Summer Solstice 2023 – Insights and Forecast, Michael O'Connor Astrologer

Happy Solstice!

Whether you are celebrating Sumer or Winter Solstice, there are two main things that really stand out in the world of Astrology. That it either marks the longest hours of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere or the shortest in the Southern are not among these two featured facts.

Summer Solstice 2023 – Insights and Forecast, Michael O'Connor AstrologerThe first really important thing to realize is that the Solstice occurs at the exact same time each year, within a margin of less than 24 hours. It is this enduring consistency that is the anchor of Western Astrology. I invite you to contemplate this fact and reflect upon the power and influence of the seasonal round subject to the Earth’s tilt and orbit around the Sun. 

This consistency factor is clearly revealed by the many sacred chambers and temples designed specifically to capture the full scope of the Sun’s light and which does so ‘only’ on the exact day of solstice. Beyond the spiritual, sacred meaning and symbolism of capturing the Sun’s light, these ‘sunlight chambers’ also served the practical objective of knowing the date and updating calendars when, for various reasons, people lost count. Calendar is a keyword here and is a powerful one because calendars are truly the epicenter of any culture. Like clocks, calendars are actually astrological devices because, after all…

“Astrology is Astronomy brought down to Earth and applied to the daily affairs of life”.

What this also suggests is that the ‘signs’ of the Zodiac (wheel of life) are not those of the constellations but primarily correspond to the TIME of year. Upon reflection regarding the themes of each sign, it will be discovered that from the perspective of the Northern Hemisphere in alignment with the North Star, which is Polaris, currently… and the North Pole, which corresponds to the seasonal round, the meaning of each sign corresponds to the season or the time of the year in which they occur. So, contrary to popular opinion…


The 12 signs of the Zodiac are not ‘anchored’ in the Zodiacal constellations, they are anchored in the seasonal round.


In other words, the constellations were the afterthought. Imagine that?

The way the dots are connected is not based on objectivity in terms of their existence but is actually a subjective projection of the themes of the signs based on the seasons. Believe it or not. Woven into this is the realization of just how much what we think is true has been learned and is not necessarily the facts or the truth.

In other words, we live more by beliefs and knowledge learned than we think, and only when we realize this can we begin to rethink about what is factual and true. In reconsidering what we deem to be unequivocally true, we graduate from living by assumptions and beliefs, which are commonly defended with dramatic credulity, to genuinely begin to think critically, which is another way of saying, creatively. When we learn to question what we have learned and what are ‘learning’ now, on a daily basis, we begin to think as opposed to registering the knowledge as a memorized fact. This mode of creative, critical thinking encourages discussion, dialogue, and perhaps even debate. Yet, it is this exchange of ideas that promotes both thinking freely and the right to free speech, as well. In turn…

genuinely thinking, as opposed to blindly accepting and memorizing is a golden key that opens the doors of perception to creating and fostering the foundations of freedom that all good people genuinely want when we really think about it.

The other major thing about the Solstices and the Equinoxes too, but especially the Solstices, is that a chart can be cast for the exact moment when they occur, which is determined by the moment when the Sun enters Capricorn (December 21) Aries (March 21) Cancer (June 21) and Libra (September 22)or within 24 hours either side of these dates. This is due to the fact that the Earth’s orbit of the Sun is 365.25 days and not a tidy 360 days, which would align with the degrees in a circle much more conveniently. But it does not and this subtle variable may be regarded as a necessary crack in the cosmic egg for philosophers to ponder. On this note of cracks in the egg…, deciphering which location to cast the chart for is a valid question and the answer is, or the chosen location is Greenwich, U.K. because it corresponds with the 0-hour in association with the 24-hour day and the 24 time zones. 

Most importantly, the exact moment of the Sun’s entry produces a time for which a chart can be cast, and a general forecast rendered that encompasses the season ahead. While this location approach may not be the perfect solution, it does produce good results. As well, to keep things in perspective and not over-emphasize that location, a ‘solar chart’ can be cast where each house cusp is set at 0 degrees and with the Sun and the sign it is in, on the 1st house cusp. This knowledge is a bit technical for many readers unfamiliar with the basic logic of how charts are cast, so I will leave it there, except to say that this is the root of the formula for writing horoscopes as well. So, the following is a forecast for Summer Solstice, or Winter if you live down under.

General Themes:

Looking at the chart cast at the moment of Solstice:

Neptune and Saturn in Pisces are playing prominent roles, currently and this will continue this summer.

Saturn in Pisces marks a cycle of about 3 years when methods, institutions, organizations, companies, and aspects of life in general… that have served their time rapidly undergo a dissolution process.

