact, what they release includes seeds, or at least it is symbolic of the flower or fruit which invariable hosts seeds within it, yet which may require a bit more time to develop, which is symbolically associated with the Last Quarter Moon a week after the Full Moon and the week following it.

As well, the Full Moon is like the beautiful flower in full bloom or the ‘fruit’ or vegetable that has reached its maturity and is ready to be harvested.

So, don’t try to plant seeds of intention at this time of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, so much as reap the harvest and determine what must go or be recycled.

The Lunar Eclipse is often referred to as a ‘red moon’, and dramatically as a ‘blood moon’. But it is technically more accurate to describe it as an orange ochre colour, and should not be regarded with negative connotation. Some people can experience ANY Eclipse in a jolting way. But sometimes it can be just the breakthrough push or activation some have been praying for.

The exact degrees of this Lunar Eclipse, therefore, and how it is configured by Hemisphere, Quadrant, and House and the aspects it makes to planets and angles in YOUR own Birth Chart are the fine print regarding the particular impact implied, or more accurately worded, destined.

So, this Halloween weekend will prove extra exciting with the Full Moon energy.

Venus in Virgo is a bit dry regarding the fun and frolic, yet the strong emphasis on Scorpio will lend it the depth and mystery that is symbolic of this annual focus. So, it might prove more interesting to focus on the sacredness of this dark time which, in its deeper reaches, celebrates that rebirth of some kind always follows death.


How is this Lunar Eclipse impacting you?

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