Neptune meanwhile is inspiring a genuinely spiritual aspiration on a global scale synchronizing with traditional religious beliefs and orientations undergoing a steady decline. Positively, a whole new quality of spirituality is emerging in the world, one that is anchored in intuitive, heart-centered knowing and free of dogmatic codes in the form of written words that tend to promote literal interpretations.

Jupiter in Taurus, meanwhile, conjunct the Lunar North Node, we are experiencing a steady rise of ambitious, economic activity.  Orientations to new knowledge is an ever-present theme with Jupiter and supported by the themes of Taurus, perseverance, practical diligence, and determined resolve, are keywords.

With Venus in Leo, people are already and will yearn for more fun and games.  Yet this lighter tone is already overshadowed by Venus slowing down in preparation to turn retrograde (July 22), which will likely counter the emphasis on fun and place more on practical affairs and ambition. Positively, creative projects with practical results could prove to be the sweet spot.

Pluto in the late degrees of Capricorn, since its re-entry on June 11, in its final transformational push through the sign of governments, is contending with the fact that although only briefly, it was in Aquarius for 2.5 months. This taste of the Aquarian energy will prove enough to manifest as a continued and steady pushback against government authority. That this governmental authority will be replaced by nefarious powers that be in the private sector or by unelected groups like the U.N. is the next major round that has been simmering at a roiling boil already for many months, years even. So, it would be premature to assume that we are breaking free of tyranny and the imposed visions of oligarchs and self-appointed leaders. So, watch or probe more deeply to observe this dynamic at play to recognize the synchronicities suggested.


The following is a linear breakdown of some of the main themes as revealed by the Summer Solstice chart to illustrate some of the logic of the above, brief interpretations.


The emphasis on family will be strong but the usual lean toward comfort and simple pleasures will be replaced by ambitions and a driving determination to get to the bottom of things, indicated by the Moon in Leo along with Venus and Mars, the influence of which will pull in two directions: one to socialize and the other to push to both reveal hidden truths and to advance financially.


You have common sense and self-confidence and take on responsibilities with a sense of ease. You are organized and work consistently and well for success.


Amidst creative and artistic leanings, over-sensitivity and over-empathy could be a problem as establishing a clear sense of boundaries proves more challenging.


Indicates that it is time to leave behind past inhibitions and truly express yourself, and the changing social dynamic and circumstances might push us to do so.


Impulsive attitudes and seeking new opportunities play a leading role


This is a quest to overcome your distrust of change.


People will be more playful and will seek attention more than usual.


Lends a mood of calm, inspires the love of beauty, and fosters harmonious social engagement in which art, music, nature, and spiritual pursuits are emphasized.


Reveals a caution against apathetic and self-indulgence and encourages ample emphasis of self-discipline to achieve goals.


You love conversation and information. You are a fast talker, who likes to collect and network knowledge and data. You enjoy books, letters, magazines, the media, computers and anything else that helps you learn and communicate.


Indicates a determination to learn quickly and practically.


Caring for others will prove more spontaneous.


Will inspire fun and creativity within relationships.


Indicate charm backed by desire and assertiveness to be passionate and feel alive high includes adventures yet high expectations and can lead to disappointment in close relationships.


People end to express themselves more creatively, sometimes with display that could be regarded as showy and arrogant.


Reveals strong desires for abundance as people bounce back from years of loss while others recognize many opportunities to generate income.


Since March 2023, the world has already seen the demise of many large corporations and institutions and this trend will continue for 2.5 years.


Is all about revolutionary changes in the economies of the world. Not surprisingly, we see many changes in this regard such as the decline of the U.S. dollar and the rise of BRICS along with many small bank closures and a push for central banks.


Neptune in Pisces continues to inspire a spiritual awakening that is replacing traditional, religious beliefs with more mystical understandings of existence.


Pluto back in Capricorn and in the late degrees as of mid-June through late January 2024 will manifest as governments struggling to regain lost credibility and trust over the past few years.


A growing sense that people have been violated in some way is and will inspire bold, pioneering initiatives to fight for justice and direct energy to the service of humanity.



You feel cared for when your loved ones create an atmosphere of peace and beauty and to be cooperative.


Variety and stimulation within relationship marked by more communication and exchange is emphasized.


Creative thinking, activity and projects are highlighted.


Working in a stable and persistent manner is strengthened.

How these various aspects are influencing you personally, is basically outlined in your Weekly Horoscopes.

However, to truly gain a more personalized interpretation, how the planets in real-time align with those in your birth chart will reveal a much more detailed and deeper story. I can assist you to know how the cycles of destiny that are guiding you in your life at this important turning point.


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